Failing AZ Republic’s cheap, novel news sourcing

It’s no secret. The Arizona Republic’s end is near. Subscriptions  plummeted in the wake of its sheep-like endorsement of Hillary Clinton in 2016 in a state that gave all of its electoral votes to Donald Trump. Parent company Gannett has overseen massive layoffs following by-outs of contracted employees, leaving ASU Cronkite J School students working on the fly — since the now homeless newspaper sold its office building and parking garage to stay afloat. The Republic has repeatedly been on the auction block.

Desperate for relevancy as it attempts to entice its remaining readers to a much less expensive all digital format, the latest dodge is to bring in, “informed, connected and uniquely Arizonan” (and unpaid) writers to produce “semi-regular guest columns.”  This new charade will be known as “Voices.”

The introduction muses: “Why we’re looking for more diverse opinions,” and then answers with this bit of snark: “Why do we want more civil debate and smart ideas that differ from our own? Probably because these days, they are so hard to find.”

The only takeaway from that absurdity is the consensus of opinion agrees with the editorial page editor, Phil Boas, which election results showed to be patently false.

Who could forget Boas?  He’s the do-anything-for-a-buck character who oversaw the daily coordinated takedown of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — his own father-in-law. Arpaio, who was elected to an unprecedented six four-year terms, has more savvy in his little finger than Boas has in his entire rotundity.

Boas then devotes two pages to introducing the eight members of the “Board of Contributors,” with dual sets of the same photos.  Diversity is, of course, the game plan. But as with all leftists, that never includes a diversity of thought. Skin pigment reigns supreme as Boas states, “We‘ve brought together a new guard of black and Latino leadership,” oddly omitting the Asian businesswoman in the mix.

For an idea of the deception behind this farce, one of the “Voices,” is described as a “former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party.” Neglected is the fact that he is currently registered as a PND, “Party Not Declared,” after being exposed as ethically challenged. 

Another “Voice” is a high schooler in her junior year, described as a “lead organizer for two climate change groups. Still too young to vote and living off of her parents, this is her youth infused arrogant self-description:

“We, the youth, believe that #thisisZeroHour to act on climate change. We cannot afford to wait any longer for adults to protect our right to a clean, safe environment and the natural resources we need to not just survive, but flourish. We know that we are the leaders we have been waiting for!”

Waste no sympathy on the coming demise of this seriously ill and chronically wrong newspaper. It has methodically been carving out its own calamitous fate.

8 Responses to Failing AZ Republic’s cheap, novel news sourcing

  1. Villanova says:

    Another excellent expose of this farce passing itself off as a journalistic endeavor. President Trump is right on target when he describes “Fake News.” The local newspaper is Exhibit A.

    The office where I work has a single copy in the break room, which is how I see it. Last week after the new executive editor wrote about its allegiance to diversity in newsroom hires,,the senior partner of our firm announced that when the current subscription runs out, it will not be renewed. His announcement was met with applause from all of us…who were hired for what we could contribute rather than our ethnicity or gender. We represent various backgrounds but we were hired based on our abilities. There should be no other consideration. Cream rises in every group.

  2. State Delegate says:

    The McCain worshiping newspaper should already have written its own obit. It charges more for less and continues to insult the intelligence of its few remaining readers..Up to the minute news is available free of charge on the cell phone in your pocket, radio and TV. No one I know subscribes to this biased bile.

  3. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    We can’t wait for its demise.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    The “Voices” are in Phil’s head.

    Know what would sell newspapers?
    Some good, old fashioned investigative reporting.

    Go down to the courthouse, any courthouse, and report on a case. Get some leads from cops.
    Peruse the public record files of ADHS and take a look at the state/Fed surveys conducted at licensed skilled nursing facilities or assisted living facilities or supervisory care homes.

    And don’t forget to tell the public that anyone can take in a couple of old, frail folks and rake in some big bucks outside of the law and the IRS.
    But, if they Somehow get reported to ADHS, the only option that the State agency has is to issue a “cease and desist.” Yeah, that’ll fix it.

    How about reporting on How Many Children in the State Foster Care Program are MISSING. Nationwide. What might child “protective” agencies have to do with it? NY State is kicking into high gear to remove perfectly healthy and happy children from their home under the guise of the vaccination issue.
    (However, Hillary and her creeps appreciate the assistance of bureaucrats in their procurement efforts.)

    Find out if the investigators at the State Medical Board ever do anything when a healthcare consumer (patient) files a complaint.
    What’s the time frame? Is it all done telephonically?
    Compare and contrast to actions taken by the State Board of Nursing. Interesting.
    Sit in on some public sessions at both.
    Taxpayers want to know.

    Hey, AzRagsters—-the MIami Herald did a pretty good job for years covering the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking story. They may have been the only ones keeping it alive, when the Bushes and Obama were willing to provide cover for BClinton & his freakshow friends.

    HInt: Isn’t there an “institute” right here in Arizona which Claims to be fighting human trafficking.
    Let us see the proof.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Seeing Red AZ has been calling this right for some time as it relates to the local newspaper known by various derogatory names, including the “AZ Repugnant,” “Repulsive” and “Repukelick.”

    Recently, NYT’s executive editor Dean Baquet predicted that “most local newspapers are going to die in the next five years.The greatest crisis in American journalism is the death of local news. Their economic model is gone. I don’t know what the answer is.”

    This  2018 Pew Research Center study confirms the dire circumstances, reporting more than half of the largest newspapers in the U.S. have laid off employees since January 2017. Nine of the 16 newspapers with circulations of 250,000 or more, or 56 percent, had experienced layoffs during a 16-month period ending in April 2018.

    The local newspaper is the only one with which I have familiarity. My parents subscribed and my older brother delivered it as a kid. Hate to see what it became as it veered further and further left, but when it finally breathes its last gasps, it will be its own fault.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Might want to ask Schweikert and Lesko why they voted for this massive job giveaway program. Look at the Number of green cards for citizens of India.

    • Disgusted says:

      Just finished reading this post and going through the list of names of supporters of this disturbing (to say the least!!) legislation. Whatever Schweikert and Lesko are thinking with has no brain matter attached. I’m thoroughly disgusted . Schweikert already has a challenger and Lesko has to run again. How do they point to this with pride? They are voting to bring in foreign competition for American jobs that should go to our own college educated citizens.

    • Sally Forth says:

      My only thought is, “who’s paying them off? Campaigns are expensive and lobbyists know that and use it to their advantage . I’m sickened by this.

      US Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar have kept their integrity.