Inexperienced applicant to lead MC Attorney’s Office

Allister Adel selected over accomplished prosecutors

The front page headline declares: “1st woman named county attorney.”  A citizen’s committee doing the job that should have fallen to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, vetted the applicants to fill the top position left vacant when longtime elected County Attorney Bill Montgomery was appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court. The supervisors then named Montgomery’s replacement.

The list was pared down to five applicants, three of whom were experienced prosecutors, with backgrounds as bureau or division chiefs in one of the nation’s largest prosecutorial agencies, serving over 4 million residents in the fourth largest and fasted growing county in the U.S.

According to the County Attorney’s website, there are over 900 full-time employees, including attorneys, investigators, paralegals, victim advocates and support staff.

One of the applicants, a former chief deputy, was currently serving as interim county attorney. Another applicant has experience as a criminal section chief at the United States Attorney’s Office. There was one male among the five applicants.

Selected to run the massive prosecutorial office was Allister Adel, who provides consulting services for nonprofits and small businesses. She worked for the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Arizona Department of Child Safety. Her bio lists her work with the City of Phoenix “to fund a fellowship space and butterfly garden at Starfish Place, a transitional housing facility for trafficking survivors and their families.” Adel previously served a short stint for the office she will now lead. She will have to run to retain the office in 2021.

Arizona has long been in the forefront of having capable women in high ranking positions. Lorna Lockwood — born in 1903 in the Arizona territory — is notable for being the first woman in the nation to become Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court serving in that capacity twice. She passed the bar in 1925 and was a state legislator and Superior Court Judge before ascending to the Arizona Supreme Court in 1960 — paving the nearly identical career path Sandra O’Connor eventually took to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our state legislature and judicial branch are filled with women and Arizona has had four female governors. Women have been elected secretary of state, attorney general, state treasurer, and superintendent of public instruction. In 1998, Arizona women known as the ‘Fab Five,’ held all top offices simultaneously, a national first. In 1944, Jewel Jordan served as Maricopa County Sheriff.

Gender is no longer a groundbreaking issue. The people of Maricopa County deserved to have the County Attorney’s vacancy filled by an experienced prosecutor, rising from within the ranks of the office. That person is not Allister Adel.

8 Responses to Inexperienced applicant to lead MC Attorney’s Office

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    Inexperience is what people like George Soros look for when buying people. He began focusing on prosecutors and district attorney offices several years ago.

    YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS and compare to what President Trump has to face every day.

    See the out-of-control, unmanned, spinning beverage cart?

    Notice all the airport employees standing around watching as the large cart spins ever closer to the nose of the parked jet, which is parked very close to the terminal?

    They are doing NOTHING.
    Kind of like Congress and government officials and bureaucrats worldwide.
    Lots of them. Being paid. But doing exactly nothing.

    Watch Stage Left.
    An airport worker runs onto the scene and goes directly toward the front of the jet. He is the only one who displays a sense of urgency and is noticeably sizing up the situation, on-the-fly.

    Then, at just the Right moment, he runs between the spinning metal cart and the nose of the jet.
    For a second, he disappears from the video, which is being recorded by a passenger inside the terminal.

    Next, you begin to see what appears to be a red fork-lift motorized vehicle headed directly for the out-of-control beverage cart.

    Our Hero is at the controls and impales the beverage cart onto the
    jaws of the fork lift, immobilizing the seemingly possessed cart while at the same time destroying what is left of the chaos creator.

    Saving the day.

    Just like President Trump is saving the U.S., and tangentially, the nations of the world from out-of-control, spinning, dangerous situations given to us by do-nothing people.

    Chicago O’Hare Airport, earlier this week.

    • Villanova says:

      Allister Adel is registered as a Republican. All of the applicant to replace Republican Bill Montgomery had to be of the same party. It’s not her party we need to be concerned with. It’s her sketchy background that does not make her the best choice. If there was such a position, she should be running for Liberal Maricopa County Social Worker.

      The fact that she boasts about working with the City of Phoenix “to fund a fellowship space and butterfly garden at Starfish Place, a transitional housing facility for trafficking survivors and their families,” shines a giant red light on her priorities. This is code talk for aiding and abetting illegal alien invaders.

      • Kathy says:

        Villanova – nailed it! “code talk for aiding and abetting illegal alien invaders.” Exactly why she was chosen.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I read the bios of the other candidates for Maricopa County Attorney. Allister Adel is the least qualified among a group of standouts. The fix was obviously in. It would be interesting to know who was pushing her and why. This didn’t happen in a vacuum.

  3. Desert Rat says:

    We are long past the time when experience and proven competence were counted as the most important factors in these kinds of appointments. Today it is who you are (more accurately- who you claim to be) and what connections you have to money and power that determine who gets the job.

    I have no idea if this woman will do the job well or poorly. But I do know that appointing her because she is female is no guarantee of performance and a sign from her bosses that performance is less important to them than the political points they hope to score by putting a person of vagina into a position of authority.

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      The reason there was only one male among the finalists is because we are smart enough to know that we have been marginalized in the current arena of gender taking precedence over qualifications. Why spin our wheels to make the process appear fair, which this example proves, it certainly is not. The more accomplished women who were bypassed for weak applicant Allister Adel should protest the citizen’s advisory committee’s involvement in the vetting process. But the Board of Supervisors, who should know better, shamefully fell down on the job.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Off Topic.

    Kurt Volker (ASU; McCain Institute, Legend in his own mind US/Ukraine special deluxe person, etc) opening statement yesterday during the 8+ hour, closed door Schiff session:


  5. Realist says:

    This is a cringe worthy appointment. All other other applicants for the county attorney’s position appear to be far better qualified than Allister Adel. She must have a well connected string pulling puppet master.