AZ Republic sows hatred, blames mass murders on Trump

Count on the failing Arizona Republic to ensure its even more rapid demise. The troubled, Hillary-endorsing newspaper appears unable to control itself, even when its own existence is at stake. Today’s spew from the “editorial board” following the El Paso massacre is a case in point. The headline, “Trump cannot help El Paso heal; his words ensured that,” blames the President for the senseless killing spree committed by an obviously troubled, 21-year-old domestic terrorist. His actions were replicated within hours at a bar in Dayton, Ohio, by another young murderer who also gunned down his own sister.

The newspaper devoted a nearly full page report to printing the names and bios of five of the six Mexican national victims — one remains unidentified — among the 20 killed in El Paso. American citizens rated no such coverage.

Topping the disingenuous tripe passing for an editorial are these words: Trump’s use of ‘invasion’ to describe Mexican-American immigrants created an atmosphere of hate.

Let’s cut to the chase.  America is being invaded. When hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens caravan into our sovereign nation, it is nothing short of an invasion. Actual immigrants use our generous system to gain legal access to our country. Those who breach our border in violation of our laws have neither respect nor love for the United States. If they truly seek asylum, Central Americans would claim it in Mexico, the first country they enter. But Mexico doesn’t offer the benefits they can readily access in the USA, nor does it want them.

The editorial’s online version extensively quotes Peter Simi a Trump-hating liberal associate professor of sociology at Chapman University — currently working on a book examining the domestic front in the “war on terror” boorishly titled: “Sting: Inside the FBI’s Provocation of Terror.” 

Simi failed miserably attempting to link the Trump administration to connections with and effect on white supremacists and neo-Nazi propaganda. He added that Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller followed and retweeted David Duke, omitting the fact that Miller, a descendant of Russian immigrants escaping persecution in the early 1900’s, is Jewish, hardly a Nazi sympathizer.

Simi deceptively rants, “Normally, when someone from the Republican party is elected President, they’re probably not going to receive a lot of active support from white supremacists. White supremacists over the years have become disconnected from mainstream politics. With Trump, it seems to have galvanized them and given them some hope for being able to utilize the system.”

“There’s this pot that’s been simmering, and he pulled the lid off and gave permission in some ways for people to act on their angers, frustration, fears, xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and everything else.”

In his blatant attempt to link President Trump to anti-Semitism, this agendized goon neglects crucial points. Trump is the loving father, father-in-law and grandfather of orthodox Jews, Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner and their three children. He is a resolute supporter of Israel, following through on his campaign promise to support moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, and has maintained a strong relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who leads the lone democracy in the Middle East. To no one’s surprise, Simi never mentions the anti-Semitic spew that routinely emanates from members of the radical Democrat freshman congressional members now known as “The Squad.”

The desperate Arizona Republic, now a homeless vagrant on borrowed time, is dying, vomiting lies with its last gasps and shamelessly providing cover to others of its ilk. Save your money and sanity. If you are among the dwindling number of subscribers, ditch the newspaper, which is nothing more than a purveyor of deception.

9 Responses to AZ Republic sows hatred, blames mass murders on Trump

  1. Mike says:

    …and if you are someone who KNOWS any of the “dwindling number of subscribers,” be sure to share this article with them and encourage them to “ditch” this “purveyor of deception.” Better yet, tweet the link to all your followers!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Excellent idea, Mike. The local newspaper wants nothing more than to see President Trump replaced by one of the extremest Dem candidates promising free everything for everyone (including illegal aliens), while guaranteeing a salary regardless of whether or not you work.

      All of this would have constituted the basis for an ongoing comedy show not so long ago. Now it’s become reality since our American students have become sufficiently dumbed down in our public schools that they support socialism over capitalism. Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist captured a large segment of the youth vote in 2016.

      Here you see college students who don’t have any idea of the difference between the two.

  2. State Delegate says:

    The left is determined to remove President Trump, whether through impeachment or at the ballot box. They also want to obliterate the Second Amendment.

    Our Founders thought the right to bear arms was so important they put it next in line to freedom of speech and freedom to assemble.

  3. Braveheart says:

    President Trump is Democrat’s the punching bag. They lie about him with impunity with the media leading the charge. It’s beyond disgusting that there is no respect for the office of the presidency.

    Few Republicans were fans of Barack Obama, but he was never treated in the atrocious manner that Pres. Trump is. Of course, the left controls the alphabet networks and Hollywood, which set the standard for today’s easily swayed youth and adults who who don’t actually pay attention. I fear for the future of our great nation when so many care so little and refuse to educate themselves.

  4. Maggie says:

    Watching the video posted by Arizona Conservative Guy is heartbreaking. The only way young adults of voting age could be this moronic is that they’ve been taught about the left’s pet topics of recycling and climate change to the exclusion of the issues that actually matter as they relate to our freedom in our great nation.

    What do they know about the lives that were sacrificed to give them all they have today. They’ve been taught by liberals and that makes them as good as brain dead…as we also see here:

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    The reliable slur to hurl at President Trump and conservatives is now “racist!’ There is no way to respond to such a ludicrous charge. Denying it falls on deaf ears. It shuts down all conversation except from the mudslingers.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Want to see something with your own eyes that President Trump’s words caused to happen?


    Make your own observations here, please.

    And note that, even when the news media in Baltimore City was Forced to cover a decades old matter, NO ONE, not one person in that district, NOT Elijah Cummings (who refused to meet in the hood with HUD Secretary Ben Carson—who knows Baltimore very well from his years at Johns Hopkins Hospital), not anyone from the city Public Works Dept, etc, not one showed up in the past two weeks to even begin to effect a change.

    But these people did.

    There are some random males recording on their cell phones, but not lifting a hand to help.

    Lost in the news was any coverage of the yearly convention of the Democrat Socialists of America, held in Atlanta.
    Someone was filming parts of it on the down low.
    Young people, lecturing.

    One way field trips to Venezuela for these no nothing kids.
    Venezuela went from being one of the richest countries in the world to people starving to death; no medicine; hospitals closed; no electricity or clean water, etc in just two years’ time because of a dictator.
    There is NO 2nd Amendment in Venezuela, hence the current conditions.

    • Observer says:

      Amazing video, it is!! I also notice that though this is the filth and rat infested district that voted in the black congressman Elijah Cummings who got riled when the president mentioned that he represented the district, it is being cleaned up by non-blacks, who most likely don’t live in the district. Good neighbors? You bet!!

  7. Kathy says:

    Where is the outrage of the mass murder of babies in the womb??