Extreme leftist running for San Francisco DA

Rogue runs for San Francisco prosecutor

Michelle Malkin has done it again. As only she can, she exposes the underbelly of the now fetid city of San Francisco, once a vacation destination.

InRadical Spawn Chesa Boudin: America’s Most Toxic DA Candidate,” Malkin reveals his links to every unsavory character from his terrorist Weather Underground cop-killing parents and their partners-in-crime Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who raised him from infancy after his parents were incarcerated, to his alliances with the Hollywood Trump-haters, culminating with his connections to Globalist billionaire George Soros and his insiders who are shoveling cash into Boudin’s campaign coffers.  In 2016, Politico exposed financier Soros’ clandestine efforts to “overhaul the U.S. criminal justice system,” investing heavily in District Attorney campaigns.

Malkin writes:

“Now Boudin wants to avenge his cop-killing parents by imposing “restorative justice” and “decarceration” policies that will incentivize violent crime and endanger lives in San Francisco and beyond. If you think California is on fire now, just wait until this red diaper baby takes control of the prosecutorial wheel.

The cornerstone of Boudin’s campaign is sabotaging immigration enforcement. He has called for prosecution and imprisonment of ICE and police officers for doing their jobs and vowed to create an “immigrant defense unit” within the DA’s office to “stand up to Trump on immigration.”

These extremist views tug at the damaged heartstrings of Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who has endorsed Boudin in the upcoming Nov. 5th election.

Prosecutors, whether called District or County Attorneys, in their specific jurisdictions, are given the responsibility of keeping communities safe by presenting the government’s evidence stemming from police reports or grand jury proceedings to a judge or jury for a final determination. Their job is not to protect the worst of the worst and give them free rein to re-offend as DA candidate Chesa Boudin pledges to do.

5 Responses to Extreme leftist running for San Francisco DA

  1. Ellsworth says:

    I hope there are still enough sane people in San Francisco to keep this extremist out of office. George Soros carefully selects and donates to like thinking radicals that mirror his America hatred. Chesa Boudin fills the bill!

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    If you went to central casting to fill the role of an anti-prosecutor running for prosecutor, it would be impossible to find someone more fitting than Chesa Boudin. His candidacy should be considered obscene, but this is San Francisco we’re talking about. The yearly Folsom Street Fair features public sex acts and it gets a green light. Perverts who are “parents” bring their children. Police stand around and do nothing to enforce laws banning public nudity and sex acts in the pro-homosexual name of ‘tolerance and diversity.’ Miller beer and Home Depot are among the longtime sponsors.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    Just looking at video from a BART station.
    Young thugs traveling in large groups, jumping turnstiles.
    Robbing people, especially females, who are in the process of going through a turnstile and cannot defend themselves while their belongings are being ripped from their shoulders or hands.

    San Fran, as with many cities now, no longer arrest—let alone charge— a person who has committed a “misdemeanor”. And the legal definition of that has been changed in order to look the other way on more serious crimes.

    Meanwhile, CA’s public utility company, PG&E, which incinerated the lovely little town of Paradise, CA last year, has been shutting off power for days on end in large parts of the State. The CEO of the utility company is telling people who have lost all of their food supplies due to days without power to just go to a food bank.

    Who REALLY owns PG&E? You would be shocked (if you had electricity!) The last name {upper-crusty) might be familiar to folks in Tucson.

    Who is Gavin Newsom? Related to Nancy P, oh yes.
    “adopted” son of the Getty family. Trained well for what he has been chosen to do.

    Meanwhile, McCain’s widow (no, not her) is playing his part as Brutus. As in Wm. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

    He has great power as Chairman of his committee, but has done nothing to reveal the truth about the impeachment “inquiry”. Now says he will turn the chairmanship over to Grassley and then come back to take it over again after the 2020 election. Confident that his constituents will re-elect him, it seems.

    Keep rockin’ those stilettos!

    • Not A McCainiac says:

      The reference to McCain’s widow (no, not her) is hilarious. Lindsey was his constant traveling companion.

  4. Longtime GOP PC says:

    The average voter has no clue about what candidates actually stand for. It’s somewhat easier with incumbents since they have a track record, but even then it’s important to pay attention. We encourage “get out the vote” efforts, but how advisable is it to encourage the ill informed to vote? I have my doubts about the wisdom of the program.