Heroin poppy purge provides sob story for illegals

Misplaced sympathy: Actual victims are Americans not Guatemalans

If you thought the Hillary-endorsing, Trump-hating Arizona Republic was loathsome in its previous incarnation, its recent acquisition by GateHouse puts an even more outrageous spin on the news. 

A front page report headed THE MIGRANTS, sits atop the emboldened headline, “Poppies cultivated for heroin fuel crisis.” Below that is the tearjerker line: “Guatemalan farmers fled to U.S. after crops were razed.” This twist puts to rest the illegal invaders claims of seeking fear-based asylum. What they want is economic security in the country they were more than willing to flood with heroin.

Readers are then introduced to Carlos. He previously farmed potatoes, oats and corn, before finding a much more lucrative and prettier crop of bright red poppies he and others like him were happy to cultivate for their milky fluid used to make heroin. Carlos says he and his friends were persuaded to replace their vegetable crops with what he was told would produce medicine.

Sure thing, Carlos.

If you thought the bad guys are the willing farmers, often engaging in violent battles to ensure enough water for their deadly but highly profitable crops — via their complicity in flooding American cities with heroin — you‘d be dead wrong. The ogre in the tale of woe is none other than the United States. Our government has “pressured” Guatemala to eradicate the profitable poppy fields, throwing Carlos and his complicit compatriots back into growing vegetables.

Carlos admits the loss of revenue from growing poppies was the main reason he decided to leave and join the massive influx of Guatemalans invading the U.S.  “They took away the poppy. These potatoes are hardly worth anything.”

He says he heard that as long as parents showed up for their court hearings, they could stay in the U.S. and work while their kids went to public school free. Guatemala, which only requires a sixth grade education, imposes fees for any schooling past that grade level.

These staggering numbers are directly from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They include 72,873 unaccompanied minors who were apprehended by Border Patrol through August.

During the same time period, Border Patrol apprehended 457,871 illegal invaders arriving as “family units,” a claim which DNA oral swabs frequently expose as untrue. Many of the children used to gain entry by non-related adults are trafficked or purchased. Many are sexually exploited. They are a factor contributing to a 406% increase from the previous year. Of those, nearly 40% — more than from any other single country — came from Guatemala.

These are just a few harsh facts you won’t read in the rag.


8 Responses to Heroin poppy purge provides sob story for illegals

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    The minors being brought into the United States do not have birth certificates or health records (unless the records are phoney).
    How convenient.

    These children then disappear.

    They are sold into sex trafficking rings, but that’s the tip of that iceberg. Some are sold for the express purpose of RITUAL sexual abuse. They are sacrificed. Killed. In sick ceremonies conducted by sick people. You would recognize some of the names.

    Think about it. Haiti. Any third world country.
    Container ships. Why did Bill Clinton give the Port of Long Beach to the Chinese Government? President Trump got it back.
    Container ships.

    October will be a wild ride. Con. Adam Schiff has Much to hide.
    Both foreign and domestic. That’s why he read a false version of the telephone transcript into the Congressional Record. It’s allowed, you know, to read anything you want into the record, whether true or not.

    Goldman Sachs is already painting a picture of doom regarding the economy, even though there is no factual basis.
    Globalists doing their thing.
    Wall Street (globalists) vs. Main Street (us)

    President Trump has been studying China for decades.
    His plan is to totally decouple US from China and make it a soft landing.
    Tim Cook of Apple had dinner with the President a few weeks ago.
    General Motors needs to get smart.

    Why do you think that Scaramucci turned on his friend, President Trump? Because his hedge funds are heavily invested in China.

    Follow the money. And take a look at your portfolio.

    Hey, wouldn’t it be a laugh riot to find out that Brennan actually changed a certain RINO senator’s passport to cover up certain trips to unfriendly nations? Same think happened for a certain bum who was a split second senator before becoming prez.
    But those dang photos exist. Satellites.
    The senator is in a non-travel status now and forever.
    The former prez still on the move.

    Pray to God for Mercy.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Carlos and his criminal ilk will no doubt make exemplary U.S. citizens.

    We need the equivalent of Ellis Island on our southern border.

    True immigrants, not invaders, were processed there for decades. My grandparents, among them. They were law abiding, God fearing and understood and treasured the gift of citizenship they were given. They also raised proud American citizens. All of their children worked their way through college and their grandchildren, including me, are all professionals.

  3. Fed Up says:

    Why are Democrats working through various leftwing organizations such as the ACLU (with agencies throughout the USA), and groups known as Immigrant Rights Projects, facilitating the effort to bring these unconscionable criminals and others like them into the United States? They will suck our taxpaying citizens dry and continue to hold us in contempt.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    If you’re looking for what Superman used to refer to as “Truth, justice, and the American way,” the AZ Repukelick is not where you’ll find it.

  5. Realist says:

    My thanks to SRAZ for shining a light on who have caravanned by the hundreds of thousands into our country overwhelming our border agents and being released into American communities with a promise to return to be processed. These criminals will never be seen again, except when they end up in our criminal justice system after committing more crimes, often involving loss of innocent American lives.

    • Maggie says:

      I am so sick of hearing these invaders being called migrants or immigrants by their far left media colluders. Migrants are the returning swallows who migrate from Argentina to California each year and then return to Argentina. Immigrants are those who lawfully become citizens and proudly accept our history as their own and acclimate. These unconscionable heroin suppliers will not suddenly become become exemplary Americans.They clearly regard us as only worthy to use and abuse.

  6. Anthem Al says:

    We should never lose sight of the fact that the Dems have no desire to control this massive invasion because they are more concerned with expanding their voter base than our country’s future and well being. My Dem parents would never recognize the party they belonged to.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      How right you are!! This is the sole democrat objective. Nothing else matters other than increasing their voter base…the United State of America be damned. You’d think democrats have no children or grandchildren whose futures they care about.

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