‘Arizona Wins’ is a leftist, taxpayer-funded scam

Swathed in Identity politics, feigned oppression and using tax dollars to forward a far left agenda

The Daily Caller headline,FCC Dings Left-Wing Nonprofits For Using Federal Program To Finance Pet Projects,” definitely qualifies as an attention getter.

It begins with these words:

A commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission wants to know why two liberal nonprofit groups are using revenue from a federal program designed to give poor children internet access on various progressive pet projects.

Organizations involved in a FCC-program dolling out broadband internet for kids might be siphoning off millions of dollars for their own purposes, according to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.  The Educational Broadcast Service (EBS) licenses are intended to help schools, but Carr believes revenue from the program is going to political causes.

Carr sent letters to the three groups: Voqal, North American Catholic Educational Programming Founding (NACEPF) and Rockne Educational TV, who he believes are the most responsible for the ruse.

“In your latest annual report, you highlight a number of donations you have made to political and advocacy groups. Organizations by the same name as two of your grantees — Arizona WINS and WIN Minnesota — appear to expressly advocate for the defeat of political candidates,” he noted in one letter to Voqal President John Schwartz.

Obviously the words, “Arizona WINS,” flash like a lighthouse beacon. What we found is anything but benign. Its concept of winning encompasses extreme leftism, as we see in SOMETHING’S HAPPENING IN AZ. #ANEWDAY:

“Join us for our launch party! You’ll meet the 2019 Monzon Fellows in person while learning more about this exciting new organization that will be working to build the political power of voters of color and low-income communities in Arizona! RSVP using the form to the right.”

As you check out the biased bios of the principals, focus on Monica Nowakowski. She is the daughter of Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski, who has joined in the loathsome trend of bashing Phoenix Police. Their Polish surname is a relic from a family member of a previous generation. Monica’s dad is Executive Vice President of La Campesina Radio Network — part of Entravision Communications, a network of 48 Spanish-language radio stations in eleven states, also broadcasting into Mexico — in conjunction the far left Cesar Chavez Foundation. Monica was employed in sales and PR.

The concept of Americans coming together to accomplish things that benefit us all has no relevancy when radical leftists are involved. It’s all about identity politics, feigned oppression and using tax dollars to forward a far left political agenda. Stay alert. This will only intensify as we approach the 2020 election.


11 Responses to ‘Arizona Wins’ is a leftist, taxpayer-funded scam

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    As the grandson of Italian immigrants who came to the USA LEGALLY, I find it repulsive that there is a gigantic network of Spanish language radio networks. My family came to America to become Americans. They learned English, took American history as their own and became proud, patriotic citizens. My dad and his brothers all served in the military, came home from war and with the help of the GI Bill, went to college. My siblings, cousins and I are all professionals and patriots. We learned how to rise to the top by emulating our parents, who put America first.

    If there had been Italian language radio, my immigrant relatives would not have listened to it. They wanted to speak proper English! I thank God they were able to come to American and be processed at Ellis Island. It wasn’t easy. They missed their families and had a tough learning curve initially. Still, they never regretted their decision and gave us and our families a fabulous gift.

    • jake sez says:

      My grand parents were also Italian immigrants and both my mother and father also refused to speak anything but English around my brother and me. The schools refused to take anyone who did not speak English.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    It’s incumbent on us all to monitor these sites and be aware of what they are up to. They and those they are recruiting have a Mexico First mentality. They should have stayed in their corrupt, drug cartel-run country instead of trying to remake us in the criminal, communist replica of what they left.
    Have you been in Mesa lately? The area around the LDS Temple is atrocious, but the church keeps proselytizing and welcoming them. New church members equals greater revenues.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    Celebration of Americanism has been systematically removed from our public education system. Instead students at the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, and who was an integral part of our nation’s founding, have defaced and destroyed a monument honoring him on the university’s campus. Historical revisionism is the latest trend. Jefferson was a man of his time, and owned slaves. He was also integral to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But now it’s in to denigrate him and others for living in times that preceded the Civil War —which righted those wrongs. We can’t undo history, but we are all so fortunate that he lived and gave us the freedoms we enjoy today.

  4. CD4 Conservative says:

    Most shocking of all is the fact that two popular radio stations in Prescott Arizona were sold to The Cesar Chavez/Radio Campesina Network. KYCA has been known for its conservative talk radio format with Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage in the lineup. After the owner died, his widow sold out his principles for big bucks. I haven’t listened since reading this article:


    • Yavapai GOP says:

      As they say, “Money talks and BS walks.” She should be shunned for selling out like this.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Local Traitors (yes, go ahead and say “off topic”)

    RE: House Bill 1044 Fairness to High Skilled Immigrants

    here’s the vote on it, from the House of Reps.

    Lesko and Schweikert voted for it, as was anticipated, but look at the number of Yea votes.
    Its clear that they no longer work for us (US).


    • State Delegate says:

      They obviously regard us as useful idiots. They might think what they do 3,000 miles away doesn’t get noticed here. WRONG!!

      They might also recall that the symbol of the Republican Party is an elephant. We have long memories.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Who do Lesko and Schweikert think their constituents are? They voted along with all the AZ Congressional Democrats, as well as the majority of those in other states. This is craven disregard of their Republican constituents. Remember us? We’re the ones who donate to your campaigns and give you our votes. I am thoroughly disgusted and would like to know what the #*@& they were thinking. To call me angry doesn’t begin to describe my rage.

    • Braveheart says:

      David Schweikert and Debbie Lesko must be tired of their jobs. I can think of no rational reason for them to vote against skilled American workers.

      I have never voted for a Democrat, so I will withhold my congressional vote in the next election.They obviously don’t care about American workers who will be displaced by those from India.

  6. Realist says:

    I’m going to have to pass on dinner this evening. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep it down.

    What’s the point of electing Republicans when they act like Democrats?