Campus mobs hijack free speech, stifle 1st Amendment

In light of increasing student disruptions while invited expert speakers attempt to discuss pertinent issues, Jonathan Butcher, a Senior Fellow at the Goldwater Institute, addresses the issue of demonstrators intent on canceling events by shouting down an invited guest and how school administrators should deal with those who apply the “heckler’s veto.” He writes, “School leaders must explain that this behavior is unacceptable before the events take place. Incorporating discussions about the importance of free speech into freshman orientation and adding the school’s commitment to free inquiry to student handbooks.”

The fact that this lack of respect for the First Amendment rights to which Americans are constitutionally entitled takes place on university campuses should strike fear in the hearts of us all — regardless of our political bent.

Recent incidents where mob rule has taken place include the University of Pennsylvania, which shut down an event Wednesday on immigrant detention and deportation after student protesters demonstrated against retired ICE Director Tom Homan’s appearance on the panel.

Georgetown University law school — of all places — was recently the site of another such disruption. Butcher’s opinion piece, “Free speech jeopardized on college campuses,” printed this past week in The Detroit News is definitely worth reading.

This student derision for opinions other than their own has escalated. In December 2009, SRAZ posted,How liberals at ASU honor the First Amendment and treat guests,” which includes a video of then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an invited guest, being heckled off the stage at a forum at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

If budding journalists and law students, who should be more aware of our enshrined freedoms than most, hold the First Amendment in contempt, what hope is there for our nation’s future?

This abhorrent trend is the direct result of leftist educrats propagandizing on the hot button issues of man-caused (rather than cyclical) climate change, recycling, identity politics, pushing gender-neutral pronouns and transgenderism, while giving short shrift to imperative studies encompassing American History, the history Western Civilization and our enviable U.S. Constitution, that provides freedoms others can only dream of attaining. 

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  1. Mike says:

    Your last link, to your past article exposing the union RedforEducrats’ greedy “YestoChildren” ploys is one of your best ever. In light of our currently being in the throes of yet another of their annual override election grabs, may I suggest that all like-minded readers share and tweet that article far and wide, preferably with the tags of #RedForEd and, especially in Scottsdale, #SUSD and #YestoChildren as the latter is exactly the ploy used by the deep-pocketed socialist campaign contributors of this otherwise fine city.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Meanwhile, Grand Canyon University has been hosting TPUSA–Turning Point USA–which brings conservative speakers, including DJT,Jr., to events held on campus
    (TPUSA at Grand Canyon University has its own Facebook page.)

    And a good time was had by all at Elijah Cummings funeral yesterday. Hillary Clinton, acclaimed witch; serial child abuser, and lamp thrower extraordinaire, gave the eulogy for the guy who helped Obama weaponize the IRS against the Tea Party and syphon grant money intended for Baltimore City into his wife’s “organizations”.

    It was BIBLICAL when HRC decided to quote from the Bible.
    Comparing Elijah Cummings to the Prophet Elijah who had to fight against King Ahab and Jezebel (meaning our President and First Lady).

    With so many liars, fraudsters, traitors and sexual deviants in the crowd, it’s a wonder Hillary wasn’t turned into a pillar of salt.

    Mark your calendars, Nov 7th.
    Motion to dismiss charges against the railroaded General Mike Flynn?

    • MAGA Hat Man says:

      Thanks for the reminders about Elijah Cummings and Hillary. As we saw at McCain’s endless funerals, they have become staging grounds for political flame-throwers and morph into vicious events instead of solemn send offs to eternity.

      Grand Canyon University is on the right track, but only after massive protests after it withdrew its invitation to conservative speaker and author Ben Shapiro, and then bowing to public pressure, reinstated it.

  3. Observer says:

    You’re right in stating that our US Constitution provides freedoms others can only dream of. What you omitted, is that once they illegally flood our country by the millions arriving from Central America and Mexico, they turn neighborhoods into replicas of the rat holes they left, while accessing our taxpayer funded generosity. The gang mentality and criminality come along with the caravans. MS-13 is a particularly vicious gang which originated in Central America and has now spread to American cities where they recruit young kids, engage in atrocious widespread crime, terror, and murder entire families.

    • LD23PC says:

      President Trump called upon congress to remove the loopholes allowing these gangs to continue invading our country last year. So far “Nada.”

  4. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.,
    Even misplaced commas matter. Thank you for the alert. It is appreciated and not considered, “picky.”
    Your friends at Seeing Red AZ

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Teachers no longer teach. They indoctrinate.