AZ daily’s pity party for “unauthorized immigrants”

Border situation has reached crisis proportions as hundreds of thousands arrive, demand and infect

With its last gasps, the dying Periódico de la República de Arizona (The Arizona Republic), passing itself off as a newspaper, features an article that places the warping of language on full display.

The premise concerns difficulties faced by Arizona high school students who face financial impediments to their future plans, since they have to pay the full college tuition — like everyone else. They want special consideration…because they are “undocumented’ or “unauthorized immigrants.”

They are interchangeably called “undocumented youths, students and young people.” The words are relentlessly regurgitated throughout the article since the newspaper refuses to use the accurate description of “illegal alien,” which has been deemed politically incorrect by the leftists in charge of the press. Of course, all of the illegals “want to give back to their community,” though not their home countries. 

Intentionally misusing the word “undocumented,” is integral to the perpetration of the fraud. We direct you to definition Number 3 in our post,Lingo: Reading in Republicese.”

In the story (it doesn’t qualify as a legitimate report) the word “undocumented” was actually used 34 times — more than qualifying as pushing an agenda. In numerous instances, the overworked words abutted themselves in adjoining sentences.

The newspaper longs for a renewal of Obama’s admittedly unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which gave some illegals protection from deportation. They had to affirm that they were children brought to the U.S. by their invading parents, but providing evidence of that claim was not part of the equation.

If your nephew, Jack, was Arizona-born but has lived in California the past few years, he would have to pay out-of-state tuition going to an Arizona University. That’s too harsh for the illegals, who are not only protesting, but have the newspaper pleading their case for in-state tuition, that would be beyond the reach of Arizona-born Jack.

The difference? Jack was apt to be a Republican, while the “unauthorized immigrants” could be counted in the Democrat column.

In 2006 Arizona voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 300 which denied privileges granted citizens to extend to illegals. It passed by 71.4 %. It required verification of immigration status of persons applying for state-funded services, including in-state tuition and financial aid for college students.

As word spreads of insufficient border enforcement, the number of illegals from around the globe breaching our southern border increases. 

Days ago, Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents reported finding the body of a 7-year-old child from India who died crossing the desert from Mexico with her large family group.

Recently, over 550 Africans were apprehended in Texas in just one week. The majority were from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country with the worst Ebola outbreak in the world, dwarfing its measles epidemic.

And Congressional Democrats, who hate President Donald Trump far more than they love our country, continue withholding funds for a necessary border wall.

7 Responses to AZ daily’s pity party for “unauthorized immigrants”

  1. Realist says:

    There are no “Unauthorized Immigrants.” There are either legal immigrants or illegal immigrants. America generously accepts a million legal immigrants each year. The rest are lawbreakers and should be sent back to their countries of origin immediately.

  2. Mad In Mesa says:

    I’m a fourth generation Arizonan. Mexicans I knew growing up wanted nothing more than to acclimate. Two of my buddies asked me to correct their English if they made grammatical errors. Now it’s reversed, and WE have to learn Spanish to keep our jobs and must press a specific phone button for English. We left our church due to increasing Hispanic outreach that was making us minorities in our own house of worship that my family originally helped finance during its construction. The words”Strangers in our own land” applies.

  3. jake sez says:

    Kept wondering why the democrats were pushing for more and more illegals crossing over into our country since they are not supposed to be able to vote. I have now found out about the “Federal Only” ballot.

    Arizona and many other states passed laws that required identification in order to vote. These states were taken to court by the leftist and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that voters did need identification to vote in state election, however, the federal government does not require identification to vote in federal elections. Hence, they established a “federal Only” ballot that allows anyone who signs a statement claiming citizenship to vote for the federal offices of President, and members of congress. No other requirements are needed to obtain this ballot. Remember the emergency voting centers that were established for Kirsten Siema last election?

    Approximately eleven thousand of these “federal Only” ballots were used back in 2014. The latest estimate was twenty-five thousand using this “federal Only” ballot in the last election. These same people now estimate for the “Federal Only” ballot will be close to 100,000 in the next presidential election.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Leftwing news organizations keep pushing the falsehood that illegal immigration is falling, when just the opposite is true. We’re not supposed to believe our own lyin’ eyes.

      As you state, the Federal Only Ballot obviously is the main objective of the Dems. They’ve never recovered from Hillary’s loss.

      I hope there are fail-proof safeguards in place to ensure a clean election, or this will be the end of the United States as we know it. Our Founders could never have envisioned Socialism taking over Democracy.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:


    Might want to check out the twitter account for ICEArizona

    7 year old female child from INDIA died this week as she was being brought across the border near Lukeville.
    A group of women and children from INDIA.

    Human trafficking, brought to you by Democrats.

    Governor Ducey was in the White House yesterday.
    Might want to read the interesting transcript of the meeting between President Trump and several governors.

    The meeting was NOT about immigration or the border, as KFYI would want you to believe.

    You will see from the transcript that Ducey had Very Little to say to the President, but the President drew him out specifically to mention the border. And the Gov. of Wyoming gave Ducey a little zinger.

    Insightful on many levels.

    • State Delegate says:

      It’s also Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birthday!! Best wishes to my favorite sheriff and our outstanding President, Donald Trump…who has been hard at work protecting America and keeping his promises in spite of the leftist loons working against him.

    • Observer says:

      The item about the child from India is included in the post above. Did you miss it?