Phoenix police chief prioritizes firing officers

Newspaper negatively chronicles police shootings

Police work is not your run-of-the-mill occupation. Few jobs have as an integral aspect the fact that when you leave for your shift, you might not return to your family. Rotating schedules include nights and weekends; routinely make officers absent from family events and holidays. High stress levels of crime scenes, where police often have to make split-second, life or death decisions take their toll. Police are accused of using excessive force when trying to subdue those high on drugs and/or armed. Now mandated body cams show isolated aspects of an arrest, calling into question the officer’s decisions. Officer suicides are no longer a rarity.

Corrections officers are attacked and killed while on the job in Arizona prisons. Two such murders took place recently.

The public expects rapid responses from dedicated officers. Yet the local newspaper and the Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams, appointed in 2016, show them no mercy. Scrutiny and criticism have become routine. How many times did you see the video of the arrest of a family of shoplifters, mischaracterized as a little girl taking a doll from a Dollar Store? The officer was fired.

The Sunday edition of the Arizona Republic ran an oversize Page One article and two full jump pages with photos, including sympathetic depictions of shooting “victims.” The lengthy all caps headline?

AZ POLICE SHOOTINGS: SOME OFFICERS FIRE AGAIN AND AGAIN. The sub header: 79 officers shot two or more times — 52% worked for Phoenix — 21.5% worked for Mesa.

Mesa’s controversial Police chief Ramon Batista resigned yesterday following a no confidence vote by Mesa’s police union and Fraternal Order of Police. The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, (PLEA) abruptly called off a pending vote of no confidence in Chief Williams, with no explanation.

Monday night an impaired wrong way freeway driver was responsible for colliding with Tempe police officers traveling to a crime scene in separate marked vehicles. This past Saturday night, two PPD officers were hospitalized following a DUI-related crash where the impaired driver, traveling at a high rate of speed, slammed into their patrol car as they were making a traffic stop. She was cited and released.

Imagine if the impaired driver was an off-duty officer. There is no doubt the case would not have been handled so gingerly. Career officers are now fearful of reprisals.

Phoenix Police Chief Williams has fired five officers so far this year.

7 Responses to Phoenix police chief prioritizes firing officers

  1. Mike says:

    The chief needs to study some history, namely, what happened in Detroit when Coleman Young decimated the power of the police force by declaring it “racist” to subdue a criminal. Look up any modern youtube video of Detroit and you will most likely see scenes worse than some third world war zones. This wasn’t the case prior to the 70’s and the responsibility for the origin of the downfall rests squarely on Coleman’s shoulders.

    • Seen It All says:

      It appears the latest trend is to interject racial politics into policing. When the word “community” is used, it relates to minority communities, not the city as a whole.

      The focus on race is detrimental to law enforcement. Officers come from all backgrounds and serve all ethnicities.
      Ruben Ortega was a popular police chief in the 1980 and 90’s who rose through the ranks. Daniel Garcia also served in that capacity. They were not viewed as “firsts” but as competent. They also didn’t view their officers as disposable.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe she can team up with the police chief in Portland, Oregon—you know—the city that protects Antifa and not the law abiding citizens.
    Portland’s police chief by the way is named Danielle Outlaw.
    No lie.

    There have been at least 10 suicides in the NYPD this year.
    Many of them veteran officers and detectives. At least 3 who had already put in their papers for retirement.

    On the streets of NYC, since last week, massive protests Against the police. There are young thugs in groups who are assaulting police officers. Dumping buckets of liquid on the police officers who have been drawn to a location on a bogus call.
    It is sad and disturbing to see the video footage of the young cops being soaked and then RUNNING away. While the thugs laugh and dance around.

    In Mexico. The Mormon women and children brutally murdered by the cartels yesterday. Seems to be from Colonia Lebaron. Romney’s colony close by.

    This youtube video, filmed in 2012, about 40 minutes in length is very worth your while.
    Who knew?

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    Our dedicated police officers deserve to be supported, not stabbed in the back by the police chief.

    • Clementine says:

      The lack of respect for authority is often fostered in youth growing up in fatherless homes. Society pays the price.

  4. Observer says:

    The City of Phoenix is the William’s family bread and butter. The police chief’s husband, Cody Williams, is a former city councilman and is currently a Justice of the Peace. Since she was appointed by the city council does any thinking person think they operate in a vacuum?

  5. Matt DeGennaro says:

    “Victims” of police shootings are rarely victims. They are usually violent and armed, refusing to obey commands to disarm.
    Are police supposed to sit by and let the criminal exert control over the scene? This is not the time to cajole or second guess. The chief needs to support the officers or get off the family gravy train.