Sheriff Joe sightings drive local newspaper berserk

Arpaio supporters know how to raise the left’s ire

It’s mid-July in Phoenix. Garden flowers wilt. Heat-induced lethargy sets in. This is hardly the time to taunt voters with campaign related enigmas. But if any name is a guaranteed attention grabber, it’s that of retired Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

The lunatics at the local newspaper are going even battier — with a report about the popular former sheriff, elected to an unprecedented six-four-year terms from 1993 to 2016. 

The report derisively describes large billboards mysteriously springing up around the Valley, making it all the more amusing to read. The billboards, featuring a large photo of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a badge affixed to his tailored uniform shirt, with law enforcement emblems on each upper sleeve, looks official enough to be a campaign ad. The rest of the billboard has white lettering on bright red background:  “Sheriff Joe.  One More time.  2020.”

That’s it. There is no declaration of an office, or who paid for the signs, though the spectacular tease exemplifies Arpaio, which makes it priceless.

The anything-for-a-buck editorial page editor Phil Boas, fearful of being next among the myriad staff cuts at the failing newspaper, reprehensibly oversaw the daily multi-pronged assault on Arpaio — his own father-in-law.

Current Sheriff Paul Penzone, who Boas helped elect, is supportive of open borders, and notable for referring to illegal aliens as “guests” immediately after he was sworn in. He won with a reported $3 Million cash infusion from his Socialist benefactor George Soros, who also funded the campaign of Kim Foxx, when she was a candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney.

Foxx, whose office became notorious after she dropped all charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett following revelations he falsified a racist and homophobic attack against himself in a failed effort to raise his profile and salary. She was featured at a fundraiser hosted by Alex Soros, son of radical leftist billionaire, George Soros, who also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a super PAC supporting her.

Globalist Soros, also a dedicated McCain supporter, disdains national borders and favoring laxer criminal prosecution, used the same tactics in his failed attempt to remove Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery — attempting to replace him with an unknown, accommodating leftist. High dollar donations funneled through his PACs are his modus operandi throughout the country as noted by Politico in this report: George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system. We urge you to read it.  Knowledge is power.  Prepare for the coming elections.

9 Responses to Sheriff Joe sightings drive local newspaper berserk

  1. Mike says:

    Here’s hoping for a resurgence of Joe – in any capacity! It would be as stinging a slap in the face of the leftist Penzonies as Juan McAnus’ infamous thumbs-down was in ours!

  2. Seen It All says:

    It’s a joy to know that even the mention of Sheriff Arpaio has the ability to drive the left wing nuts even nuttier. He was a dedicated lawman with wide ranging experience in the military, as a police officer and traveling the world with Drug Enforcement Administration, before he headed the Arizona DEA office. After retiring in the top slot, he ran for sheriff. I have no doubt he was the best man to run the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office of any of his predecessors.

  3. Observer says:

    When I was a high school senior taking additional classes at Phoenix College years ago, I wrote a report on Maricopa County’s sheriffs. It was so good I’ve kept it! I was helped by some great FOP Lodge members who had plenty of information.

    We once had a son succeed his father who died in the early 1900’s and a wife elected to finish out her husband’s unexpired term when he died. Yes, Maricopa County actually had a female sheriff, back in the 1940’s!

    The point is Joe Arpaio, with service in the military, on two east coast police forces and traveling extensively throughout the world when he was with the Drug Enforcement Administration where he later headed the Arizona Office before running for sheriff, has a law enforcement resume others can’t match. I’d vote for him again in a heartbeat. Despite his age, he’s sharp as a tack. I heard him speak at a recent event and he’s very impressive and has a memory better than mine and I’m considerably younger.

  4. Casper says:

    I love the fact that the pathetic excuse for a newspaper goes ballistic when Joe Arpaio is mentioned. He’s effective and that galls the dweebs who are still employed at what was once considered a decent newspaper that I proudly delivered and my parents read.

    Not a single person I know subscribes today.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    How about some large billboards with the message “TRUMP 2024”.

    Since SRAZ mentions Soros and Chicago/Cook County District Attorney Kimm Foxxx, it is said that Soros paid $408,000 for her.

    We should WATCH for FED indictments re that recent case involving Ms. Foxx and the gay, black mediocre actor/friend of the Obamas. (Remember, it is said that his aunt is Kamala H.)
    Should be fun.

    As an aside, the corrupt former mayor of Chicago/Obama operative, Rahm Emmanuel, has been gifted with TWO new gigs.
    One at ABC News and one as a contributing editor at The Atlantic magazine. He also got a gig with some investment bank based in NYC, but will be working from Chicago.

    From the great mind of the meme artist known as Carpe Donktum
    (who was recently invited, along with his family, to meet President Trump in the OO due to his amazing and funny work):

    • Maggie says:

      The video is funny!

      The rest of what you wrote is very concerning. Never previously heard of the connection between Smollett and Harris.

    • MAGA Hat Man says:

      I just Googled this and, though vague, there are questions about an actual blood relationship between Harris and Smollett. She does call him “loving” and expresses dismay that he lied about the attack.

      As a presidential candidate she obviously needs to keep her distance from this sicko. Besides being liberal dem who doesn’t shy away from using race as an issue as she did going after Biden during the debate, she’s already waaaay too chummy with the Obama’s. I’d vote for the neighbor dog’s fleas before I’d vote for her or any dem.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        and then, there’s that relationship between Gavin Newsom; the Getty family and Nancy Pelosi.

  6. Sam Fox says:

    Ahh gee, the lefties have their knickers in a wad again. That has happened so often it looks like a political fashion statement on them. These dupes are sooo dumb! If they had even a 2% lick of sense, they would have ignored Sheriff Joe.

    Instead, they make sure Joe has a lot of free publicity. Thanks lefties!!