Questionable decision by newly appointed MC Attorney Allister Adel

Resurrects McCainiac Grant Woods to lead Petersen probe

According to the State Bar of Arizona, there are approximately 18,500 active attorneys in the state. Many have credentials and temperament that make them standouts. Grant Woods, an arrogant showboater, is not one of them.

This September 2018 SRAZ post sums up Republicrat Woods who finally made the party switch after years of threatening to do so and continually endorsing Democrats. Read it to be brought up to speed on who this guy is.

On his own law firm website Grant Woods indulges in hyperbole about himself, claiming, he is “one of Arizona’s most acclaimed and successful lawyers,” while calling his own career “legendary.”  As we previously wrote. “Normally such glowing accolades are bestowed by fans, but Grant Woods has no fan that matches the guy he sees in the mirror each morning. “

A major case garnering attention in three states — Arizona, Utah and Arkansas — concerns Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen, who faces dozens of felony charges related to the fraudulent adoption scheme that consumed more of his time than the job to which he was elected in 2013. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has suspended him and he is fighting to regain the job which records indicate he rarely showed up to perform.

This is obviously a case that requires a steady hand and a commitment to more than self adulation. Which raises the question why newly appointed Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel would select Woods to lead the investigation into Petersen’s activities.

Disreputable Grant Woods (article contains numerous links) was John McCain’s first chief of staff when McCain was in the U.S. House nearly four decades ago before being elected to the Senate. Like McCain, Woods later used the Republican Party to which he had no allegiance, to win election as Arizona Attorney General.

8 Responses to Questionable decision by newly appointed MC Attorney Allister Adel

  1. Trevor says:

    Didn’t Grant Woods refuse to support Tom Horne and Mark Brnovich for AZ Attorney General?

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      I remember Grant Woods endorsing Democrat Felecia Rottelini when she ran for Attorney General.
      She’s now the chairman of the AZ Democrat Party.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Is the new county attorney channeling John McCain directly or being advised by Cindy and or Meghan?

  3. PV PC says:

    While he was a Republican precinct committeeman, and in violation of the Maricopa County GOP bylaws, this supposed primo lawyer Grant Woods endorsed Democrats. He’s just the guy to be appointed to lead any investigation. He should be investigating himself!!

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    When you finally are faced with the depth and the breadth of the much talked about “quid pro quo” and the steaming heap of worldwide corruption, you will wonder how the planet has not spun off its axis.

    Remember that many fools think that their cell phones are turned off.
    Remember that the “players” actually do use the internet and video games to communicate. By invitation only.

    There’s a reason they’re called “burner phones”. Sadly, they are too smart by half.

    “Projection”: blaming someone else for the (bad) thing that you are doing.

    The quid pro quo is very real. But not on President Trump’s part.
    The Dems.
    Did you know that Lt.Col. Vindman (who has an identical twin who is also assigned to the WH) has been offered by his Home Country, Ukraine, the job of director of defense for Ukraine at least 3 times in recent years?
    The allegiance of some people who use hyphenated nationalities is suspect.

    Pelosi; Kerry: Romney; Biden. Their sons. Ukraine. Soros.
    All sons being paid big bucks by energy companies; although the boys have no experience in the field. Billions.

    There are people very high up in our military, some of whom have done short stints with President Trump, who—it is said—do NOT love our country.
    NOT referring to Gen. Flynn, who is a HERO.
    Sessions is a Patriiot. Both men took the slings and arrows to save US (us).

    Pray to God.
    Pray for the safety and health of our President and his family and his Loyal team. Also the brave men and women of our military and especially their commanders.

  5. jake sez says:

    Don’t forget that Grant Woods, while AZ Attorney General, was instrumental in having the “English Only” referendum overturned by selecting a judge from the Tucson area to rule against it and then not appealing the decision. Woods is a self serving attorney and will always be one.

    • Clementine says:

      Grant Woods wife Marlene Galan, (a former local newscaster) is Cuban. That could be behind his flawed rationale for opposing the reasonable English referendum. She speaks perfect English.