Pres. Trump wins major SCOTUS victory on asylum claims & Update

Supreme Court ruling clears the way for new asylum restrictions

Finally some sanity from the U.S. Supreme Court on the issue of the illegal invasion of the United States. In a Wednesday ruling, the court granted a request by President Trump to enforce a recent rule intended to restrain asylum applications at the U.S.-Mexico border. This has been a key component of the administration’s policies to staunch the flood of hundreds of thousands of Central Americans claiming to seek asylum.

The justices authorized the government to enforce the rule that would bar illegal aliens from applying for asylum if they pass through another country — routinely Mexico — without seeking asylum there before arriving in the United States. The leftist 9th Circus Court of Appeals had blocked the government from implementing the new rule in Arizona and California, though now the government can enforce it nationwide while it appeals a decision by California U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar, to the Ninth Circuit, or if necessary, back to the Supreme Court. Tigar is a Berkeley educated Obama appointee.

 The only dissents came from Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Asylum” is the key word. Illegal immigration advocates including ACLU legal teams, coaching the hordes of humanity illegally entering our country have instructed them to use the golden ticket word.

But asylum claims lose their validity when the so-called asylum seekers pass through Mexico without making their claim — instead traveling hundreds of miles further north to the United States, completely ignoring Mexico, which abuts the Central American counties they are leaving.

There is no language barrier in Mexico. But there is a symbiotic relationship. Mexico, which facilitates their incursion to the U.S. doesn’t want them. The Guatemalans, Hondurans and El Salvadorans, eager to access American taxpayer-funded benefits, have no desire to remain in Mexico, dispelling their asylum claims.

Mexico has wasted no time in loudly protesting the asylum decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, calling it “hard-line and astonishing.”

“This is the ruling by the court, it’s a U.S. issue, and obviously we don’t agree with it, we have a different policy,” Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard told a news conference.

That’s for sure. 

Mexican government hypocrisy is stunning. Mexico has long had barriers at its own southern border abutting Central America. Its current policy is to act as a collaborating facilitator allowing the hordes of illegals it doesn’t want, to move freely through its land mass to the U.S. border.

Mexico has strenuously resisted signing a formal “safe third country” agreement that would commit it to hearing the asylum cases of Central Americans and other illegals.

Getting an immense dose of the invasion the Mexican government has previously aided, Mexico‘s own citizens are reacting negatively to the influx. “We have seen outbreaks of acts of xenophobia in Mexico that did not exist before, mainly in the north of the country,” said Israel Ibarra, described as an immigration expert with the Continente Movil consultancy in Tijuana.

How interesting that Mexicans are now being accused of being “xenophobic” regarding other Hispanics.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin wrote this enlightening column, “Police state: How Mexico treats illegal aliens,” containing a bullet-pointed list citing the regulations and restrictions Mexico imposes on foreigners — when Arizona was dealing with the repercussions following the passage of SB1070.

5 Responses to Pres. Trump wins major SCOTUS victory on asylum claims & Update

  1. Maggie says:

    I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the fact that those who illegally invade our country have “advocates,” assisting them in their scamming of American citizen’s taxpayer funded benefits.

  2. Anthem Al says:

    This WTHR Investigative Report has been updated, but is still less than current. Imagine how much worse it is now. It was originally sent to me by a relative in Indiana. This all took place during the Obama administration…of course.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    This massive problem grew like Topsy during the Obama reign. Hordes of illegals who will register as Democrats was encouraged and abetted. That’s the entire premise driving the open borders crowd.

    This Supreme Court ruling is a major plus, not just for the Trump administration, but also for each and every American citizen who has been negatively impacted by the invasion of illegal aliens.

    If you have school aged children you’re more than aware of the time taken from them as teachers focus on the English language learners to the detriment of our own kids. The Tucson Unified School District is a stunning example of this dysfunction which has been going on for years.

  4. Michael Schmitz says:

    The best part of the SCOTUS ruling overturning Trump hating Judge Tigar is the unwritten message that this nonsense of some lowly District Court Obama judge making a ruling imposing his liberal bias on all 50 states is about to end. How can a single lowly District Judge run the immigration policies of the entire nation? District Court of the Northern District of California Judges Seeborg, Orrick and Tigar are running the immigration policies of the country. This is wrong.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    There are thousands of men from the Dark Continent who are, apparently, Olympic-grade swimmers with more than a little pocket change, and have been descending on our southern border for more than a year.
    The number of young African males traveling through Central America is increasing.
    Why not? It worked, and continues to work in Europe.

    Looks like McCabe is going to be charged criminally for his part in the “insurance policy” against President Trump.

    Watch Comey’s twitter. He’s in charge of sending out messages meant to activate a certain segment of the population who have been rendered unstable psychologically.
    Once again, today he says:
    Stay true to your mission. America needs you

    He’s very dangerous.