Deafening silence re: ailing Ginsburg: lynchpin to impeachment

Urgency to oust Pres. Trump hinges on SCOTUS

The old adage, “No news is good news,” takes on a decidedly different meaning as it relates to far leftist Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former ACLU lawyer.

This optimistic press release regarding the health of the 86-year-old has not been updated since Friday, November 23, 2019. At the time it noted Ginsburg was expected to be released from the hospital as early as Sunday morning.

Today is Monday. Although sporadic far left news sources report she has been “released from the hospital,” there has been no official update. The grimmer reality points to an aged, seriously ailing justice and the desperate Democrats trying to beat the clock, by taking down Republican President Trump before he could name a third justice to the high court. 

8 Responses to Deafening silence re: ailing Ginsburg: lynchpin to impeachment

  1. Braveheart says:

    I check out the Drudge Report each morning since Matt Drudge is quick on the draw with such news, usually giving it top of the page headline prominence. Nothing but chirping crickets.

    • Saguaro Sam says:

      Be advised that Drudge has sold us out.
      He dumped his advertising associations of more than 20 years to go with a little-known co. called Granite Cubed.
      GC also bought out Drudge’s father’s long time website called RefDesk in 2017.

      So who really owns and operates Granite Cubed you might ask.

      Just like you should know that FitBit has been bought by Goog.
      Which should be of concern to anyone who owns and uses a FitBit device.

      MDrudge is not one of us.
      Heavily compromised.

      Lifestyle choices makes people susceptible to blackmail and all sorts of threats. Which is also why so many Repubs jumped ship for CNN, etc. And the ones who stayed are impotent.

      • Doc says:

        Oh my Lord!! You BOTH are right! I’m saddened by the evidence of this from drudge.Are you sure that this granite cubed isn’t squeezin’ in some odd way that we don’t know of?

  2. Realist says:

    The fact that the Supreme Court’s own Press Office has made no official announcement indicates to me that there is a concerted effort to keep Americans in the dark regarding the crucial issue of Ginsburg’s health.

    • Claire Voyant says:

      Ginsburg’s advanced age is as much a consideration as her deteriorating health. She has repeatedly fallen asleep when her colleagues are alert. The leftwing lame stream media is intent on keeping her propped up for as long as she serves its purpose, which is to keep her around long enough to impeach Pres. Trump.

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    I’m old enough to remember when Arizona had a US Senator named Carl Hayden. We were taught in school that he was born in the Arizona territory before statehood. Hayden, a Democrat, was elected to many offices, even Maricopa County Sheriff. He ended his career as President Pro Tempore of the US Senate and died not long after retiring at age 94. Dems don’t have it within them to exit gracefully. They think they are the center of gravity that keeps the earth revolving on its axis.

    Ginsburg stands as a perfect example of that mindset. Arizonans used to joke that Carl Hayden was not actually alive but a stuffed replica toted around by his dedicated aide, Roy Elson. After Hayden’s death Elson ran for the Senate and lost to Barry Goldwater.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Let us see your hands, RBG.

    Never forget that she co-authored a book in which she advocated for the legal age of consent be lowered to 12 years old for females to engage in sexual activities.
    And that all prisons, jails should have co-ed housing of inmates.

    Some day you will learn that the Left is consumed by sexual deviancy. Weiner’s laptop contains many extremely bad files regarding HRC, Huma and many others. Why do you think Huma dropped the divorce against Weiner? Husband/wife testimony in court?

    The files brought grown men, police detectives NYC, to their knees.
    And coincide this with what has happened to so many NYPD cops these past 2 years.
    Too bad that NYPD trusted the FBI with the info.
    Comey took personal control of it.

    It IS about the children.
    Worse than you could ever imagine.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Lowering the age of consent to 12 is beyond reprehensible. Nothing is too grotesque for the extremists at the ACLU.