Venomous column signals bent of Republic’s new ownership 

The steady decline of the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic appears to have exacerbated with its recent acquisition by Gatehouse. The newspaper was actually founded in 1890 as the Arizona Republican, a name it kept for nearly half a century. Later, the then-conservative newspaper flourished under the ownership of Eugene and Nina Pulliam, changing its direction after their deaths.

The best indication of the course being taken is the massive photo of an elephant’s backside atop this headline: “I leave GOP as it turns its back on what it stood for.”

The “Your Turn guest column,” a shifty vehicle for securing free editorials, is written by a Mesa immigration lawyer with the incongruous name of Yasser Sanchez. A dichotomy of complexities, he’s also a graduate of BYU.

As our astute readers have likely guessed, President Donald Trump is at the core of Sanchez’ complaints. Among Sanchez’ litany of criticisms is what he refers to by the left’s favored contrived term of “nativism.” “Nationalism,” a reliable indicator of love of country and patriotism is also the recipient of his ire. According to Sanchez, such feelings are pejoratives.

The lawyer needs to revisit our nation’s founding documents. Included in his litany of things that “sicken him” are the freedoms delineated in the Second Amendment. He is also “repulsed” by President Trump.

Sanchez, who says he came to the United States as a child with his parents doesn’t clarify if they entered legally, but he misuses the termundocumented immigrantswhen describing illegal aliens, the legally correct, precise term used by the U.S. Supreme Court.  The high court has decided numerous cases involving federal immigration law using “illegal alien” — as Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, capably points out in this brief column.

Sanchez also has an aversion to the term “invasion,” though it would be interesting to know what he calls hundreds of thousands of people who illegally breach our sovereign border on their way to accessing American taxpayer funded benefits while flipping off border agents.

As pointed out in this Media Research Center’s now older though still accurate report,The Liberal Media: Every Poll Shows Journalists Are More Liberal than the American Public — And the Public Knows It.”

The policy of insulting its few remaining readers that brought Gannett and the industry to it’s knees, is obviously the path the that will be followed by the newspaper’s new ownership.

If you still subscribe, save your money. The insults will keep coming.  Why fund them?

7 Responses to Venomous column signals bent of Republic’s new ownership 

  1. Observer says:

    We live in an anything goes society, with no controls either personally or publicly. Sanchez reminds me of MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, falsely saying on her show that President Donald Trump was “talking about exterminating Latinos.”

    She later apologized on Twitter for the deceitful comment she made. She tweeted that her mistake wasn’t intentional and that she was sorry. Obviously even the far left network knew that outrageous lie was out of bounds and could bring negative repercussions. To expect anyone to believe it was a “mistake” is outrageous. Still, it’s more than we will ever get for Sanchez or the AZ Repucklick.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    From SRAZ’s post, above:
    . . .The best indication of the course being taken is the massive photo of an elephant’s backside atop this headline: “I leave GOP as it turns its back on what it stood for.”

    From the GOP’s political logo, the elephant, to the history behind the Democrat’s Jackass:

    Out of Andrew Jackson’s 1828 campaign emerged a new party called the Democrats – and a new nickname for Jackson that would far outlive the man himself.
    Jackson had a notoriously bad temper, an obvious stubborn streak, and a penchant for melodramatic statements.

    However, it was Jackson’s politics more than his personality that drew the ire his opponents. To the Washington establishment, Jackson’s democratic agenda and rhetoric — exemplified in his populist campaign slogan “let the people rule” — was dangerous and naive. In their eyes, Jackson was a total “jackass.”

    Jackson responded to the “jackass” label in much the same way as the Trump campaign responded to “deplorables”. Instead of fighting back against the insult, Jackson embraced and re-purposed the jackass.

    Where Andrew Jackson’s opponents saw stupidity and stubbornness, Jackson saw humility, loyalty, and a strong work ethic. To Jackson, the donkey represented the ridiculed and undervalued “common man”. Jackson adopted the jackass as a campaign symbol — and apparently it paid off. He went on to easily win the presidency in 1828, and won again in 1932.

    Some things stay the same—-the “Washington establishment” even in the early 1800’s.
    And some things change—-“let the people rule” and representing the undervalued common man.

    you might be interested in a posting today on regarding what some folks call the “Clinton body count”.
    What they have there is good, but very incomplete. . . Very Incomplete.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, a climate change proponent, has told his fellow countrymen that they should “poop every other day” as a way to save the environment.
    “It’s enough to eat a little less. You talk about environmental pollution. It’s enough to poop every other day. That will be better for the whole world,” said Bolsonaro.

    I recommend his advice to Yasser Sanchez, whose mouth is also an poop producing orifice.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    Yasser Sanchez ought to offer his legal services to Odalis Lopez. I have no doubt he’d provide her fine representation. She ticks all of Yasser’s boxes.

  5. Maggie says:

    I imagine it’s naive to expect this garbage to stop…or even slow down. I thank God that we have President Trump in the White House. Despite all of the hate emanating from the left, he’s shown himself to be strong as he’s made America “great again.” Unemployment is at record lows. the economy is surging and he’s already made two great appointments to the US Supreme Court. I’m feeling very confident regarding his second term. Gaffe machine and mental midget Joe Biden just stated, “We choose truth over facts.”
    Comedy writers couldn’t do a better job!!

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Caught on video a few days ago:
      Biden, at a campaign stop, gets asked a question by a young woman standing about 5 feet away from him.

      Question: How many genders are there?
      Biden: And least three.
      Question: Can you name them for me?

      This is when it gets ugly. He leans toward her and grabs her by her wrist, and says ‘look, kid. . . . ‘
      He was in the company of his USSS assigned team.

      The young woman gave an interview afterwards, which will never make the news.
      She was quite shaken by the aggressiveness.

  6. Trevor says:

    Since he is from Mesa I would not be surprised at all if Jeff Flake or Jerry Lewis are pals with him.

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