Cindy Hensley McCain’s misplaced sympathy

Dead APS customers have “impacted Don personally”

Cindy Hensley McCain has been moved to come to the defense of the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Arizona Public Service — a subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corp. — claiming authorship of a foolishly insulting ‘My Turn’ editorial in the failing Arizona Republic newspaper, her husband’s personal public relations vehicle.

What would cause her (or more likely a surrogate) to write, “Maligned Don Brandt of APS is a good and decent man”? She refers to him as “a community leader called to serve a greater good,” and, of course, drawing a parallel to her late husband, gifted deity status by the same newspaper. Brandt eulogized McCain during at least one of his three funerals, whose self-prepared guest list pointedly excluded President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania.

Acknowledging, “Donald Brandt, the head of APS, is a long, dear friend of John and mine,” and enumerating his many business awards, Hensley & Co. Anheuser-Busch beer heiress Cindy takes exception to the loud voices raised in protest of the utility’s policies that allowed electricity to be cut to the homes of elderly residents, resulting in gruesome heat-related deaths.

Responding to citizen outrage, Arizona Corporation Commission regulators recently imposed a summertime ban on disconnecting home customers following the latest such death of a Arizona Public Service Co. customer in Sun City West after her power was cut off for nonpayment of $51. The families of two other customers who similarly died have won undisclosed judgments against the utility.

Cindy‘s praise includes these inane words:

“And because I have seen Don’s kindness (during her husband‘s final illness), I know the recent tragedies that have befallen our community have impacted Don personally.

We all mourn the loss of life, and I hope he doesn’t mind my words on his behalf.”

After the deservedly bad press he’s been getting, “Don,” the exceedingly well compensated, high dollar donor to your husband’s campaigns and the McCain Institute, won’t mind a bit, Cindy.

12 Responses to Cindy Hensley McCain’s misplaced sympathy

  1. Maggie says:

    How heartwarming it is to see two exceedingly wealthy elitists, lacking understanding of what the less fortunate endure, lavish praise and money on one another.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    The only place in the universe that this tripe would be published is in the Arizona Repukelick.

  3. Not a McCainiac says:

    George Soros’ Open Society Foundation donated to the McCain Institute in the $100,000 or above range. It was well known the Socialist billionaire donated to John McCain and his good pal Hillary Clinton, who each carried Globalist Soros’ open borders agenda.

    I also see the names of committed leftist Michael Bloomberg’s Philanthropies and Lisa and Greg Wendt, the San Francisco-based Obama donors who helped fund John McCain and his cronies purge of elected conservative precinct committeemen in his attempt to reconfigure the AZ Republican Party to the left. This was his payback after he was embarrassingly censured by elected committeemen from every corner of Arizona at the state GOP statutory meeting.

    My wife and I were among the casualties. We were replaced by Vietnamese recruits, who never attended a single district meeting or lifted a finger to help elect Republicans. Now that this monster is gone, we are PCs again.

    These were just a few easily recognized standouts on the first page of McCain Institute donors. I’m certain there are others equally as reprehensible.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      McCain also funded his “Institute” with money left over from his losing presidential campaigns. He worked harder to elect Barack Obama than he did to try to win himself. John McCain was a disgrace in the senate and a lousy presidential candidate. His raw animus toward Republicans was never concealed.

  4. Trevor says:

    And the Governor appointed McCain lapdog Lea Marquez Peterson to the Corporation Commission a woman who failed to beat Ann Kirkpatrick and also VERY Anti Trump. What was Ducey thinking? She’ll give the seat to the democrats but Jim Click her puppetmaster won’t care!

    • jojo says:

      Double talking Ducey also annointed McSally-McCain to keep the swamp alive and well in AZ. PLEASE PRIMARY HER. Drain our own swamp. Sinema is one HELL of a lot better than she is.

      • State Committeeman says:

        You’re thinking is emotional, not political. Martha McSally is far from perfect, but she’s what we’ve got. Primarying her will give us Mr. Gabby Giffords (Mark Kelly). He is a Second Amendment restrictionist, a close friend of Barack Obama, and is amassing tons of money with the help of Socialist billionaire George Soros.

        If you think Sinema is better than McSally, you haven’t been following her career, from aligning with the Communist Party to going back to her days in the Arizona State Legislature when she railed against our border protectors. She even lied about being homeless as a child, which was exposed by the New York Times (of all places!) Sinema is a radical who has reconfigured herself to fool the gullible. Don’t be one of them.

        The NYT article is reprinted here in its entirety, since the Times now requires subscriptions. Sinema is revealed as a practiced liar.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    What is Mr. APS Brandt’s salary?

    Perhaps Blondie sans Eyebrows should concentrate on her daughter, who desperately appears to need help. Her performances and almost daily meltdowns on TV were at first annoying; now, they are revealing a more troubling “View”.

    Don’t you want to talk about sex trafficking, Blond Woman?

    Foundations will crumble.

    JAMES COMEY moving about the country. Now, a man without a country. You should have begged for mercy after seeing what happened to tasseled leather mcloafers and Poppy.
    Military tribunals coming.

    • Braveheart says:

      You want to know Brandt’s salary? You ought to click on the links that SRAZ provides. His $multi-million compensation package is contained in the first link in the last sentence, under the words “exceedingly well compensated.”

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    With shameless Cindy Lou and daughter Mega, it’s always all about them and what they hope to suck out of the (thankfully) now gone influence of their last name.

    Cindy even hired a Beverly Hills talent agency to book her with overpriced speaking engagements. United Talent Agency advertises “captivating” speakers. I have a feeling Cindy’s phone isn’t ringing off the hook. I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear her if it was free.

  7. Proud Deplorable says:

    HA!! What a joke! Cindy is listed as a “humanitarian and business leader.” She might do better lecturing on how to become incredibly wealthy through inheritance or how to use your senator husband’s contacts to overcome drug addiction.