Raw deceit keeps local columnist Montini employed

When one lies for a living, telling the truth doesn’t come easy. Being employed when colleagues have been given their walking papers in systematic cutbacks, no doubt presents a conundrum.  It’s good to have a salary, though tough to know former co-workers are facing hardships.  But disgorging odious spew three days a week is what keeps the bills paid. And if you’re E. J. Montini, writing columns for the Arizona Republic newspaper, bile automatically erupts by way of your leftist politics.  Dishonesty? That’s your stock in trade.

You’ve hung on longer by repeating falsehoods and denigrating American patriots who were repeatedly elected to office by Arizona voters.  Revulsion for Republicans oozes from your every pore.

The headline of Montini’s recent column contains the words “Operation Wetback,” relating to a mass deportation of illegal aliens in the 1950’s. The program was put into effect during the Eisenhower administration with the support of the Mexican government, facing a national worker shortage, since a majority of the illegals crossing the border were young men. It was only later when the Mexican government realized the value of reparations, bolstering its economy by over $30 billion each year, that it worked to facilitate the invasion.

The fascinating thing about liars is the ease with which they spin tall tales. Nowhere in the column is Pres. Eisenhower mentioned. Known as “Ike” he was the popular, two-term president who was a five-star general in the U.S. Army during World War II and served as the first supreme commander of NATO. He had previously been president of Columbia University.

Most assuredly not a bigot, in 1957 he ordered federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to protect nine black children integrating into a public school — the first time the US federal government ordered troops in the South since the end of the Civil War.

Though Eisenhower was mysteriously absent from Montini’s screed, President Donald Trump was maligned, hammered and battered for desiring to halt the unfettered invasion of our country by illegals. The United States welcomes approximately a million legal immigrants each year with the reasonable expectation of assimilation, which is too few and too restrictive for the ethically challenged E.J.

Also worthy of bashing are former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, who sponsored SB 1070 (actual title: “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act”), and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose deputies enforced the law, signed by Gov. Jan Brewer in 2010. Major portions of the law were later gutted by a federal court judge.

What do Trump, Pearce and Arpaio have in common? They are all men of unquestioned patriotism, principled courage and a deep commitment to the United States of America.

Those patriotic traits rankle Montini, who robotically tailors his vacuous verbal vomit to fit the newspaper’s agenda — facts be damned. He’s earning his keep.

11 Responses to Raw deceit keeps local columnist Montini employed

  1. Mike says:

    One would be pretty hard pressed to tell the difference between Montini and his equally anti-American predecessor, Jon Talton.

    • Michael Schmitz says:

      At least Talton writes fairly entertaining whodunit novels. Montini couldn’t scribble with crayons given some and a sheet of paper.

  2. D.B. Cooper says:

    There are never too many illegals to suit the left. And we have no handle on who they are. Caravanning by the hundreds of thousands from Central American they were allowed access through Mexico on their way here which is why Pres. Trump threatened to impose tariffs on our “neighbor” to the south. They are also coming from Africa and the middle east, bringing diseases and anti-American venom with them. These are not the legal immigrants who came through Ellis Island at the beginning of the 20th century, who loved America and became fully assimilated Americans.

  3. Realist says:

    Selling integrity is what prostitutes do. Montini’s pimp is Phil Boas, who sets the leftwing newspaper’s editorial policy. Boas, who was responsible for the daily coordination against Arpaio, is Sheriff Arpaio’s son-in-law. Anything for a steady paycheck….

  4. Maggie says:

    If Boas possessed a shred of ethics he would have turned issues relating to his wife’s father over to someone else without a direct connection. But selling out his father-in-law is what made him valuable. I wonder how you explain that to the kids/grandkids? Boas is Arizona’s equivalent of George Soros, turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis to save himself. As reprehensible as his actions were, Soros was a teen. Boas has no such cover. Yuck.

  5. Maggie says:

    Forgot to add, how does Joe Arpaio’s daughter even look at this man? ?

  6. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Montini’s “vacuous verbal vomit.”
    Your patent prose: I love t!!

  7. Sally Forth says:

    The latest Gallup poll shows that more Americans than ever before regard illegal immigration as the top problem facing America. 


  8. Saguaro Sam says:

    Would like to see the guy explain how people from Somalia; Congro, and other African nations have suddenly showed up on the US/Mex border and crossed into our country. People from African nations that have active Ebola epidemics raging.

    A few hundred are now in San Antonio, TX, and it is reported that they are carrying wads of US currency.

    Let’s get together and gift this Ragster with a trip to the Dominican Republic.

    Check your portfolio:

    If you haven’t read President Trump’s latest Executive Order, regarding Iran and the bad guys helping them, you might want to.
    Obama; Brennan, and Kerry gotta be worried.

    Kerry is married to Teresa Heinz Kerry (not her money, but she married it and got to keep the fortune). Icabod Kerry sold one of their mansions and yacht last years for tens of millions of dollars. Get-away money?
    Teresa is in very poor health after suffering seizures that were not caused by heart attack; stroke, or brain tumor, and was exiled to a “facility”. Poor Teresa.

    Notice how our traitors are Constantly on The Move, internationally.

  9. Hometown Guy says:

    Even a groveler like Montini can’t be as ignorant as he portrays himself. I have to believe he knows the future of our country is at stake, but his paycheck matters more to him. If he has kids, he must care about the America his facile acceptance of the invasion will impact them and their families. Since the Hillary presidential endorsement we no longer subscribe to this farce of a newspaper, but I recall his far left bent.