AZ Gov. Ducey’s selective $alary hike$: lawmakers off his radar

Charitable with other people’s money — Arizona taxpayer’s, to be exact — Gov. Doug Ducey was unconstrained as he awarded generous salary increases, along with hefty bonuses, to his staff and administration appointees in 2016. The substantial pay hikes were extended to nearly four dozen state employees.

Ducey was equally magnanimous as he caved to the demands of striking REDsForED teachers who, in violation of their contractual agreements, abandoned approximately 840,000 Arizona students for a week as they followed a 24-year-old hip hop music teacher and avowed socialist Pied Piper. After initially rejecting their demands, Ducey acquiesced and gave them a 20% raise for their part time employment.

Where he draws the line, however, is with the per diem daily allowances for state legislators, which he just vetoed. There is no doubt the effort was a back door route to provide them a living wage, and it’s a shame they had to resort to such drastic measures as SB1558.

In 2013 we wrote, “AZ legislature: It’s not a “part time” job,” pointing out that Arizona legislators haven’t had a pay increase since 1998, when their salary was boosted from $15,000 to $24,000. In the intervening years, several ballot proposals to increase the annual salary to $30,000 have been nixed. Yet our legislators are entrusted with passing multi $billion state budgets and writing the laws that effect each and every state resident.

 Due in large part to the relentless negative publicity hurled at Arizona’s Republican majority legislature in the past by the leftist daily newspaper, voters repeatedly rejected pay increases when they appeared on the ballot. With the newspaper on the skids, and readership in the tank, its negative influence has diminished.

The job is erroneously referred to as part time. But constituents rightly expect to have access to their state senators and representatives throughout the year. Numerous issues arise requiring legislators’ attention. Additionally, governors can, and do, call special sessions after the regular session has concluded.

Because the pay is so low, the legislature has become a haven for retirees, various “consultants,” housewives, and a plethora of school board members, who do not have to rely on the low legislative salary to support a family.

The job’s long hours, coupled with the abysmal pay, restricts many average Arizonans from participating in what was designed to be a citizen legislature. All leftists actually care about, however, is domination. That’s why the legislature has become a Democrat family legacy profession, with parents and children serving together or succeeding one another. Husbands and wives have been legislators. That familial institutionalism is newly exemplified by a Democrat brother and sister team. Alma Hernandez and Daniel Hernandez, Jr., were recently elected to the AZ House in adjacent districts.

11 Responses to AZ Gov. Ducey’s selective $alary hike$: lawmakers off his radar

  1. jake sez says:

    while I have little or no respect for politicians, I can see how the low pay is one cause that our legislature is filled with retirees and so many advocates. Nor enough qualified people will run for an office that cost you money to hold the position. If we were to bring the annual salary to say $45,000.00 per year we might attract a better class or people to represent us. OR, it could attract a better class of criminals who see this as a way to line their pockets with taxpayer monies. I would say it can’t hurt to try, but as we have all seen in the past, yes it can.

    • Realist says:

      George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan were all politicians. Which ones don’t you respect?

    • Clementine says:

      There are good and bad in all professions. Countless priests have molested young boys and bishops covered for them. The pope has been aware of the rampant homosexuality and pedophilia. Does that make the entire church suspect or do you consider that it’s far greater than these flawed and depraved men?

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    It was shameful for Doug Ducey to veto the modest raise in per diem for our underpaid state legislators, but it doesn’t surprise me. That funds their daily expenses, such as meals and gas for their cars.

    Arizona is a large state, and those who travel considerable distances also have to find accommodations in Phoenix.

    The teachers are bellyaching about what they consider being too low wages for their 81/2 months work, and Ducey jumps to action, clicks his heels and salutes.

    The legislators work with him on bills and a massive budget which require studious effort, and he kicks them in the teeth. It’s more important to Doug McDucey to stay on the right side of the editorial board to ensure he;ll be treated kindly when he runs for his next office. The newspaper might not still be around in a couple of years.

  3. Ellsworth says:

    This shows the salaries and per diem compensation for state legislators across the country:

    They vary widely. But as it’s been pointed out, Arizona is a large state and travel and accommodations should definitely be considered. ALL legislators, even those based closer to Phoenix, deserve a raise. Not having a pay increase in decades is simply wrong.

  4. Tucson GOP says:

    The Hernandez bro and sis act is all about restricting Second Amendment Rights and expanding abortion. They support one another’s bills and work to gin up support among other minorities in the state legislature on behalf of their efforts. Daniel Hernandez, Jr. worked for Democrat former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, whose husband is now running for the US Senate from AZ. He is their tool.

  5. Jim Nasium says:

    Ducey takes good care of his own.
    I apologize for linking to the AZ Repukelick, but I googled and found this report on the jacked up salaries his staffers and other administration honchos have received. It ‘s infuriating!

    For Doug Ducey to veto the per diem raise was mean spirited and petty and much like something his mentor McCain would do. Money is not an issue for Ducey and was certainly not for McCain.

  6. Vicki says:

    No way will I vote to raise the salary of my R reps who cave to LGBTQ and erase marriage protections for sex ed in the classroom. Ditto Repubs who raise taxes.

    • State Delegate says:

      Small thinking, Vicki. There are 90 total members of the AZ House and Senate. You are talking about 3. If you don’t like them, recruit others. Remember, we get what we pay for. Could you get by on $24,000 a year?

      Are you a precinct committeeman working within the Republican Party? If not, why not?

      It sounds like you are discussing decisions made by school boards or a city council rather than the legislature.

      • Vicki says:

        Agree on recruiting better candidates. I’m waiting for them to run. Meanwhile, Arizona turns blue. And no wonder.

        You are unaware that speaker pro tempore Shupe stripped out the marriage protection language from the statute to amend the legislation, thereby allowing for homosexual mechanics instruction in the classroom? You are unaware that a mere five Republicans voted against said bill?

        The governor couldn’t sign it fast enough before Shupe, Ducey and our new, Leftist Ed Superintendent Katie Hoffman held a press conference that very day.

        I sat in a meeting last fall and heard Senate Ed Committee chair Sylvia Allen (my senator) tearfully swear up and down that she had to be re-elected because it was she, and she alone, who prevented the left’s infiltration of education with their LGBTQ doctrine. Well, guess who betrayed that campaign promise?

        I am a mere PC who attended the convention in January and voted in Kelli Ward as chairman. I keep abreast of the Republicans in the legislature who vote like Democrats. I’ve lived in this state going on sixty years.

        Clearly, State Delegate, judging from your moniker, you work harder in the political arena than I do. And I thank you for it. But that doesn’t make your opinion worth more than mine. And my opinion is backed up by fact. I stand by my statement – when Rs vote like Rs, I’d vote to raise them.

        Small thinkers? I point you to the legislators who betray their constituents – the ones I have to cough up my hard-earned tax dollars to pay for that betrayal. And those who think that more dollars equals a better quality legislator.

        Thanks for your reply and allowing me to expand on my comments.