Dying AZ Republic begs for subscribers with last gasps

…as it continues to insult its few remaining readers

To be charitable, it must take more than a small amount of grit to admit that you are looking doom in the eye. Still, it’s not easy to be benevolent to an entity that is responsible for waging war on people and issues that exemplify the best our state and nation have to offer.

Reading the pathetic plea for new subscribers by Greg Burton, the Arizona Republic’s newly hired executive editor, evoked feelings akin to watching a fly trying to wrangle its way out of a sticky spider’s web. The onlooker knows full well the imminent future in store for the fly, but it remains impossible to overt one‘s eyes. And after the cruel fate being historically replicated, its difficult not to wonder why the fly went to its demise without learning to avoid the trap.

The Hillary-endorsing newspaper, ignoring her lies and scandals, has waged relentless, multi-pronged attacks on President Donald Trump, either forgetting or determining as irrelevant, that he won all of Arizona’s electoral votes. If not blinded by rabid anti-Trumpism, his popularity would not have been difficult to discern based solely on the massive and exuberant turnout at his Arizona rallies.

In his short tenure, this is not Greg Burton’s first bite at the begging-for-subscribers apple. Earlier this month he began his plea by extolling the gender and ethnic diversity in the newsroom, as if such factors determine excellence. His offensive premise is only “people of color” can relate to “other people of color.”

He wrote, “We’ve dedicated ourselves to improving diversity as we recruit and retool. In 2018 and 2019, we rebuilt the newsroom to 30% people of color. As I write this, we’re at 31%.”

Following that brilliance to its logical conclusion, as an imperfect white male, Burton should be jobless again in record time.

His most recent plea actually states:

“At every point, journalists on assignment for The Arizona Republic stood on the shoulders of subscribers. That’s where we stand today. In return, our promise is to chronicle the best of Arizona, expose the worst and deeply examine the issues that matter most to you.

The future of our business depends on more than casual readers, though – we need loyal, paying subscribers to continue our mission.

To reward that commitment to our journalism, we’re rolling out a new program this week in which we publish a portion of our work exclusively for subscribers.”

Translated, Burton’s promise to “expose the worst,” means the newspaper will continue to brutalize President Trump and endorse Democrats for state and county offices.

For these ongoing insults and its vow to “continue to investigate police shootings” —  as if police are marauding gang members, rather than public protectors — the aptly nicknamed Arizona Repulsive continually hikes its subscription rates, while delivering fewer pages and content written by ASU student interns lacking editors. They are taught early on that the politically correct words “immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant” should be applied to illegal aliens. The U.S. Supreme Court, which has decided numerous cases involving federal immigration law, uses the correct, precise legal term “illegal alien,” as noted by Hans von Spakovsky, a Senior Legal Fellow with the Heritage Foundation.

In a nod to its aging readers, today’s edition of the emaciated daily — in both size and content —  has seven full page ads for hearing aids. It also engages in propagandizing them, as in a column today in which the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen refers to President Trump using these incendiary words: “He is the most un-American of all American presidents, a boorish man who has erased the distance between the mob and the speaker. He is both at the same time.”

 Is it any wonder the newspaper is dying?

11 Responses to Dying AZ Republic begs for subscribers with last gasps

  1. Mike says:

    One wonders what Roberts, Montini et. al. are going to do once they’re on the streets. Hopefully not run for public office.

  2. Michael Schmitz says:

    A copy of a letter to the Editor I wrote regarding “diversity at the Arizona Republic:

    Mr Burton proudly lists the the percentages “people of color” and “women” that he has hired, promoted, and added to “management ranks” in an effort into increase diversity during his one year plus on the job as executive editor at The Republic.

    Inasmuch that a newsroom should reflect the community not only by color, ethnicity, and gender but also the political philosophies of the community a newspaper purports to serve, I wonder how many truly conservative, Republican or Trump supporters Mr Burton has hired, promoted, or added to the management ranks in order to truly diversify The Republic’s newsroom?

    I’d bet the number is zero. Perhaps if conservative thinkers were allowed to become a part of the newsroom staff present at The Republic, perhaps The Republic wouldn’t “lose jobs on a gut-wrenching path to sustainability”. News Flash:The Republic’s decidedly hard left wing/liberal slant is causing the paper to bleed customers daily.

    I suggest Mr Burton get a copy of Mark Levin’s #1 bestseller Unfreedom of the Press and read at least the first chapter to perhaps understand the real reasons the print media is dying before our very eyes. Maybe even pass the book around the newsroom for some diversity of thought.

    Surprisingly, I never got a response.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Excellent letter, Michael.
      That’s the reason it wan’t worthy of being printed. The newspaper only wants echo chamber responses, which is why we hear the the tolling of its death knell growing closer.

      In his pitiful column, Greg Burton as much as admits the newspaper is on its way out.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Gatehouse Media is “poised” to buy out Gannett.

    Speaking of ASU, does anyone know this about Walter Cronkite?

    On October 19, 1999 he accepted the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award from the World Federalists Association at a ceremony at the United Nations.

    In his speech, Cronkite declared his support and allegiance to a one-world government. He blamed the refusal of the U.S. Congress to ratify one-world-government treaties on “a handful” of obdurate senators who “pander” to the Christian Coalition and the “religious right wing”.

    Identifying Pat Robertson as the leader of the Christian Coalition, Cronkite quoted Robertson, that “any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the Devil.”

    Cronkite then mocked Robertson by declaring, “I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.”

    Introduced by a speaker declaring that a one “world government is the structure necessary for global justice,” Cronkite said:
    I’m in a position to speak my mind and, by god, I’m going to do it. (Audience laughs)

    First, we Americans are going to have to yield up some of our sovereignty. That’s going to be for many a bitter pill.
    Today, we must develop federal structures on a global level to deal with world problems. We need a system of enforceable world law, a democratic federal world government. Most important, we should sign and ratify the treaty for a permanent international criminal court. That is now at the core of the world federalist movement’s drive. That court will enable the world to hold individuals accountable for their crimes against humanity.

    And the third point: Just consider if you will, after 55 years, the possibility of a more representative and democratic system of decision-making at the UN. This should include both revision of the veto in the Security Council and adoption of a weighted voting system in the General Assembly.

    Some of you may ask, although I think most of you know the answer, why the Senate is not ratifying these important treaties, and why the Congress is not even paying UN dues, even as with the American rejection, so many years now, the League of Nations after
    World War I.

    Our failure to live up to our obligations to the United Nations is led by a handful of willful senators who choose to pursue their narrow, selfish political objectives at the cost of our nation’s conscience. They pander to and are supported by the Christian Coalition and the rest of the religious right wing. Their leader, Pat Robertson, has written in a book a few years ago that we should have a world government but only when the Messiah arrives. (Derisive laughs from the audience.) He (Robertson) wrote, “Any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the devil.”

    Well, join me. I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan. (Audience applause)

    Do you Really believe that he was a “journalist”?

    What are they teaching at ASU?

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      Walter Cronkite belittled religion and declared that he was “glad to sit at the right hand of Satan,” yet ASU, using our tax dollars, honored this wretched leftist by naming the School of Journalism after him. What a disgrace.

      Parents who fund this career path for their children must have their heads up their own butts.

  4. terry dudas says:

    Sam – thank you for pulling that evil bit of archival propaganda out of your amazing files and reminding us what a dastardly traitor Cronkite was.

  5. Observer says:

    The AZ newspaper will die by its own hand. That’s known as suicide. It hasn’t figured out it has been driving subscribers away for years. The majority of those who remain are dying off. Younger, astute political followers don’t buy stale, slanted crap posing as “news.”

  6. Anthem Al says:

    The Repulsive makes up revenue losses by ghoulishly overcharging the bereaved exorbitant fees for obituaries. Many of them cost more than the plot.

  7. CPA says:

    I voted for Donald Trump without reservation. I will do so again in November 2020. I am not duped. Neither am I a fool. I’m a licensed Certified Public Accountant who has seen the market surge and my clients portfolios increase. Having a businessman in the White House has lifted all boats….even Trump’s detractors.

  8. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    As ever, a compelling, incisive editorial.