“Gentleman” murders 20, wounds 26 in El Paso

Copycat slaughter took place early Sunday morning at a bar in Dayton, Ohio with 10 confirmed dead — including the gunman’s own sister — and over 2 dozen wounded

Chris Babcock, Editor-in-Chief of the El Paso Herald-Post was interviewed Saturday evening regarding the horrific mass murder at a local Walmart. He indicated a decision was made by local authorities not to release the name of the killer who was taken into custody at the scene. The rationale was notoriety was exactly what such a murderer seeks. Fair enough — though the identity of the 21-year-old random executioner and his “manifesto” which he titled with the Algorian name, “An Inconvenient Truth,” had already been widely released. In it the fiendish shooter said he was “inspired” by the massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand that left 51 dead in March.

The killing was not impulsive. He traveled over 10 hours from the home where he lived with his parents to reach his shopping mall destination. He wore a bullet-proof vest.

The calculated assassin indiscriminately killed adults and children, many making purchases of clothing and school supplies in anticipation of the coming school year. A four-month-old infant was among the dead.

The carnage was compounded by the irrational language of the leftist editor of the radical, Hillary-endorsing newspaper. Not only did he deceitfully say Donald Trump, “has shown himself to be a bigot and xenophobe,” Chris Babcock (using the cover of the “editorial board,” much as Editorial Page editor Phil Boas does in the Arizona Republic) also alleged President Trump hates “immigrants,” although First Lady Melania was born in Slovenia.

But topping the irrationality cake is Babcock describing the assassin as “a gentleman,” during an audio interview with Fox News Channel following the massacre.

When you work for a leftist newspaper — where manipulating the language comes effortlessly — it must be easy to lose track of the fact that words actually have meanings. “Gentleman” refers to a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man of refinement. Editor-in-Chief Babcock was referring to a scheming and soulless killer.

Chris Babcock must think he’s Winston Smith.

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  1. Observer says:

    Following these bloody rampages, there is sure to be an even more determined effort on the left to gut our Second Amendment.

    The fact that both of these mass murderers were young white males translates to the likelihood they were raised on violent video games, which dominate far too many American middle class homes. Hollywood also churns out violence as entertainment. Even the cartoons children watch as they are plopped in front of TVs in their infant seats, are filled with violence. Grotesque song lyrics were taken on by Tipper Gore, who tried in vain to rally the music industry to clean up its act. Money rules, and our youth have become numbed to violence.

    Too many parents, who strive to be considered “cool” rather than parental also facilitate this. It’s not guns. It’s the intentional dumbing down of America…making it easier for the left to control. Our schools share in that blame.

    Meanwhile church attendance across all denominations is at all time lows.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    There’s a Much Bigger Picture here.
    Please hear me out before you get “offended”, or get your shorts in a knot.

    Those in our own gov’t (and worldwide) who HATE our country will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of one world government.
    If Hillary had won, as it was orchestrated, she would have continued and amplified the 8 year march of destruction that the guy called BHO had implemented. The entire world population, whatever is left of it, would be subservient to the elites.

    Why has the media and the Progressives spent so much time hating on white people—especially young white males? Why are our school children forced to be medicated on the word of a “teacher” or vaccinated for the purpose of entering the school system? (not all vaccines are bad).
    No one has ever said that you can’t come to church or go to a concert unless you produce your vaccination records.

    A few months ago, the PHX FBI Field Office put out an official document about “conspiracy theories” and warning about right wing trouble makers.

    You can find it here:

    (where was the PhxFFO pre 9-11-01, when one of their own agents tried to warn about the foreigner taking flight lessons in AZ—interested in only learning to take off?)

    The term “conspiracy theory” was first pushed by the CIA back during the Warren Commission days, post-JFK assassination.
    CIA Document 1035-960.

    The memorandum lays out a detailed series of actions and techniques for “countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries.” For example, approaching “friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors)” to remind them of the Warren Commission’s integrity and soundness should be prioritized.

    This memo, and its directives, are utilized often today – by the media, most often, but also by politicians, presidential administrations and government agencies – to try to discredit anyone or any group that disagrees with the official government narrative (the global warming hoax immediately comes to mind).

    There’s something going on that you do not see.
    Let’s see if it is revealed that these young men had ever been seen by a psychologist or prescribing psychiatrist. What kind of meds were these two prescribed at any time in the past?

    There is a CIA program which has been in effect since immediately after WWII. It was copied and “improved” upon from the medical experiments and atrocities performed by the German bad guys in the 1940’s.
    It’s mind control. It’s real. MK Ultra.
    There are several other clandestine programs run by the CIA that impact our lives in a negative way.

    Consider that the Left (or whatever they’ve morphed into) is also scared sh*tless that the FISA documents and text messages, etc. will be released to the public. Every time our President or Bill Barr or Devin Nunes make a public statement about the release of these records to the public, something bad happens. The Left knows that the release of these documents and other forms of evidence would cause them to lose their voters. It’s That bad.

    And it Surely changed the news cycle away from the disaster that was the Dem debates last week and the revelations about what is going on in Baltimore. Hey, Elijah Cummings, that 18.7 billion dollars in grant money given last year to Baltimore by the Feds is still unaccounted for.

    It’s only going to get worse. Obama and his minions weaponized our own government against us.
    President Trump has been fighting, basically single-handedly, to pull US (us) off the ledge.

    You have NO idea how bad it is.

    Notice the timing of so many people abandoning their church and their religion. Only happening with Christians.

    Please pray to God in Heaven that He will defeat the works of satan and all the evil ones.


      • Sally Forth says:

        Narcissistic parents. The father of the murderer self identifies as both a druggie and a “therapist”. And the mother left the two younger children home alone when she went on a trip to Oklahoma. Swell family.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      You’re correct about the over-medication of kids, and often only with the recommendation of their teachers who prefer to teach zombies.

      It most often begins with middle school (or younger) boys who are biologically programmed to be energetic and inquisitive. The part-time public school teachers (Yes, they are!) would rather abandon them for a week while protesting for higher salaries, which they falsely base on the full time jobs the rest of us work. (Do you get the summer off or long breaks for Christmas, Easter and even Thanksgiving?)

      We now send our kids to top-notch charter schools, where none of the students are on zombie drugs and are engaged in learning.

  3. Kathy says:

    El Paso shooting, something is amiss. FBI taking full control. Humm, like they did with the Vegas massacre. Let the cover up begin.
    Leftist commits murder in El Paso and leftist commits murder in Ohio. Meanwhile murders rage on in Chicago and Baltimore and not a word from the media. Murder of innocent little babies occur daily and not a peep of outrage from the media. Heck the Dem party are passing legislation for more more more and celebrating their lust for blood.

    • Fountain Hills Voter says:

      Calling a savage killer a gentleman is not outside the realm of word manipulation and double think of the left. It fits their lunatic parameters perfectly. This is the leveling language they employ. The only ones who are worthy of being denigrated are conservatives.

      I agree with your assessment of “something (being) amiss” regarding the investigation. Hope we are both wrong.

  4. jake sez says:

    Why would anyone still consider information developed by the FBI as reliable. Haven’t they proven where their loyalties lay?