Mexico: Our murderous south of the border “neighbors” & Update

Massacre of mothers and children traveling to a wedding ambushed in three separate vehicles 

The U.K.’s covers the horrific slaughter of three mothers and six of their young children in full, graphic detail. They were all American citizens living in a decades old LDS fundamentalist settlement in Sonora, Mexico. The murders were carried out by ruthless Mexican drug cartel savages.

Reliable open border proponents at the Arizona Republic would prefer we view Mexico through a softly filtered lens. Don’t be conned. This shooting and torching brutality of innocents is reality.

What should be an unfathomable atrocity took place about an hour south of Douglas, Arizona.

U.S. authorities have no way of discerning who is among the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans and Mexicans who have breached our sovereign border and invaded the United States. They have been coached by illegal advocates to claim they are political refugees. Many have criminal histories and brutal gang backgrounds.

Today Tucson is voting on whether to become a “sanctuary city” for illegals.

Nov. 7, 2019: Within days of the slaughter, Arizona Republic reporter Daniel Gonzalez, writing for the never-blame-Mexico-for-anything newspaper, bylines a ludicrous Page One report headlined, “Cartel may have mistakenly fired.” All of the facts, including that the vehicles were miles apart, mothers and children were shot at close range, and then the vehicles were torched, incinerating living infants, point to murderous intent. 

4 Responses to Mexico: Our murderous south of the border “neighbors” & Update

  1. terry dudas says:

    What’s with this dual-citizenship? I object. Now, the survivors are being treated in Tucson, AZ hospitals, probably at taxpayer (me) expense. Send the bills to the LDS church, in Utah.

  2. Patriot Mom says:

    When does this insanity end? Gunning down women and young children should be a bridge too far for even the most demonic, but with these soulless murderers, there are no limitations to their evil acts.

    The surviving children will have these gruesome memories haunt them for the entirety of their lives.

  3. PV PC says:

    There aren’t words to aptly describe the disgusting creatures that perpetrated these vile acts. They will get their due, but it will never undo the horrors these families are enduring..

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    Not much of a surprise that the Arizona Repukelic would give cover to the murderous Mexicans. This is the most shocking, stomach-turning news, but the leftwing newspaper never strays from its pro-Mexico program. We not only need a wall, we need a piranha filled moat abutting it.