Mitt outed as narcissistic self-defending twitter “lurker”

French speaking Mitt morphs into self-adoring Pierre Delecto 

Now that Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has been uncloaked as “Pierre Delecto,” a nom de plume he affected on his surreptitious, self-adoring twitter account, the disclosure begged for more answers.

When the deceit was discovered and he was asked if he was, in fact, Pierre Delecto, he embarrassingly answered in the affirmative, though not in English. Mitt Romney, whose Michigan governor father, George, was born in Mexico, didn’t respond in Spanish, either.  Nope.  He went into full Pierre Delecto mode, admitting, “C’est moi,”  French for “it’s me.” Romney was forced to confess he used the sham account and false name to defend himself against detractors.

A bit of checking revealed his fluency was due to the 2 1/2 years in the 60s he spent in France while fulfilling his Church mission, giving him the ability to respond as his alter ego Pierre Delecto would. Pierre likes Mitt.  He really likes Mitt.

The pro-abortion and open border supporting former Governor of Massachusetts was so inept, he lost the 2008 GOP presidential nomination to John McCain. In 2012, he lost to incumbent president Barack Obama. After vilifying Donald Trump, he came begging for the Secretary of State position when Trump was elected in 2016.  President Trump let him grovel, but was too smart to bring Pierre Delecto into his cabinet, to undermine him and his policies.

French Speaking missionary Mitt, age 19, in pre-Pierre Delecto days

10 Responses to Mitt outed as narcissistic self-defending twitter “lurker”

  1. Mike says:

    Il est un vrai RINO.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    The Romney’s are political opportunists, hop-skipping into office all over the nation, from Michigan to Massachusetts and now Utah. I remember when George Romney, who also ran for President, saw his career plans fail when he claimed he was “brainwashed” while visiting Vietnam. That was his inept way of switching his position on America‘s involvement, and it rightfully killed his campaign.

  3. Maggie says:

    President Trump can and has run circles around Willard “Mitt” Romney. I’m so proud to call Donald Trump “President.”

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    RE: Mittens and John Kerry
    Ils parlent entre eux en Français sur internet
    or, they speak in French when communicating on the net.

    The “delecto” thing is creepy for more reasons than you know.

    His staff made him a birthday cake not long ago out of Twinkies, which is allegedly his favorite dessert. Being that he is so into all things French, it’s surprising that his fav dessert isn’t a flan or a tart.
    Oh, that’s right, maybe there is an appetite for tarts across many States and elsewhere.
    Yes. Mais oui.

    Where DID he get the money to bail out Bain Capital AND the U.S. Olympics? Finding that out may require a trip to El Salvador.
    He’ll never get out from under their grip, not ever.

    Note that despite Canada going down the tubes and Just In from Canada’s recent photos surfacing of him in blackface, they have once again elected him as Prime Minister. Let’s celebrate in Havana at Daddy’s old homestead.

    Note also that President Trump has given the go-ahead for several States, (first, Florida) to begin buying Rxs via Canada. Same meds, made in same US factory, but sold much cheaper to Canada and other countries. (We have a “middleman” situation here in the US, gifted to us by BigPharma lobbyists and Congress, which requires these unknown middlemen to obtain and re-sell meds between manufacturer and pharmacies in US)

    Also, new regulations allowing small businesses to form co-ops to purchase healthcare plans; dental, vision plans,etc.
    Lots of good stuff happening that the media won’t tell you.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      p.s. When you hear or read that President Trump has referred to “13 Angry Democrats”, he is including Mitt Romney.
      Unfortunate that Mitten’s niece is chairperson of RNC.

  5. Hometown Guy says:

    RepublicRATS such as Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeff Flake, et al. are far worse than any Democrats, who are at least forthright in their leftist beliefs. Voting for those who claim to be Republicans, only to be screwed over by them, is far more egregious.

    Mitt Romney’s shameless actions in trolling his own fake site to pump up his tarnished image, shows exactly what and who he is. Is this what he learned in France?

    • Doc says:

      No…it’s what he learned from the now (CEASE &) desist john mcTraitor…a.k.a. ASS

      I mean hey! There HAD to be a replacement for the Ultimate AZ Rat Basturd!

    • Trevor says:

      Jeff Flake can forever thank Mitt Romney for dragging him in the senate, Romney outperformed Flake in Arizona by the way shows you Flake was a bad candidate.

  6. Trevor says:

    Shows you he ran a bad campaign when king RINO McCain beat him, and like with Kelli Ward I’m sure McCain was also nasty to Mitt Romney. But when it was for Obama he treated him with kid gloves.