Mueller sham investigation, “doddering” testimony exposed

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway has likely written the best assessment of Robert Mueller’s difficult to watch testimony, intended to bring President Trump to the gates of political hell. Instead, it elicited unexpected feelings of sympathy for frail, former FBI director, Mueller, described as “doddering.”

Not only is it a miserable end to a lofty career, but there is the impossible to forget spectacle of a less than mentally alert, ashen and disconnected man, repeatedly asking for simple sentences to be repeated, that will provide the indelibly etched memory superseding any previous accomplishments.

Mueller’s obvious decline appears to have self-written Hemingway’s headline, Mueller doddering raises many questions about who precisely was running investigation.”

These not widely reported facts emerge in her commentary:

“What I don’t think anybody expected was Mueller would present himself as doddering, as lacking command of anything to do with the election and thereby raising a whole host of questions about who actually was in charge of this Mueller investigation. A lot of people just gave it leeway because they respected him and seeing today I don’t think anyone thinks he was in charge. It had been previously reported that 13 of his 17 associates were Democrats, 0 were Republicans. Nine were Democratic donors; six were Hillary Clinton donors. Some were pretty close allies of the Clintons. One attended a Hillary Clinton election rally. So what I think you’re going to start seeing many more questions about precisely who was running this investigation and to what end? …

The big change I think is there were Republicans who really did trust the Mueller investigation on the grounds that Robert Mueller was running it alone. He was the only Republican affiliated with it and he apparently had no idea what was going on. So I think you’re going to see some people, you’re going to see an increase in ranks of people who think that maybe the investigation was not handled properly and there were deep problems with it.”

An impossible to argue with assessment, Mrs. Hemingway.

6 Responses to Mueller sham investigation, “doddering” testimony exposed

  1. Realist says:

    Read the joke of the local newspaper that is free for diners to read at the breakfast cafe I stop at on my way to the office. The front page had no relationship to reality. The headline actually stated, Mueller “tersely rejects Trump claims of exoneration, witch hunt.”

    The Trump-haters in the newsroom must think the rest of us are so dim-witted that we didn’t see the spectacle of the out of touch Mueller, who was unable to comprehend the the questions asked of him. It was a pathetic scene,

    This is why the Arizona Republic is begging for subscribers. What they actually want are brain dead people to keep them afloat until the remaining hacks can collect their retirement.

  2. Patriot Mom says:

    I’m a strong supporter of President Trump and applaud all of his accomplishments on behalf of the American people. Even so, I felt pity for Robert Mueller, who appears to be suffering from dementia. For the Dems to so callously use him tells us their anti-Trump agenda and desire for impeachment, overshadows all sense of decency.

    • Doc says:

      Patriot Mom, a forecast of the (d)im-0-crappik use of invalids as political pawns began way before they trotted out Mr. Mueller. Witness the absolutely sickening use of TBI victim (AND his own Wife!!!) Mark Giffords (a.k.a. kelly) to push his gun control psycho mania 1st on Arizona, Now, on America!!! He’s an absolute Disgrace, but has NO Trouble falling right into lockstep with these (d)epraved, evil, cold, heartless zombies…

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Mueller is Not feeble. He’s scared $hitless.
    Who caught a ride on Air Force One back in late Nov 2018, when President Trump was headed to the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires?
    Mueller. He was begging from some kind of deal.
    No deals.
    He’ll have to pay for his part in the Uranium 1 treasonous act.
    Mueller was Hillary’s mule. Took the sample to a foreign country where Putin lives.

    Did you notice the get up that Sheila Jackson Lee was wearing?
    Looked like a foreign military uniform.
    Added bonus: her jewelry gives her away, nothing to do w/politics,.

    USAG orders Fed death penalty reinstated and tells Bur of Prisons to get things on the schedule for Dec and Jan. Maybe 5.
    Murderers of children, some.

    That, right there, should scare a whole bunch of Hillary’s minions.

    And Jeffrey Epstein, who they’ve tried to whack twice now, is no longer on his own private island where bad things happened to children.
    Put on the Full Armor of God, folks, you’re going to need it.
    What’s coming is horrifying.

  4. Tucson GOP says:

    Mueller guaranteed the reelection of President Trump. For that he should be congratulated. Leftist NBC newscaster Chuck Todd called his testimony an “optics disaster.”

  5. Villanova says:

    The deceit promulgated in this morning’s AZ Repulsive explains in the clearest way possible why the newspaper is on the skids. I saw a copy in the office break room this morning and nearly choked on my coffee. There is no connection between reality and what’s in the rag.