Mark DeSimone: from Dem AZ lawmaker to lifer

Mark DeSimone, 56, a former Arizona legislator convicted of first-degree murder in the shooting death of a man at a remote cabin site in Alaska in 2016 was sentenced Monday to 65 years in prison, with 20 years suspended.

DeSimone was a dichotomy. On one hand he was a hot-head, with drinking problems whose violence toward his then-wife in 2008, escalated eight yeas later to the murder of an acquaintance during a hunting and fishing trip in Alaska. The Anchorage Daily News carries the complete report, including a photo of the now unrecognizable DeSimone.

Previously, DeSimone was a well-presented businessman. The Phoenix bar owner was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2006, representing then-District 11, a GOP stronghold. He was considered genial by his colleagues. His interest in politics initially piqued as he opposed a ballot Initiative known as Proposition 201 or the “Smoke-Free Arizona Act.” It banned smoking in public buildings, bars and restaurants, which he believed would hurt business. Despite his opposition, it passed 54.8% to 45.2%.

After his arrest for spousal abuse, DeSimone resigned his legislative seat, ultimately moving to Juneau where he had attended high school. Unable find employment, he advertised his services as a handyman and slept in his car or bunked with friends. Then came the unexplained two shots to the back of the victim’s head, resulting in the life sentence of the assailant, a widow and two sets of fatherless children.

5 Responses to Mark DeSimone: from Dem AZ lawmaker to lifer

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Missing from the background material provided by SRAZ and also missing from the Alaska newspaper article is any mention of this man having been assessed as to his mental status/capacity.
    In other news involving the court system,
    Paul Manafort (who was likely a plant in the Trump campaign) was about to be sent to Rikers Island prison in NY State. For white collar crimes. There is No Solitary Confinement at Rikers.
    Looks like the Clintons and foreign factions want him silenced ASAP.
    However, USAG Bill Barr had his second in command step in to stop the transfer.

    And the 9th Circus is at it again:

    Scalia wrote this in 2015
    Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ___ (2015)

    “. . . A system of government that makes the People subordinate to a committee of nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be called a democracy. . .”

    (the case was about same sex marriage, Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ___ (2015), but his remarks fit well here.)

    • Casper says:

      As to Mark DeSimone, who is the topic here: His mental state was obviously influenced by his long term alcoholism. Drugs, along with alcohol abuse, corrode the brain. That speaks to his “mental status/capacity.”

  2. Seen It All says:

    I was stunned when I saw Mark DeSimone’s photo. I remember him as dark haired, clean shaven, slim and well dressed. Although I am obviously sickened by the murder, I can’t help but also mourn the man that he was and his descent. It’s a lesson to be learned…sadly at the expense of another man and his family, as well as DeSimone’s daughters, who have lost their own father.

  3. Another excellent expose—thanks SRA!
    (Not for publication: you might want to slip in a “to” into this sentence, ” “Unable find employment, he . . .”

  4. Johanna Haver says:

    I had to search to find out which party DeSimone belonged to. My suspicion turned out correct in that had he been Republican, his party would have been mentioned next to “murderer.” The bias everywhere against Republicans and favoritism towards Democrats are becoming tiresome.