AZ election integrity concerns are valid 

The question is ballot integrity…Stephen Richer is the answer

The old adage “everything old is new again,” is being proved right, though not in a way that inspires confidence. As far back as June 2011, when Tom Horne was Arizona Attorney General, there were concerns about voter integrity, as he accused the Obama administration of impeding the state voter ID laws in a blatant attempt to enable illegal aliens to vote in upcoming elections.

Two years later he personally argued Arizona’s Voting Rights case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Two months after, the SCOTUS tossed the law requiring proof of citizenship to vote — with a caveat — as seen in this press release. Notice the name of the contact person. Stephanie Grisham is now President Trump’s Press Secretary.

Now the daily reports that cyber security experts have advised AZ counties to adopt safety measures because election websites are not secure. The chief technology officer at McAfee is quoted as warning, a “two, three percent manipulation can swing an election.”

Tensions ran high as newly elected Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, the first Democrat to head the office in decades, oversaw an Election Day debacle in the 2018 midterms. Fewer polling places, resulting in long lines and waiting times to cast ballots, had voters in an uproar. Returns took days to process and in some cases, final results were weeks in coming. Republicans who were initially winning local and statewide offices — including U.S. Senate, secretary of state, superintendent of public instruction and corporation commission — were suddenly displaced by Democrats after election day, leading to suspicions regarding manipulation of the ballots. Fontes opened “emergency” voting centers in Democrat strongholds for those who claimed they were unable to get to the polls, though mail-in balloting extends for weeks. Frustrated citizens assembled outside Fontes’ office calling for his resignation.

Maricopa County voters have a far superior choice as Stephen Richer runs to unseat the problematic Fontes.  Richer, a Republican attorney who conducted a pro bono audit of the office at the request of the AZ GOP, has been making the rounds of district meetings and various organizations, with a superb power-point presentation explaining the duties and obligations of the Recorders Office, what can go wrong and the need for leadership integrity. Check out Richer’s Election Audit Report and his request for public records regarding what appear to be partisan “community relations” positions created by  Democrat Recorder Fontes.  Follow the link to Records Request.

Book Stephen Richer for your group. This office can no longer fly under the radar.  The integrity of our elections is paramount in maintaining a free society.

7 Responses to AZ election integrity concerns are valid 

  1. Casper says:

    MC Recoder Adrian Fontes epitomizes a classy guy. He publicly responded to a complaining voter on Facebook, telling him, “Go f–k yourself.”

  2. Maggie says:

    Want to see voter fraud in action…watch this Project Veritas expose, showing what went on in Minnesota when a couple of guys blatantly tried to illegally register voters. The clerk behind the counter blandly said, “We’re not the police.”

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Thanks for this post. I definitely want to see Stephen Richer’s presentation. Like what I’ve read here and in the links.

    I wouldn’t vote for “FU” Fontes if he was the last man standing.Not only is he insulting and crude, he’s got an agenda a mile wide. The Recorder’s office should not be promoting leftwing partisan politics. .

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    The Washington Examiner newspaper cited numerous cases in this article, “No, voter fraud isn’t a myth: 10 cases where it’s all too real.

    Betcha won’t see anything like that in the AZ Repukelick.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Thanks for getting the word out SRAZ. Very important.
    Do not underestimate the power and reach of George Soros and his money.

    The State of VA has gone Blue, politically, because of the hoards of people moving out of the Northeast, particularly New York state.

    Isn’t it odd that folks are almost forced to move to get out from under the Dem socialist agenda and programs, then the transplants turn around and continue to vote Dem.

    Remember that it was a transplant who forced Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family out of the restaurant in a lovely small town in VA. (a cousin to Meryl Streep, she is)

    Now, we have the State of Louisiana, a SWAMP in more ways than one, again voting to keep their Trump-hating Governor.
    Although President Trump held multiple rallies in LA recently, the Republican smooth talker lost by about 40,000 votes yesterday.
    Enjoy your high taxes; high insurance costs, and sparse government programs for citizens and infrastructure.

    Notice that people are fleeing CA; State of Washington, and Oregon and moving here for permanent residency.
    And in Minnesota, a small town is facing bankruptcy over having to provide services to refugees from Somalia (sent there by Obama).

    We’ve been a civll war for years. You might not know it, but “they” do.
    Examine closely a picture of the flag the Antifa groups carry. The black flag with white symbols and writing.
    Now, compare it to a certain flag that had its roots in Hitler’s Germany.
    Another Soros circus.
    Remember that he worked with the H team to destroy his own countrymen, when he was but a young teen.

    STAND UP!!!!
    Put on the full armor of God. This is good versus evil—and Nothing Less.
    Teach your children. Educate friends; family, and colleagues.
    Baby steps are good. Until they awaken.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      I am convinced that conservative Republicans are the only ones holding integrity aloft to light the way to righteous elections.

      These are perilous times, exemplified by the Dems using impeachment to remove an elected Republican president simply because they fear his reelection will provide him with the opportunity to replace former ACLU lawyer Ruth Bad-der Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

      I truly believe that is the fear that rattles their bones and is driving the effort to remove him. If they were honest, they would be appalled by the Biden’s, but they keep mum on that overarching issue, rank with deception..

  6. Desert Rat says:

    Like the man said: It isn’t how many votes are counted but who does the counting.