Irrelevant Flake contributes to Dem Penzone

Most pesky flakes vanish with a couple of applications of Head & Shoulders shampoo. But the one named Jeff keeps returning leaving unsavory residue in his path.

In the case of Jeff Flake, there is the engorged ego that accompanies the affliction. His modus operanti places his inflated opinion of himself on full display. We were exposed to his shirtless selfies in 2011 when he brought a tripod and camera along on his solitary, week long trip to a deserted Pacific island, where he narcissistically preened, lit fire without matches, and caught crabs.

Hungering for the increasingly elusive limelight he so craves, Flake, who deceptively ran as a Republican, is once again contributing to a Democrat’s campaign and informing the immediate world. Enraged by former 6-term Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s reentry into the Maricopa County sheriff’s race, Flake cut Democrat Paul Penzone a $100 check — mere peanuts compared to the $3 Million Socialist billionaire George Soros, who disdains national borders, contributed to Penzone in 2016. In the memo line the single-term petulant former senator printed, “County Over Party.” Then, of course, he put it out on Twitter.

Immediately after Penzone was sworn in as sheriff, in an obvious nod to his benefactor, Soros, he referred to illegal alien invaders as, “guests,” which unfazed amnesty proponent Flake.

This is far from flaky Flake’s first foray into the frigid waters where soulless Democrats swim. In 2017, he contributed $100 —which the frustrated photog memorialized — to now-Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, a pro-abortion liberal. Jones won in the deep red state following the politically motivated, nearly 40-year-old, unsubstantiated and impossible to verify allegations, never previously raised in Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore’s judicial campaigns, that he made overtures to women while they were teens and he was a young adult. In that check’s memo, Flake wrote “Country Over Party.”

Few Arizona Republicans will forget that RINOcrat Flake and his mentor John McCain each stated neither they nor their families would vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump for President. Trump’s opponent was Hillary Clinton.

9 Responses to Irrelevant Flake contributes to Dem Penzone

  1. Mike says:

    As if it came as any surprise….

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Jeff Flake was the most appropriately named member of congress. He deceived East Valley voters when running for the U.S. House, talking like a conservative while being trained by John McCain. When he was back home campaigning, he talked about eliminating government waste, and that satisfied those who looked no further.

    The local leftwing newspaper couldn’t get enough of him, since he talked like a Republican but often voted with the democrats, which was all that actually mattered.

  3. Trevor says:

    I wonder if he is still mad over Kelli Ward leading the AZ GOP.

    • LD 28 PC says:

      Flake must have been tearing his peroxide streaked locks out when Jonathan Lines, Robert Graham’s hand picked successor, was trounced by Dr. Kelli Ward. Their joint trickery/treachery was unparalleled and ultimately aided in turning both LD 28 House seats over to the Dems.

      Lines was so upset when he lost the AZ GOP chairmanship, he and his family left the meeting without him taking the mic and making a gracious, conciliatory statement. I heard that Graham called him and demanded that he return to the meeting and concede like the gentleman he isn’t.

      • Trevor says:

        I was at that meeting and Lines was basically crying, not only Flake was pissed I bet so were Dustin Stockton and his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence the two frauds who screwed over Kelli. Governor Ducey and Senator McSally did not see that coming regarding Lines’s ouster.

  4. Maggie says:

    Flake is like a bratty child, clamoring to be the center of attention. We did effectively send him “to his room” when he polled so low he decided against running for reelection.

  5. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Arizona is so well rid of this Democrat in Republican clothing. Jeff the Flake did what it took to get elected, not at all concerned about about the fact that he deceived Arizona voters. When we caught on to him, his poll numbers tanked so low, he knew he had no chance to be reelected. Then he openly went to the dark side, being used on an alphabet network to tear down Pres. Trump. Once they got what they wanted, they dumped him, since he had nothing but the same bile spew to contribute..

  6. Michael Schmitz says:

    Arpaio ought post pics of 18% approval rating Flake’s check to Penzone on billboards all over Maricopa County.