September 11, 2001: US Schools ignore facts

Eighteen years ago today, 2,973 people were murdered by 19 Muslim fundamentalist Al-Qaeda terrorists who commandeered commercial airliners and flew two of them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City and another into the Pentagon — transforming passenger jets loaded with fuel for transcontinental flights from the east to west coasts, into guided missiles. The death toll includes 40 passengers and crew members aboard the fourth hijacked plane, United 93, which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as courageous passengers rushed the cockpit in an attempt to wrest control from the terrorists.

Along with our American citizens, people from 90 other countries were killed in the attacks perpetrated against non-combatants by Islamo-fascist extremists. Many of the murderers, who boarded the flights armed with box cutters and knives, were in the U.S. on expired student visas and had taken commercial flying lessons, some in Arizona flight schools.

On the anniversary of this previously unimaginable atrocity perpetrated against America on our own soil, we can no longer repeat the words, “We will never forget.”


American schools have deemed the facts concerning the raw evil too politically incorrect, devoting scant time to teaching the truth. American youth can’t forget, because they have little to no knowledge regarding the carnage. As far back as 2011, just ten years after the worst mass murder and destruction on our nation, Education Week, a publication for the teaching establishment, headlined its top story,Majority of States’ Standards Don’t Mention 9/11.”

Salon, the radically left-wing site takes this view: “We’ve learned, for instance, about the attack’s mechanics — we know which particular terrorists orchestrated it and how many lives those mass murderers tragically destroyed. We also know about 9/11’s long-term legacy — we have healthcare data showing that it created a kind of mass post-traumatic stress disorder, and we have evidence that it generated a significant rise in anti-Muslim bigotry. And, of course, we’ve learned that our government can turn catastrophes like 9/11 into political weapons that successfully coerce America into supporting wars and relinquishing civil liberties.”

Imagine that perspective prevailing after the December 7, 1941 unprovoked Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which decimated the US Pacific Fleet.

More than 2,400 Americans were killed and nearly 1,180 injured when stealth Japanese fighters bombed and sank 12 naval vessels and heavily damaged nine others.

The vicious attack is rightfully still commemorated. Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, referred to the sneak attack as, “A date which will live in infamy,” as he addressed congress regarding the declaration of war.

Philosopher George Santayana is renown for saying, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat It.” He also said, “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” His words are more true than ever in the current political climate where the teaching establishment is run by leftist unions, whose members admittedly engage in propagandizing rather than teaching.

6 Responses to September 11, 2001: US Schools ignore facts

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Some day we will learn the cold, hard truth about 9-11-01 and the people behind it, both foreign and domestic.

    Recall that on September 10, 2001, the Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, made a public announcement that TRILLIONS of dollars were missing from the Pentagon coffers.

    The very next day, the accounting office where an ongoing audit was taking place in order to locate the missing dollars was incinerated by what has been commonly accepted as a plane crash. The people from that office and all of the documents became instant ash.

    Eternal rest grant onto them, Lord. And may the souls of the Faithful departed, through the Mercy of Christ, rest in peace. Amen.
    Remember, this is when the media loved him:

    Never forget.
    President Trump knows now, for certain, what he surmised but could not say publicly as Citizen Trump.
    And John McCain and Poppy Bush are still dead.

  2. MAGA Hat Man says:

    No one on the stage of the recent Democrat debates would ever declare war, as Roosevelt did the day after the attack in 1941. Today’s Dems are outdoing one another to be first in line to display their Socialist credentials. I well remember the slogan, “Better red than dead,” attributed to hippie icon and eager Socialist capitulator, Bertrand Russell. Today’s Dems are more properly represented by him.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    Why are American students from kindergarten on being sexualized and even taught about transgenderism, including a ridiculous list of new non-gender personal pronouns? Recycling is on the agenda. So is the debatable “science” of global warming, which morphed into “climate change” after temperatures cyclically cooled as they have alternately done throughout geological time, is taught as fact. But they lack instruction about September 11, 2001? Schools, which are systematically depriving our children of an education, have even abandoned teaching cursive handwriting, so we will have a nation of printers with no signatures. It’s time for parents to demand history, including attacks such as “9/11” be taught…minus the farcical facade of political correctness.

  4. Anthem Al says:

    My thanks to SRAZ for this excellent expose detailing the ignorance of history that is emanating from the government schools we used to know as “public schools.” They are only public in that they are supported by our tax dollars. Otherwise today they are more correctly regarded as bastions of liberal indoctrination. Our grandchildren attend charter schools and are flourishing. They also know about the events of September 11th and the heroic action of police, fire fighters, medical teams and others who aided the efforts to find victims and ultimately engage in the massive effort to reclaim and rebuild.

  5. Casper says:

    This lack of education of the realities of what enemies of our freedom have perpetrated against us is beyond shameful. These same teachers followed a self acknowledged socialist antagonist as they went out on strike, leaving their students for over a week as they demanded 20% raises for under-educating our kids. The fact that Gov. Ducey capitulated to their outrageous demands for their part-time jobs should make him unelectable when he runs for another office. He’s termed out as governor.

  6. Frankly Speaking says:

    I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating today.

    We have a neighbor kid whose mother proudly takes every opportunity to tell us her son is an Honor Roll student. On September 11th last year he was in his front yard shooting baskets while I was working in mine. When I greeted him, he walked over and we began to chat. I mentioned the significant date and he not only wasn’t sure what it was, I had to tell him about the nightmarish events that took place in 2001. He then exhibited a glimmer of a recollection, and told me that the date signified when America became “Islamophobic.”

    This undereducated fool stands as an example of honor students churned out of public schools.He should be considered an abyssal failure and in remedial classes.The sad fact is that all of his classmates were taught the same politically correct BS by their eduCRAT teachers. Those pathetic teachers should be fired. Instead, they were given 20% raises after the unconscionably staged a week long walkout!!

    Parents and Grandparents reading this need to act before it’s too late. Talk…yes, actually talk, to your kids. it’s not difficult to find out how conversant they are on a topic like 9/11 or the Revolutionary War, as examples. Then talk to the principals. Bypass the teachers since they are responsible for this debacle.