Why “Gay Pride” parades, fairs & events?

Deviancy goes mainstream 

The far-left Arizona Republic can’t devote enough space to homosexual or gender-bending entertainers, films, exhibits or activists. The steam powers the failing newspaper in the same manner Robert Fulton used steam technology to power river boats and war ships.

The Republic, previously led by Randy Lovely, acclaimed in the Advocate as the first openly gay chief editor and VP of News in the nation, devoted two pages to what it terms, “an international treasure,” and “a thoughtful cultural critic,” who is appearing for two performances in Phoenix this weekend.  Self identified as “gender fluid,” the entertainer no longer embraces “transvestite.”

The newspaper also gave Page One coverage, including an above-the-fold photo, to an illegal “immigration activist” who is being “honored as a Champion of Pride.” Not only is he illegal himself, but works to bring more illegals into the USA and is celebrated for it and for his homosexuality.

In 1980 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association dramatically reversed its position that homosexuality is a behavioral disorder after being pressured by the Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists, now known as The Association of LGBTQ Psychiatrists.

if homosexuality is nothing more than the new norm, or an “alternative lifestyle,” what’s to celebrate?  LGBTQ+ has become the accepted acronym to describe every facet of what was medically described as perversion and today is mainstreamed and acculturalizing our children, permeating every aspect of their education and entertainment.

Dating back to 2008, Michelle Malkin showcased the San Francisco Folsom Street festivities that were actual celebrations of deviancy, featuring public sex acts, that resulted in no arrests — due to participants being members of a now not only protected — but celebrated class. She compares the “whitewashing” of the event by the San Francisco Chronicle to the reality to which she links. Malkin warns the readers: Don’t click if you have a weak stomach. The warning is necessary.

These events are now scheduled in cities throughout the United States.


9 Responses to Why “Gay Pride” parades, fairs & events?

  1. Michael Schmitz says:

    “Why “Gay Pride” parades, events?”

    Because, at heart, they are attention seeking exhibitionists.

    • Observer says:

      You’ve obviously nailed it, Michael. Heterosexuals feel no need to engage in public displays celebrating normalcy. The difference is one group is most often based in forming a family structure and the other is all too often epitomized by random sex acts with strangers. The AIDs epidemic began running rampant in San Francisco’s bathhouses… which were not places for taking baths, but attached to bars. I read many also had mattress lined floors which provided windowless rooms for orgies,

    • Kathy says:

      AZ Diamondbacks game last night was Pride Night with rainbow logo and then they had a group march the field carrying the Pride flag. Talk about indoctrination of our youth. Horrible. I’m sure many homosexuals were around us, that did NOT make a spectical of themselves. They, like the rest of us were there to see a game NOT have attention getting people who are radical.
      The tickets were a Fathers Day gift, sold with no reference that it was Pride night. I wonder if the Dbacks or MLB will have a heterosexual night. Dont hold your breath.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Notice that they’ve hi-jacked the word “pride”.
    Consider the definition of that word.

    Here is a link to the story about an 11 year old male “drag queen” whose parents allow him to perform in front of adults. The adults put their hands all over this child.

    How can this NOT be child abuse?

    And now, the Converse shoe company has hired this child to be their poster boy.


    We NOW have a Transgender Shoe Collection??????????

    • Maggie says:

      I won’t be buying any Converse products again. The parents of these kids should be jailed for child abuse.

  3. Mike says:

    “Gay Pride” is simply a mask of denial for what is really “Gay Shame.” Romans 1:27; Romans 1:20 – in that order.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Excellent analogy to Robert Fulton. America is being steamrolled by this clearly agenda driven mainstreaming of homosexuality, which is repeatedly referred to in the Bible as a sin.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    ICE roundup of illegals in Mesa, today:


    Meanwhile, a stunning number of local LE agencies around the country take to social media to say that they will NOT help round up illegals. Aiding and abetting?

  6. Villanova says:

    Randy Lovely…can that name be real?….appears to have been axed as Vice President/Community News, USA TODAY Network, during one of Gannett’s massive firings.
    He’s advertising for a job on Linked In.

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