Pres. Trump keeps loyal base, despite Dem assault 

Rasmussen Reports Friday survey of likely voters holds good news for President Donald Trump and his legions of supporters. The mélange of data is headlined, Voters See Trump’s Reelection Far More Likely Than Impeachment.

Although the pollsters concluded, “Voters think President Trump has more to lose in the growing Ukraine controversy than leading Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, they still see Trump’s reelection as a surer shot than impeachment.”

Seeing Red AZ attributes those views to the lack of mainstream media coverage of the nefarious and extraordinarily lucrative China and Ukrainian dealings surrounding Hunter Biden and gaffe-prone, deceptive, increasingly unhealthy and unable to keep his dentures in his mouth Papa Joe who paved his unqualified son’s way for a $1.5 Billion private equity deal with the Bank of China that remains unprecedented in the investment world. The “B” is not a typo.

Breitbarts Joshua Caplan exposes the China deal. The same news agency’s Robert Kraychik reveals the muzzle the Washington Post and its leftist news cohorts have placed on any reports of the China and Ukraine scandals involving Hunter Biden. Suppression of news is how the leftist media dominate their readers. Knowledge is power and mental manipulation must exist in a vacuum.

Conservatives have a lot to digest, but we understand the underhanded dealings because we are not spoon fed political pap and robotically fall in line on election day. Rising against the leftist tide, we voted to “Make America Great Again.” In 2022 we’ll be voting to “Keep America Great.”

AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward provides important information in the 2019 Precinct Committeeman Handbook.

Get involved. Become a Precinct Committeeman. President Trump can’t do it alone. He needs us as much as we need him.

6 Responses to Pres. Trump keeps loyal base, despite Dem assault 

  1. Observer says:

    Excellent point about the Lame Stream Media’s manipulation and suppression of news. Only those who seek more reliable sources, such as FOX cable and Breitbart have a complete picture of what is actually taking place.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    With the educrats systematically propagandizing our youth in school, it’s a wonder we are able to hang on to our Republic. Parents and grandparents have an obligation to explain what our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights uniquely offer Americans. Students are not being taught the difference between Socialism, Communism and our freedoms based in liberty and a Capitalist economy that allows each person to rise to their full ability. That’s why Socialist Bernie Sanders capture the intentionally dumbed down youth vote in 2016.
    Please watch this 5-minute video for the truth and pass the link on. It’s crucial Americans understand what is taking place in our taxpayer funded public schools.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      After watching this video, I sent it out to my list of political patriots, with the instruction to keep it going. It really needs to be seen by the easily duped leftists. But the ones I know are too smug to consider anything other than their group think.

    • Mike says:

      Excellent video – definitely needs to be passed on. Government (aka public”) so-called “education” is a liberal swampland and a cancer on American society which, like Planned Parenthood, must be defunded and starved. Vote NO on all RedforEd requests for additional handouts and contribute to and send your children to religious and private schools instead. You wouldn’t leave your children’s bodies in the hands of a predator – don’t leave their minds in the hands of a RedforEducrat either!

      • Barbara says:

        Parents must constantly reinforce their value system at home and make children aware that even educators could have an opposing agenda. This can be brought in at age-appropriate levels.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    consider this:
    the whistleblower policy for the DOJ was very recently changed to INCLUDE information that you may have heard from another person.
    Maybe overheard at a party, etc.
    Up until August 2019, a whistleblower had to have First Hand Knowledge.

    Con. Adam Schiff’s greasy fingerprints are all over this.
    Why does President Trump refer to him as “Liddle” Adam Schiff?
    He started the Liddle Kidz Foundation (always a foundation or institute with these creeps). And from that was formed the Liddle Kidz INFANT MASSAGE program, for which you can obtain certification. Effing perverts.

    Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, resigned at Trump’s insistence.

    And within a day, this person files the paperwork, which reads like it was prepared by a seasoned legal professional.
    Perkins Coie, is that you??? Or one of the other Lawfare malcontents who are really the shadow government on Cap Hill?

    Meanwhile, on the home front:
    Mrs. C. Hensley McCain this week:
    “. . . McCain said the Republican Party is “not the party that my husband and I belonged to,” according to the recording of POLITICO’s Women Rule podcast.

    McCain expanded on that, adding that the Republican Party is “excluding people for the wrong reasons.”

    “We have, on my side of the aisle, on the Republican side, we see a local party in Arizona that’s not functioning well,” McCain said.
    “And it’s excluding people. And it’s excluding people for the wrong reasons,” she continued.

    “If you’re not walking the line, then you’re out. That’s just not right. That’s not the party that my husband and I belonged to.”

    McCain said she believes Arizona, a historically Republican state, could go the other way in the 2020 election.

    “I can see us going Democrat, I really can,” she said.
    But McCain said she’s staying out of politics for the time being.”

    And Kurt Volker (ASU and McCain Institute) is OUT OF A JOB.
    President Trump had put him in the Ukraine to represent US.
    He has resigned.

    Sometimes President Trump assigns people to certain positions to see what they’ll do (he knows what they’ll do). He just wants to find out who their contacts are.
    Down the rabbit hole.