Flawed ballot Props pass, relying on low voter turnout, trickery

Trickery was also a major factor in the passage of Prop. 105, the measure to end the expansion of the $multi-billion light rail boondoggle. Voters who wanted to end the costly nightmare and designate money to repairing our roads and expanding bus service, had to vote “yes” — when their intent was to halt the expansion

Make no mistake. There is a method to the madness of the City of Phoenix holding elections in late August. (View unofficial election results). While those who can, head out of town to avoid the triple digit temperatures before school starts, city workers from police and firefighters to garbage men show up. 

In all, they are represented by five unions:

Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 777 representing nearly 1,000 landscapers, solid-waste equipment operators and street-maintenance workers.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 2384 representing approximately 1,600 mechanics, electricians, skilled workers, aviation staff and water-services employees.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 2960 representing over 2,000 office employees, including secretaries, clerks, 9-1-1 operators, administrative aides and building inspectors.

Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) representing approximately 2,500 sworn police officers.

United Phoenix Fire Fighters Association represents nearly 1,600 firefighters.

All of the unions support spending expansions. Even PLEA dutifully sent out leftist city council woman Laura Pastor’s request to inform its members how to vote on ballot Propositions 105 and 106. Blue Phoenix is controlled by a Democrat Mayor and eight city council members — only two of whom, Sal DiCiccio and Vice Mayor Jim Waring — are reliably Republican. Thelda Williams routinely votes with the majority. The biggest affront is they all run under the city imposed guise of “non-partisan,” plunging voters even deeper in the dark.

In 1982 the election system was changed, forcing city council members who previously ran at-large and worked together for the betterment of the city, to representing specific, increasingly ethnically controlled districts, that further divide us.

8 Responses to Flawed ballot Props pass, relying on low voter turnout, trickery

  1. Mike says:

    Oh yes that is a very common tactic. Before moving to Arizona I lived in an enclave of Michigan where votes on school taxes were always scheduled for the dead of winter, when elderly retirees were sure to be wintering in Florida and the voter turnout could be reliably skewed to younger voters who either had kids or still lived at home with their own parents and didn’t have to worry about paying property taxes.

  2. jake sez says:

    There once was a time when all elections would be held at he same time. I mean the federal, state, county and township elections along with bond elections would be held on the same date. This would guarantee the greatest number of people would participate. Somehow we are back to holding special elections at a time selected by the government body which is holding the election when it thinks it would be best.

    • Hometown Guy says:

      Real life radical Carlos Garcia now represents District 8 on the Phoenix City Council.

      Read his website written in both Spanish and English and what he brags about.

      This guy was endorsed by the Arizona Repukelick newspaper.

  3. AZ Native says:

    When those who boast about being an illegal “migrant” on their campaign website are elected to the city council of the fifth largest city in the United States…after being endorsed by the open border supporting newspaper, we’ve got more than a problem. Phoenix is as good as gone if this is indicative of what the future holds for us. I’ve lived here my entire life and have never felt so disgusted about our city government before.

  4. Patriot Farmer 1 says:

    Trying to understand your headline.

    – Pass means YES wins.

    – What’s flawed about the props?

    Thank you.


    • Realist says:

      If you haven’t been paying attention, don’t stress yourself now. I can only assume you thought these massive spending measures that benefit a few at the expense of many were worthy of your vote.

  5. Jane 001 says:

    Pretty discouraging. The city is too important to concede to the insane. Phoenix needs a mass migration of fresh conservative voters.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Arizona is being overrun by Californians seeking to escape their ever increasing taxes. Unfortunately, most of them are leftists who are to blame for voting in radically leftwing governors, state legislators and sending liberal morons and Trump haters like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters to congress. Californians elected Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris to the senate.
      Folks from conservative Wyoming are not likely to move en masses to Arizona.