US job giveaway bizarrely garners GOP support

Although rare, there are times when conservatives are mystified by the bizarre actions of those they help elect. Such was the case Wednesday when 140 Republican House members joined 224 Democrats and 1 Independent to vote for the deceptively titled,Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.”

Of Arizona’s decreasing number of Congressional Republicans, only U.S. Reps. Paul Gosar (CD 4) and Andy Biggs (CD 5) stayed the course. David Schweikert (CD 6) and Debbie Lesko (CD 8) disappointingly joined the Democrats. View the vote on HB 1044.

Drafted by Democrats and business entities seeking cheaper labor, HB 1044 provides a green card giveaway to 300,000 East Indian contract workers — and their estimated 300,000 family members — by removing the “country caps” currently in immigration law. The bill significantly increases incentives for more Indian graduates to take jobs sought by our own U.S. college graduates — saddled with school loan debt they need to pay off and lives they are anxious to live. Marriage and home ownership become distant dreams when jobs they have trained for are going to imported workers.

As reported by Breitbart News’ Neil Munro, GOP Senators are pushing a matching giveaway bill supported by Democrat presidential hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris. Only 57 of 197 GOP legislators — and only eight Democrats — voted against the giveaway.

The GOP’s House leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, voted for the giveaway to Indian outsourcing workers. The bill also helps U.S. real-estate investors by extending the green-card giveaway to the Chinese lenders who use the EB-5 program to buy green cards for their families.

Munro reports:

Business groups touted the win before the vote. Via Twitter, Andrew Moriarty, deputy director of federal policy at Mark Zuckerberg’s leftist advocacy group compared the HR.1044 “country caps” bill to the Democrats’ DACA-amnesty bill:

This is a very important bipartisan effort that we strongly support… If this passes, it will join the Dream and Promise Act as two pieces of commonsense but CRUCIAL immigration legislation passed by the House this year, waiting only for a vote in the Senate.

 The Department of Homeland Security finally announced its opposition to the Senate’s version — S.386 — shortly before the House voted for the giveaway to Indian contract-workers and their U.S. employers.

News India Times  ecstatically and with more than a tinge of hyperbole, reports, “Hope has reignited for more than half a million Indian legal immigrant workers and their immediate family members stuck almost infinitely in the immigration pipeline for a Green Card: the US House of Representatives in a rare show of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill passed a resolution that, if enacted into law, would bring down the estimated wait time for a Green Card to less than 10 years from the current preposterous timeline for some that exceeds 100 years.”

Who knew India, like Mexico, is so eager to lose its young people to the USA?  Reparations, American money sent back to their families in their native countries, speaks with a persuasive voice.

In 2016 My India citing World Bank figures crowed, “India has again topped the list of Inward Remittances. It received around $70 billion over the year 2013. It is followed by China. Inward remittances are the money, which are transferred or sent by the overseas Indian diaspora to their family, friends, and relatives back in India. It can be in the form of foreign currency, traveler’s cheque or demand draft. India has now become the leading receiver of remittance in the world. India has held on the top position for the past 5 years in a row now.’ Those $billions would only have grown in the intervening years.

This raises the question, “Why is the United States so eager to import workers who will compete with our own citizen work force and willingly allow $billions to be siphoned to other nations who use us as their all too generous piggy bank?”

10 Responses to US job giveaway bizarrely garners GOP support

  1. Mike says:

    Maybe it’s time to start outsourcing Congress.

  2. Disgusted says:

    We are being screwed and don’t have to depend on Democrats giving us the royal “treatment.” I’m beyond disgusted that Arizona’s GOP congressional contingent didn’t hang together for the benefit of our American workforce.

    This betrayal makes me wonder how much the lobbyists’ payoff was.

  3. jake sez says:

    Excellent idea. Better than renting them out to highest bidder like what we are doing now.

    We need to get some strong conservatives elected. This brings out the selecting a primary opponent for McSally. I see that she may have one looking. BUT, remember we are going against the establishment. If we do succeed in getting a conservative primary opponent, the establishment will make sure there are multiple “conservative” opponents so they can dilute the real conservative vote and get McSally elected.

    Think about this. If McSally is elected to a 2-year term this next general election, no republican will go against a sitting republican. SO, we will have a John McCain clone for the next thirty years. If she wins the primary, we cannot let her get elected to the senate. We can get rid of a democrat in two years but not an established republican.

    Yes, I know you can’t vote for a democrat, but you can hold back your vote for a RINO.

    • Attila The Hunny says:

      Schweikert and Lesko must think we have no idea what’s going on in DC. It’s so far away, don’cha know? They regard us as donors and a vote and forget that we have computers and keep updated on the news.

      Remember when John Shadegg was supposedly representing us in DC? He gave an interview to the far left New York Times calling Arizona Republicans “xenophobic” and “intolerant” for supporting border security and not rolling out a welcome mat for the illegal invaders that he and John McCain regarded as sainted and worthy of amnesty.

      The NYT is now available by subscription only, but this is the quote:
      “I believe the Republican Party in Arizona has been hurt very badly by the image created by those who have been most outspoken in their attacks on the illegal immigration issue, who have created the appearance that Republicans are xenophobic, that seem by their comments and are by their comments intolerant,” Shadegg said.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Both Schweikert and Lesko campaigned as conservatives. It would be appreciated if they would explain what is conservative about this vote favoring foreign nationals over Americans. We don’t need to lose two more Republican-held congressional seats. They are counting on the fact that we won’t vote for the Democrat. That’s true. But many of us might sit on our hands when faced with their either of their names on the ballot.

    I expect a whole lot more than this slap in the face.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    The Globalists are bringing in people with dark complexions NOT to compete with US citizens.
    Their plan is to REPLACE us (US)

    A U.N. publication will explain it to you:

    And in beautiful Sweden, which has been so ravaged by “refugees”:
    CEO of Volvo Says Company is Considering Leaving Sweden Partly Due to Rise in Violent Crime
    “We will only place our headquarters in a country where things work”

    And this, (about which the false Pope says nothing)
    Richard Bernstein writes at RealClearInvestigations of the growing phenomenon of violent anti-Christian attacks taking place in France:
    …There is nothing at all unusual about an attack on a Christian religious site these days in France, or, for that matter, elsewhere in Europe. The French police recorded 129 thefts and 877 acts of vandalism at Catholic sites – mostly churches and cemeteries – in 2018, and there has been no respite this year. The Conference of French Bishops reported 228 “violent anti-Christian acts” in France in the first three months of 2019 alone, taking place in every region of the country

    This week from the Conservative Treehouse:
    “In a stunning press conference this week U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explains why she she has taken no action to curb the illegal immigration influx into the U.S.

    While explaining why she will not allow congress to debate, change or modify U.S. immigration laws, Pelosi outlines how the United States is part of a global society, without borders and without any sovereign right to impede the “human society” from entering our nation. Therefore, according to her outlook and worldview, U.S. politicians have no right to stop any migration movement.. . . ”

    Let That Sink In: The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will take NO action to curb illegal immigration because the US is part of a global society.

    They practiced on Europe and destroyed sovereign nations, now they have all they need to bring it here.

    Remember that George Soros, in an interview with Newsweek, years ago, said that he hated the United States and would stop at nothing until it was destroyed. (Yet he and his family live large here)

    The U.S. is like the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, from the Fables of Aesop.

    Look it up.

    It does Not have a happy ending.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      And if you need someone to clean your car windows, you might head on over to Germany:

      Oh, look, someone to clean your car windows for you:

      • D.B. Cooper says:

        The German’s can thank Chancellor Angela Merkel for the onslaught of crime perpetrated by her love of “immigrants.” The same has happened in Sweden, where those they so warmly welcomed began perpetrating rapes in broad daylight on women and young girls. The Somalians were not picky.

      • D.B. Cooper says:

        This is excerpted from from the Gatestone Institute, International Policy Council:
        Read the complete, horrifying report:

        Sweden: Rape Capitol of the West (thanks to Somali immigrants)

        Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.

        Significantly, the report does not touch on the background of the rapists. One should, however, keep in mind that in statistics, second-generation immigrants are counted as Swedes.

        In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.

        The internet radio station Granskning Sverige called the mainstream newspapers Aftonbladet and Expressen to ask why they had described the perpetrators as “Swedish men” when they actually were Somalis without Swedish citizenship. They were hugely offended when asked if they felt any responsibility to warn Swedish women to stay away from certain men. One journalist asked why that should be their responsibility.

  6. Maggie says:

    Those of you who still use Facebook and make lame excuses for doing so, are you aware of what you’re funding? Mark Zuckerberg is a 35=year-old multi-Billionaire who leans so far left he’s nearly horizontal. He arrogantly lied to Congress and is a globalist who makes Socialist George Soros look like an amateur. How can any one who calls themselves conservative support this? Dangerous globalist Zuckerberg will be around for decades after Soros is but a memory. Tell your relatives and friends they can email you photos and call to tell you anything specific. Speaking to one another should not be a lost art.