AZ Gov. Ducey takes on your 2nd Amendment rights

NRA raises red flag over “Red Flag” laws

Breitbart reports very disturbing news emanating from the office of Arizona’s lame duck Republicrat Gov. Doug Ducey. He is aligning with David French, the Jeff Flake of National Review, both of whom publicly stated in 2016 they would not support GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. French ultimately left the Republican Party. Jeff Flake was unable to run for reelection due to 18% approval numbers.

In this case, it’s our Second Amendment rights that are at stake, and the slippery facilitator is a former ice cream vendor, initially recruited to run for public office by John McCain, and now occupying the ninth floor governor‘s office.

The central component to Ducey’s gun control push is a Red Flag law that creates Severe Threat Order of Protection or STOP Orders. Such orders allow guns to be confiscated from law abiding Arizonans. Arizona Capitol Times reported Ducey referred to this scheme as the “crown jewel” of gun legislation.

Ducey’s spokesman Patrick Ptak veers off the veracity cliff citing NRA support for the measure.

“There’s a reason why NRA’s Arizona director has said this ‘bill would protect the rights of law-abiding Arizonans,’” Ptak is quoted in an emailed statement. “It ensures due process, requiring one of the highest standards of evidence from a judge: Clear and Convincing Proof. STOP orders are temporary and require law enforcement to return firearms after expiration, and the bill imposes severe felony penalties for filing false petitions.”

That’s a lot of puffery describing unwarranted confiscation. Additionally, there’s a major contradiction between what flack Ptak would have us believe and what the NRA actually says. For the NRA’s take on this critically important issue read: Why NRA Is Raising A Red Flag Over ‘Red Flag’ Laws.”

Knowledge is power, and we need it now more than ever. Arm yourself with information, share it with others and keep your powder dry.

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11 Responses to AZ Gov. Ducey takes on your 2nd Amendment rights

  1. Teller Of Truth says:

    I trust Doug Ducey as far as I can throw his McMentor and that would require a back hoe.

  2. Seen It All says:

    Ptak is peddling false information. Arizona does not have an NRA director. There is a Tucson-based lobbyist who is a NRA board member, but he is not the state director. There isn’t one.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    Arizonans who have been paying attention will recall John McCain continually railing about “closing the gun show loopholes,” a fraudulent means of restricting firearm sales. McDucey is obviously trying to implement that and more. This is his last term and he feels free to do whatever he wants.

    My Dad taught all of his kids, two sons and two daughters, how to shoot and safely care for firearms. We learned about our Second Amendment protections at an early age. When we graduated college we each were gifted with lifetime NRA memberships, wrapped up in the glove compartments of our new (to us) car. Our parents both worked and we were far from “rich’ but we were rich in knowledge that we never received at school.

    • Greg Benton says:

      Dear Patriot Mom,
      You are so right on. McDupcey , McSally, have to go . RINO’S !

      DANIEL McCarthy anyone ?

      • Patriot Mom says:

        Nope! First of all, don’t put words in my mouth. I never said who or who doesn’t need to go. Ducey is termed out. Voting against McSally will guarantee the election of Soros supported Mark Kelly, Gabby Gifford’s astronaut husband, who wants to curtail our Second Amendment Freedoms. I support Pres. Trump and he has endorsed Martha McSally.

        As a dedicated conservative activist, I know better than supporting an unknown. We saw how well that worked out with McCain. Daniel McCarthy is a political “pig in a poke” who has no desire to work his way up, but in his early 30’s wants to immediately be one of the nation’s 100 senators. Many of them began their careers in their state legislatures or other public offices, moving on to the House of Representatives and then running for a senate seat. McCarthy and his wife became wealthy overnight with a makeup remover. That’s not enough to make me consider him for anything other than an arrogance award.

  4. Braveheart says:

    The Sacramento Bee is reporting a mass shooting has occurred at the Gilroy, California garlic festival. The perpetrator is described as a “really angry” 19-year-old

    I’m “really angry,”too. Angry that self focused evil people are free to roam about and take innocent lives an make it easier for those who want to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens to have a platform to do so.

    All of this lunacy gained a foothold when mental hospitals went out of fashion and the insane were able to freely move among us, and given the responsibility for taking their own medication. which few did or did so sporadically..

  5. Ellsworth says:

    Rely on government officials toting an agenda at your own peril. Doug Ducey is the poster child exemplifying selfish motivations. Whatever he hopes to gain will not benefit any of us.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Keep your hands off my firearms, Gov.

  7. Saguaro Sam says:

    These people, like the low-level, one-dimensional deuce cards, get paid nicely for following orders.

    The more they do (to un-do this country and the U.S.Constitution), the more they get paid.

    Too low-level to get a “book deal”.

    • PV PC says:

      I suspect Ducey’s looking for something grander than a book deal. He’s already addicted to power, as we saw with his needless expansion of the AZ Supreme Court. That’s the grandiose idea FDR tried to implement on the national scale that was shot down by more rational minds. There were no such controls on Arizona’s “Il Duce.”

  8. Patrick Sperry says:

    Sounds like it’s tar and feather time in Arizona to me.