Aging small fry used against Bill Montgomery’s Supreme Court appt

There’s a new, albeit pathetic arrow, in the quiver of the leftist newspaper’s relentless campaign to scuttle Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s appointment to the Arizona Supreme Court. Since Montgomery made the short list, the partisan war against him has revved into high gear.

Gov. Doug Ducey has approximately 6 weeks to name the replacement to the seat of recently retired state Supreme Court Justice John Pelander.

Republican Montgomery was initially elected to lead the prosecutor’s office in the nation’s fourth most populous county in 2010, bringing a résumé of impressive credentials. A West Point graduate, decorated Gulf War veteran, former deputy county attorney and a professional prosecutor, he has dedicated his personal and professional life to serving others.

Though Montgomery’s credentials makes others pale in comparison, he has attracted a distinctly marginal detractor described in the newspaper’s Page One headline as a “son.” For a man in his 60s that’s more of a put-down than what he’s maliciously trying to serve to Montgomery. The “son” is the grandpa-aged child of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. A RINO apple who didn’t fall far from his maternal tree — Sandra O’Connor reveled in being the swing vote frequently siding with the high court’s Democrats — Scott  thinks Montgomery is “too political” to be an effective Arizona Supreme Court Justice — an absurdity on it’s face.

Prior to Scott’s mother being appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, she also had a “political career.” Sandra O’Connor campaigned and was elected to the Arizona state senate, and later (prior to the current system of judicial selection) campaigned, ran and won a seat on the Maricopa County Superior Court as a Republican. But she was sufficiently left-leaning enough for liberal Democrat Bruce Babbitt, that the then-governor appointed her to the Arizona Court of Appeals in 1979. That fact alone should have given President Reagan pause.

Unfortunately, she was able to con President Reagan who nominated her as the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court, where she delighted in being the swing vote, regularly aligning with Democrats. Reagan knew the O’Connor’s as friends of his Arizona in-laws.

In 2012, O’Connor’s son was the appropriately distrusted GOP Legislative District 28 chairman. At the time SRAZ wrote,Dist. 28 (formerly 11) recertifies its RINO status Update: O’Connor responds.”

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7 Responses to Aging small fry used against Bill Montgomery’s Supreme Court appt

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    When Ruth Van Roekel McGregor was the Chief at the AZSupremes, SDO’C spent a lot of time there, usually having given her assigned U.S. Marshal the slip.
    Then, when RMcG retired, she got a great gig at the SDO’C College of Law at ASU.

    One of the courses was (oh, my gosh, not this topic Again)

    Notice how many people—high profile people—here in AZ have that topic swirling around them.
    Wasn’t that McCain Institute supposed to be doing something about human trafficking?
    See who was on the board of directors.

    That’s OK, folks. President Trump had boots on the ground beginning the day he was inaugurated. Lots of boots.
    You can check out the global incident map on human trafficking.
    Phoenix TV reporter has a meltdown on Twitter. Paul Gosar and others jump in.

    Interesting that another TV guy just went nuts on a civilian up in NYC a few days ago. Caught on camera. Threatened to throw a Trump supporter down a flight of stairs.
    Chris Cuomo.

    Lots of people who thought that they were protected by a highly insulated and protected structure are now finding out that they are living in a House of Cards.

  2. LD 28 PC says:

    It’s beyond preposterous for a lightweight like Scott O’Connor to regard himself as one to denigrate a man of Bill Montgomery’s accomplishments. O’Connor should be ashamed, but his elitist nature doesn’t allow for contrition.

    His inflated view of himself is definitely not shared by those who have had the unfortunate experience of trying to interact with him.

  3. Maggie says:

    Loved the “aging small fry” headline.
    I don’t know Scott O’Connor….only know of him. But dementia is on both sides of his family tree, making me think he should be more concerned with his own mental health than trying to harm an eminently qualified man’s chances for the AZ Supreme Court.

  4. Trevor says:

    Scott O’Connor is truly an arrogant man child, the guy supported the medicaid expansion and help elected two democrats in LD28 because Maria Syms is a conservative.

  5. D.B. Cooper says:

    Scott is the name of my toilet paper. That’s probably at the root of this guy’s rage.

  6. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.,
    Thank you for your keen editing eye and taking the time to suggest the apostrophe correction. It isn’t a small matter as we strive for accuracy.

    You are a valued friend of SRAZ.

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