Weak Mueller fails to make Dems’ impeachment case

Watch as former Special Counsel Robert Mueller sets the stage for President Trump’s impeachment…that is, if can even remember who Donald Trump is.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released the following statement in response to Mueller’s embarrassing testimony, succinctly summing up the Democrats’ bad day:

“Today’s hearings were a disaster for Democrats. After three years, millions of taxpayer dollars and countless lies from Democrats, Mueller just reaffirmed what we’ve known all along: There was no collusion and no obstruction. Case closed.”

On July 12, at his request, Mueller’s public testimony was delayed an additional week to July 24 to give him time to prepare.  He could have used an additional year.

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6 Responses to Weak Mueller fails to make Dems’ impeachment case

  1. Michael Schmitz says:

    Congressional Democrats and members of Andrew Weissman’s Witch Hunt Team should be charged with elder abuse. It’s obvious that Herr Mueller is and has been in the early stages of some type of dementia or Alzheimer’s. He has been gravely taken advantage of and manipulated to do the will of others who pulled his strings. This whole debacle is miscarriage of justice and Ds need to be held accountable. It was sad to see Mueller today trying to testify to matters far beyond his ability to comprehend at this time.

    • Kimball says:

      At this point, your assessment is on target. But we can’t forget that Mueller was piloting this anti-Trump disaster, driven by democrat rage since the reality of Hillary’s loss began to sink in. He’s duped a slew of people along the way and was appointed by Republicans.

  2. State Committeeman says:

    Mueller didn’t even know which U.S.President appointed him to which post he’s held. It was cringe worthy to watch him, and even worse to think that he has held positions of extreme power.


  3. CD 8 PC says:

    Want to feel proud of a member of the Arizona delegation? Watch CD 8 Congresswoman Debbie Lesko questioning Mueller. It almost makes you feel sorry for him. He was looking around like he wanted to run out of the chamber.

    • Michael Schmitz says:

      Rep Lesko knocked it out of the park. I also enjoyed her interview with AZ’s Family Dennis Welch on Sunday evening.

  4. MacBeth says:

    It’s all too easy to forget who put much of this in motion, since the left wing media so adored the culprit…..John McCain. He was the one who hand carried the so-called Steele dossier to James Comey.

    McCain despised Donald Trump for being able to attain that which was always out of his reach: the Presidency of the United States.

    Fake Republicans McCain and his toady Jeff The Flake both stated that neither they nor their families would vote for the Republican nominee. That assertion placed them firmly in the Hillary Clinton camp.