Dem U.S. Rep. Katie Hill takes multi-tasking seriously & Update

Decadent hedonist, Katie Hill, who gave scant time to the duties she was elected to perform, claims her “conscience” demands impeachment

The U.K.‘s* often displays an uncanny knack for in-depth reporting — even going so far as to teach us a new word: “throuple.” Its recent report features a series of revealing photos of first-term California Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill, including a Nazi-era Iron Cross tattoo on her bikini line while holding a bong. 

California’s Mercury News initially reported that Hill, 32, denied rumors of an affair. Within hours that was followed by a report in National Review where she admitted the ‘Inappropriate’ relationship with a staffer…as the Ethics Committee launched a probe. In rapid succession, the Washington Examiner reported Hill paid her female lover $ thousands in consulting fees.

But there’s more. The married Hill, now in a divorce proceeding, is an admitted bi-sexual, who was also having a romance with her male legislative director. Hill’s husband was an active participant as part of a “throuple” with his busy wife and the female staffer.

Far left CNN gave cover to the “rising superstar,” who flipped the district blue, quoting her referring to the facts as “a political smear campaign orchestrated by her Republican opponents and [her] husband.”

Last month Hill released a statement, referring to her “duty to her conscience,” that said in part, “I strongly support the House of Representatives moving forward with impeachment proceedings –– it is what the Constitution, my constituents, and my conscience demands…I will vote to impeach the President.” She was endorsed by Barack Obama, who attended a fundraising event during her campaign.

Hill’s Congressional District 25, north of Los Angeles, includes thousands of fire ravaged acres, forcing evacuations of residents as wild fires continue to burn.

 *SRAZ is giving the DailyMail photos an “adult” warning.California Democrat U.S. Rep. Katie Hill, pro-impeachment

California Democrat Katie Hill is no longer a U.S. Representative. She announced her resignation Oct. 28, 2019.

4 Responses to Dem U.S. Rep. Katie Hill takes multi-tasking seriously & Update

  1. Realist says:

    This so-called representative obviously knew these photographs she posed for were being taken. Now she’s complaining.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill is an exhibitionist. Sexual gratification, of every type, appears to be her full time job.

  3. State Committeeman says:

    Hill is also the co-chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. What’s the point of such a committee? Ditto all of the ethnicity centered committees. Aren’t elected representatives supposed to represent everyone in their district??

  4. Patriot Mom says:

    No surprise here…Of course this pervert is dedicated to impeaching our President.