AZ teachers deserve lumps of coal, not 20% pay hike

Students continue to fail basic AzMERIT tests; ADE’s solution? Change its name to AzM2!

AzMERIT is the educrats’ highly touted program that measures what should be proficiency in student ability to comprehend basic math and reading skills. The recently released scores illuminate the abysmal failures being turned out by Arizona public schools that continually ask for bond overrides and increased school spending.

The Arizona Department of Education appears to go to great lengths to derail active searches of overall scores and those of individual schools. Navigating the 37-page AzMERIT Reporting Guide requires more skills than renowned voyager Magellan likely possessed. We suggest you start here, but make no promises.

The bottom line is that Arizona students are doing even worse on tests than their previously low scores. More than half the students who took the tests failed — for the FIFTH year in a row!

This marks the first year high schools were given the ability to opt out of participating in this specific assessment, which no doubt thrilled the school administrators.

 Since school funding is based in part on student proficiency in basic skills, some schools are resorting to trickery to boost scores, giving those who earn a “B,” for example, a bright shiny “A,” if they were deemed “proficient.” These shortchanged students will be in for a rude awakening when they have to survive in the real world, where they will be expected to perform based on actual ability, a broad range of knowledge, creative thinking aptitudes and effective communication skills.

The Federalist reports schools now have social agendas that have nothing to do with education. Illinois, for example, recently passed a law requiring children as young as preschoolers to be taught LGBT history. Districts can only purchase textbooks that include positive contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in their history curriculum.

NPR affiliate Illinois Public Radio labeled Christian and conservative opposition to this law while it was being considered as stemming from “hate groups.”

In 2018 Seeing Red AZ wrote, #REDS for ED: Union thugs demand more $ for less. It’s chock full of facts and worth your time to review.

6 Responses to AZ teachers deserve lumps of coal, not 20% pay hike

  1. Mike says:

    Voters need to consider this when the annual Override ballot arrives. Government so-called “education” needs to be starved out of business. “Education” that isn’t private education is simply a transfer of liberal propaganda and worse than no education at all.

    • Realist says:

      I vote against all school district budget overrides. The rest of us have to live within our budgets, but the educrats think they are exempt.

      Teachers and their unions have transmogrified into leftist propaganda machines and are both overtly and subtly indoctrinating our American students. That’s why socialism is considered preferable to capitalism by many young American who have no historical knowledge of the horrors left in its wake. Self avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders captured the youth vote in 2016.

  2. Patriot Mom says:

    Leftwing teachers unions have long been a primary plank within Democrat Party politics, fundraising and grassroots organizing because of their sheer strength in numbers. Their political clout has also aided them in the successful defeat of policies that unions believe undermine public schools, like elimination of teacher tenure (which no other jobs provide) or the expansion of charter schools, both benefiting students.

    Open Secrets ranked American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (AEA) as the ninth and 11th most generous givers out of more than 18,000 super PACs during the 2016 election cycle. Both unions backed Hillary Clinton for president.

    AFT and its affiliates made more than $33 million in contributions and the NEA nearly $30 million, the vast majority of which went to Democratic candidates and liberal organizations nationwide. Together, they deployed more than 160,000 volunteers to knock on doors and make phone calls. They worked tirelessly to elect Barack Obama.

    The two unions also teamed up with other labor organizations in 2016 to form a new super PAC called the For Our Future PAC, which made millions of dollars in independent expenditures in favor of Clinton and congressional Democrats

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      Teachers claim to be underpaid for their part-time jobs, yet they have plenty of cash to donate to leftist candidates through their union dues.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Here’s the despicable truth from the lips of a dedicated educrat. After 41 years as the nation’s National Education Association lawyer, Robert Chanin closes his last Representative Assembly as general counsel with a stirring address to more than 8,000 delegates in which he admits where their power comes from and what they actually care about..

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Since today is national “Coming Out” Day (as prescribed by ??),
    perhaps the educrats should go full Monty and erase all doubt as to who they really are.

    And speaking of “coming out” day, it’s fitting that Shepard Smith is Out at FOX News.

    (1st A: alive and well, or. . . . .about to find out. . . )