Radical Sinema appears to veer right. What’s up?

Sinema joins GOP senators urging shortening of asylum review

After reading that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a committed leftist, is taking a more appropriate hard line on illegals flooding across Arizona’s southern border, checking out her voting record made sense.

It turns out, though her views are consistently far left, ranging from her pro-abortion stance to withholding funding for the border wall, she has been voting with the Republican majority on more issues than would be expected. Conservative Review rightly gives Sinema an “F” Liberty Score.

According to her senate website, Sinema is now taking a stand against Mexican raw sewage flowing across the border into Nogales, AZ.

“Right now, the people of Nogales are forced to pay for Mexico’s sewage costs. That’s not fair, and we’re working to fix the problem so Nogales residents only pay for their responsibility,” said Sinema.

Sinema’s topic also rings true as it relates to the border invasion.

In this letter sent to President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, led a bipartisan group of senators — including Sinema — urging DHS to begin “Operation Safe Return” along a portion of the U.S./Mexico border. The program would allow immigration officials to implement a pilot program streamlining the asylum review process, permitting border officials to deport families without credible asylum claims within 15 days. The exploited children in many of those so-called families, were unrelated to the adults, but used to prioritize their processing.

This is not a reliable as it sounds, since the majority of illegal aliens have been coached by activists and immigration lawyers on the exact words to say to get them into the legal pipeline. If the Central Americans were actually seeking asylum, why didn’t they make such claims when they initially entered Mexico? One reason is the generous taxpayer-funded benefits illegals are able to access in the United States. The Center for Immigration Studies reports, 63% of non-citizen households access welfare programs.

Johnson and Sinema were joined by Republican Sens. Rob Portman, (OH); James Lankford, (OK); Michael Enzi, (WY); John Barrasso, (WY); and John Cornyn (TX). Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin (WV) and Doug Jones (AL) also signed on.

6 Responses to Radical Sinema appears to veer right. What’s up?

  1. Realist says:

    I trust Kyrsten Sinema as far as I can throw my Escalade. She’s a committed leftist and a practiced liar.
    She still has her “homeless” fable on her senate website. This truth was originally exposed by the New York Times.


    • Michael Schmitz says:

      I’d rather deal with a lefty that’s open about their politics than a deceitful liar like the late Sen McCain.

      • East Valley Conservative says:

        With Sinema, we get massive dosages of both. She lies as easily as McCain ever did. She’s just more open about her leftism than he was. Don’t forget, McCain had to be strongly “encouraged” not to run as a Democrat during his initial campaign when he ran to replace respected conservative Republican John Jacob Rhodes,Jr., who was retiring. Rhodes was House Minority Leader for 8 years. The newlywed McCain’s even moved to the East Valley for that single term, prior to moving back to Phoenix and John running for the US Senate.
        Rhodes was well respected on both sides of the aisle and well known for his integrity. No honest person could ever say that about liberal colluder McCain.

  2. Sally Forth says:

    Another fact filled post, Seeing Red. After reading some of the links I’m “seeing red,” also.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    It’s all orchestrated. She’s auditioning for something.

    Meanwhile, can you see why This is Necessary?

    The chaplain of the House of Representatives opened the legislative day Thursday with a prayer to cast out “all spirits of darkness from this chamber.”

    “This has been a difficult and contentious week in which darker spirits seem to have been at play in the people’s House,” the Reverend Pat Conroy began.

    Then, in a dramatic moment, Conroy raised both hands and said,
    “In Your most holy name, I cast out all spirits of darkness from this chamber. Spirits not from You. I cast out the spirit of discouragement which deadens the hope of those who are of goodwill.

    “I cast out the spirit of petty divisiveness which clouds the sense and the desire to be of fruitful productivity and addressing the issues more appropriately before this House,” he continued. “I cast out any sadness brought on by the frustration of dealing with matters detrimental to the honorable work each member has been called to engage in.”

    Conroy concluded with a plea to the Lord:
    “Annoit your servants here in the House with a healing balm to comfort and renew the souls of all in this assembly. May your spirit of wisdom and patience descend upon all so that any spirit of darkness might have no place in our midst. Rather, let Your spirit of comity, of brother-and-sisterhood, and love of our nation, and all colleagues in this chamber, empower our better angels to be at play in the common work to be done, for the benefit of all Your people.
    May all that is done within the people’s House be for Your greater honor and glory. Amen.”

    And this happened yesterday. Turn up the volume:


    Reconcile what you see on this video with what is happening in DC.

    PRAY to God in Heaven. Ask Him to defeat the works of satan and his minions. Thanks.

  4. peon says:

    I did not see McSally’s name — that speaks volumes!!