Terrified AZ Republic reporters vote to unionize

Coverage will remain biased and anti-conservative

In an effort to preserve their job security, reporters who have survived the firings and cutbacks at the increasingly feeble, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic have voted in favor of unionizing.

The 64-30 secret ballot vote, conducted under the supervision of the National Labor Relations Board indicates a desperate last ditch effort at self preservation.

The newspaper was recently purchased by GateHouse Media in a takeover of Gannett, the parent company of the Arizona Republic, USA Today and owner of more than a hundred other media outlets. The merger is expected to be finalized by the end of November. GateHouse has been ramping up its interest in cutting back on news operations. As part of the mega-merger, GateHouse has told federal regulators that it plans to cut as much as $300 million a year from this combined company.

Those words sounds like the death knell ringing for employees, which explains the new effort to unionize.

Ken Doctor writing for Newsonomics headlines his commentary, with the unwieldy but honest warning: “The Gannett-GateHouse merger is really happening, and expect to see more than 10% of jobs cut off the top.”

The anorexic Arizona Republic has been functioning with ASU Cronkite Journalism School student interns taking on the duties of ousted veteran reporters. Working from their cars and lacking editors, they continue the leftist slant which has resulted in massive losses of subscribers, as we noted last month inReasons AZ Republic continues hemorrhaging subscribers.”  We pointed out the deliberate mischaracterization of issues as the hallmark of what has been correctly identified as fake news.

October 13, 2019’s edition is a case in point. In an article titled, “Conservative publication editor misleads,” an intern takes on Daniel Horowitz, senior editor of Conservative Review. The intern repeatedly uses variations of the term “undocumented immigrant” to challenge Horowitz’ accurate assertion thatGov. Doug Ducey applauded a reduced state college tuition rate for illegal immigrants.” The intern’s rating? “No stars…misleading.” Chief among her complaints is that children born to illegals residing in the U.S. are not illegal. To bolster her charge, she cites what noted legal analysts view as a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment.

The actual distortions are given a voice in the Arizona Republic each and every day. The interns have been schooled in Leftism and are carrying on the tradition of those who were axed…until they find their own heads on the chopping block.

5 Responses to Terrified AZ Republic reporters vote to unionize

  1. Mike says:

    All the more reason to execute the mass firings as soon as possible.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Hope they enjoy the hell outta paying those union dues.
    The unions suck in money and recycle it to Dem candidates and Dem causes.

    True story: was recruited to go to a N.E. State to do a very specific job for a specific State govt agency immed. after 9-11-01.
    When I finally got around to looking at a pay stub, was shocked to see that union dues in a sizeable amount had been taken out.
    And aren’t those Human Resources people fun to deal with?

    Turns out, somehow, I was now a member of the Communication Workers of America, and HR had no solutions as to how to fix it.
    Took 3 months, and never did get the $$$ that they essentially stole from me.

    CA(ncerous) Governor Flotsum has signed into law a bill which requires ALL CA public colleges and universities to provide abortion drugs on demand. Who will write the Rx? Who will dispense? Who will monitor the female during and after the abortion?
    This is Not like taking an aspirin. These drugs can and do cause both excessive bleeding or blood clots, both of which can be life threatening.

    (Is this a way to get a Planned Parenthood facility on every campus?)

    Interesting, that as Gov. Jetsam signed the bill into law, he was surrounded by a large number of young females who all looked very happy.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    Unions? That’s trading fear for boot on your neck repression.

  4. Realist says:

    It makes no sense that students will go into hock or parents will pay astronomical rates to send their kids to be trained in an obsolete profession, while simultaneously being indoctrinated with extremist views.

  5. Seen It All says:

    SRAZ nailed it again! There is no honor among thieves…or “reporters.”

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