George Will proves libertarians are not conservative

In his dotage, Will alters position on open borders and illegal invasion

After suffering through Jeff Flake’s political machinations far too long, Arizonans are ahead of the game when it comes to discerning the difference between libertarians posing as Republicans and conservatives. Libertarians are epitomized by opposition to what they perceive as government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions, believing in few personal constraints. Societal anomalies such as prostitution, illicit drug usage and late-term abortion including infanticide, are all given the stamp of approval.

Here in Arizona. the libertarian Goldwater Institute, which previously rated state legislators and made recommendations on ballot issues, has abandoned that noble cause and took no position on the legalization of marijuana or raising the minimum wage, which raised prices and displaced low end workers when small businesses were forced to cut staff.

Author and columnist George Will is a case in point. A onetime Republican with a libertarian bent, he re-registered as an Independent in protest of Donald Trump‘s candidacy. A dedicated baseball fan with a penchant for the Chicago Cubs, he has written extensively about the game and appeared in a documentary series, ‘Baseball.’ It’s a topic to which he is irretrievably bonded — and one we think he should stick to exclusively.

Will has transitioned from a rational political observer/commentator to a radical leftist on the border. He recently was quoted in The Hill:

“I believe immigration is an inherently entrepreneurial act. It’s people uprooting themselves, taking a risk for themselves and their families. I think a country where the baby boomers are retiring, where we have an aging workforce, where we have seven million unfilled jobs at the moment, and we have people clamoring to get into our country and get to work, I’m for as much immigration as the economy can take and the economy needs immigration just as much as the immigrants need the American economy.”

In 2006, Will took a decidedly different stance, writing:

“Border control belongs at the top of the agenda, for four reasons. First, control of borders is an essential attribute of sovereignty. Second, conditions along the border mock the rule of law. Third, large rallies by immigrants, many of them here illegally, protesting more stringent control of immigration reveal that many immigrants have, alas, assimilated: They have acquired the entitlement mentality created by America’s welfare state, asserting an entitlement to exemption from the laws of the society they invited themselves into. Fourth, giving Americans a sense that borders are controlled is a prerequisite for calm consideration of what policy that control should serve.”

This Rasmussen Reports survey shows overwhelming support for strongly controlled borders and rejection of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s charge that it is immoral for the United States to build a border wall. Democrats view illegals as permanently swelling their voter base, relegating the GOP to Whig status.

The unrestrained invasion of the United States, with no controls on who is entering our country, is the most significant issue of our time. President Ronald Reagan said it best: “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

8 Responses to George Will proves libertarians are not conservative

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Another illuminating post, SRAZ. I don’t have time to do the research you guys do. I will tell you, your efforts are appreciated.

    A number of years ago, my wife and I attended a Goldwater sponsored posh dinner event featuring George Will at Phoenix’ downtown ballpark then known as Bank One. He talked baseball and politics. The arena was packed and Will was very entertaining. I wouldn’t go to see or hear him today if the multi-course dinner was free.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    Will is a classic example of intelligence without wisdom. He has proven himself to be a fool.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    While he writes from his air-conditioned, comfortable office, using the maximum number of 3 syllable words per line, real people are doing something useful.

    Maybe George should meet Foreman Mike and Brian Kolfage, who are building the wall in Sunland Park, New Mexico with private contributions. Remember when things like this made the news?

    Brian Kolfage is a U.S. military veteran who came home from overseas as a triple amputee.
    You should check out his twitter page and see the video footage that he’s posted of hundreds of people pouring in to our country.

    The Governor of New Mexico is giving all illegals “emergency welfare”, with no pesky process of paperwork. EBT cards loaded with $1000 per month, with $200 per month per child. (they have to promise that they’ll show up for court on a date and time 5-6 years down the road).

    California ammunition providers are seeing a spike in sales ahead of a new state law that will clamp down on individuals trying to buy ammo.
    Proposition 63, which Gov. Gavin Newsom made a cornerstone of his campaign, was approved by voters in 2016 is slated to go into effect July 1.

    • Braveheart says:

      Ammo restrictions become law in California just days before the Fourth of July, commemorating our hard fought independence from the oppressive government imposed on American colonists by King George III.

      Today’s Democrats, Benedict Arnolds all, would willingly join forces with their own oppressors.

  4. jake sez says:

    There was a discussion by Rush a couple of days ago about Trump and promises. It seemed that some politicians were surprised that Trump honored his promises rather than just using them as a campaign tool. The people wondered what Trump was thinking by keep promises. It sent the wrong example for the rest of them to follow.

    This seems to be the way thing go these days. Politicians can say whatever they want concerning any problem as long as it is useful for the moment intended. Next time they are asked the same question but in front of a different crowd or location, it is perfectly OK to change the answer so long as it works for that moment Is it no wonder we cannot trust any politician.

    • LD 28 PC says:

      Years ago Phoenix was led by a nominally Republican mayor named John Driggs. (Much later his RINO son, Adam, an open border, immigration lawyer who advertised he spoke Spanish, screwed conservatives over in LD 28,)

      Mayor Driggs was much as you describe. He vacillated depending on his audience. I happened to attend two back to back luncheon events, one day apart, at which he was the featured speaker. I was invited as a guest to each. One group was conservative. The other a group was mostly RINO women.

      Although the church Mayor Driggs attended is pro-life, he gave two shockingly different answers to the life question to each audience. I was stunned at his duplicity and after the event, i made it a point to walk up to him and mention that i had been at the one the previous day. He obviously didn’t expect that and looked stunned, since he knew his double talk had been revealed. He was seeking reelection, which was his sole focus.

      His son, Adam, who voted against every effort to control illegal immigration when he was in the state legislature, was appointed to a Superior Court judgeship by Gov. Doug (Mc)Ducey. Rewards for acting against the taxpaying citizens are plentiful. Leonore Driggs, Adam’s non-lawyer, previously stay at home wife and mother of five, is now a Justice of the Peace. Both will ultimately draw pensions.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Joe Biden stated on a campaign stop in Iowa this week that if elected, he would cure cancer.

      He was in the Congress long enough to know that there are alternative treatments that often work for many types of cancer and other illnesses.

      Remember way back when McLoaferFoot wanted to pass a law that would require a prescription in order to purchase vitamins and other supplements? They knew even then.

      (Research: Montana Yew extract, just one example of something that has been proven to be successful against certain types of cancer)

      And keep in mind that Congress and the Fed Govt made laws regarding possessing and using marijuana and hemp.

      There is now much research data available, especially in Europe, that shows that people who used marijuana regularly as a young adults are much less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimers-related illnesses. It’s the THC.
      Try to get that info published in the AMA Journal.

      • No Name Please says:

        I’ve read this site long enogh to know you’re obviously not the type to change your hard and fast opinions.

        I hope you will read the following article from a speech given at Hillsdale College regarding the link to mental illness, violence and marijuana usage… particularly the devastating effects on adolescent brains. The author’s wife, Dr. Jacqueline Berenson, M.D., convinced him through compelling evidence she presented after working as a psychiatrist in New York state.