Jeff Flake morphs into rabid Trump-hating preacher

Religion of the absurd with a flaky fraud in the pulpit

Jeff Flake, whose political career crashed and burned on the pyre of his visceral Trump hatred, is now urging other congressional Republicans to abandon President Trump. Flake’s latest egocentric tantrum includes a haughty morality spin telling elected Republicans they have a moral obligation to put their principles first — even if it means risking their careers. Flake is unable to accept the fact that the president enjoys a broad base of support.

Taking his sore-loser message to the extreme leftist Washington Post (subscription required), he was, of course, given op-ed space. Flaunting a Republican, even a fraudulent one unable to draw a crowd, exudes a sophisticated panache:

 “My fellow Republicans, it is time to risk your careers in favor of your principles. Whether you believe the president deserves impeachment, you know he does not deserve reelection,” wrote Flake. “Our country will have more presidents. But principles, well, we get just one crack at those. For those who want to put America first, it is critically important at this moment in the life of our country that we all, here and now, do just that.”

“Trust me when I say that you can go elsewhere for a job. But you cannot go elsewhere for a soul.”

Narcissist Flake shown here in 2011, retired after a single senate term when he embarrassingly garnered a mere 18% approval rating in his home state. Even his relatives in the town of Snowflake, where he was born and raised, and named in part for a paternal ancestor, are identified as saying, Flake’s name is mud.” The scheming Flake who earlier in his career lobbied as a registered foreign agent in D.C. on behalf of an African uranium mining company with ties to Iran, was hired by CBS as a “contributor” in January.

Flake’s so-called principles have always been to the almighty dollar, peddling uranium and keeping the border open for his contractor cronies, desirous of cheap labor. He’s been rewarded with a well-paid seat as a board member by Arizona home builder Taylor Morrison, whose Chairman and CEO Sheryl Palmer, lavished praise on the noted word thief.

In 2016 Flake and his mentor John McCain both publicly stated neither they nor their families would vote for Donald Trump. President Trump obviously didn’t need them then. He won’t need Flake in 2020.

13 Responses to Jeff Flake morphs into rabid Trump-hating preacher

  1. Mike says:

    Only two words for this RINO: Flake off!

  2. Trevor says:

    Martha McSally would be wise to ignore him.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Following the unscrupulous Flake would be like chasing a flake of moldy cheese down a rat hole.

      • Attila The Hunny says:

        Jeff the Flake has always been an unintelligent RINO. He did his best to conceal his true leanings and ignorance with his perpetual, inane grin. When he was elected to his single senate term, he only won by three percentage points over Dr. Richard Carmona, who had been George W. Bush‘s surgeon general.

        Sens. Kyl (who was retiring for a much more lucrative D.C. lobbying job) and McCain endorsed Dr. Carmona for surgeon general and Carmona used their previous comments about him in this ad. They both went ballistic as they tried to push the easily manipulated Flake. Knowing what I know now, I regret not voting for Carmona.

    • jake sez says:

      She won’t. They were both followers of McCain. McSalley stated that she intends to work with those across the isle.

      • President Trump Supporter says:

        Since you are so down on Arizona’s sole Republican senator, who has been endorsed by President Trump and VP Pence is traveling to Arizona to support at two events tomorrow, at least spell her name right. It’s McSally.

        What “isle” is she working across? The isle of Capri? Guam? The word you’re searching for is probably “aisle.” If you can’t spell, how do you intend to influence anyone?

      • Trevor says:

        Working across party lines is a good thing well ONLY if it helps every American, not a big bloated swamp budget or deal.

      • jake sez says:

        If you are a Trump supporter as you state I would assume you would want as many true supporters as he can get. However, it would appear that you are one of his supporter only if it benefits the party. Don’t worry about my spelling it the thought that counts unless you are more worried about appearances.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    They’re scared $hitle$$.
    Because it’s all about the $$$ that is tied up by President Trump’s Executive Order from 12/17 and other money losses due to CHINA, CHINA, CHINA. President Trump is removing the stranglehold that China has on our manufacturing. Caused by the never-ending “gifts” given by other US presidents in order to weaken U.S. into third world status. Ever wonder why the Fed gov’t employees at the U.S. Patent office have become extraordinarily RICH people? Very rich.

    In case you missed it, President Trump had dinner with Apple’s Tim Cook a few weeks ago. Apple does most of their manufacturing business in China.
    Yesterday, Apple announced that they are building an enormous manufacturing plant for the Mac Pro in Austin,Texas.

    Also this week, Navistar, a company that builds trucks, will be investing 250 million for a new factory in San Antonio, TX.
    Additionally, Hyundai, Kia and Aptiv have developed a 4 Billion dollar venture.
    And it’s only Tuesday.

    Wall Street is praying to satan for a recession, or worse.
    Main Street is thriving.
    We will be totally decoupled from China, via a soft landing.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is the entity which decides the formula for the flu vaccine each year. (Read that again)
    They announced this week that the special blend they have concocted for us will probably Not fight off the virus strains that are being seen.
    So—–what IS in the vaccine?

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Also, off topic, but pertains to a lot of people.
    Some stores are pulling OTC Zantac off the shelves.
    Multiple agencies within our govt have known for a long time that one of the ingredients is a known cancer causing agent.

    So you replace acid indigestion or GERD for what?
    you have many options which have nothing to do with a pharmaceutical. Research.

  5. terry dudas says:

    Re” acid indigestion and GERD, try Papaya enzime; works like a charm. It’s available at health food stores; totally natural and gentle.

  6. Kathy says:

    Corrupt Flake must be nervous!

  7. 1776 says:

    Flake was shepherded into the Senate by his more connected “friends” where he promptly became an abject failure. In his entire life prior to that, what did Flake accomplish compared to what President Donald Trump accomplished prior to becoming President? Is it any wonder Flake hates Trump? Flake might as well have been born an ant for all the positive difference his existence has made. He continues to insure that the greatest edifice erected as a result of his birth will be a gravestone.