AZ Republic’s circulation in deep decline

Newspaper’s plunge among steepest for Gannett papers

The acquisition of Gannett, publisher of USA Today and other papers, by GateHouse Media was supposed to provide a lifeline to the faltering news conglomerate.

Instead, of the 200 daily newspapers at the newly merged Gannett Co. that file print circulation numbers publicly, more than 80% are losing circulation at a faster rate than the national average and 10% are declining at twice that rate or more, according to a Business Journal analysis.

Among the largest Gannett-owned publications, The Arizona Republic has suffered one of the steepest declines, with a two-year circulation drop of 30.3% since 2017.

The failing, Hillary-endorsing Republic’s 2019 print circulation has plunged below 100,000 to 99,456.

The Business Journal’s analysis of the past two years’ worth of circulation data filed with the Alliance for Audited Media could provide clues as to which newspapers Gannett may target with staff cuts, closures or potential mergers with other publications. Earlier this month, the $1.2 billion merger of Virginia-based Gannett and New York-based New Media Holdings Group was completed, forming the nation’s largest newspaper conglomerate.

The new Gannett is reported to be under intense pressure from shareholders to fulfill its pledge to cut $300 million in expenses. The likelihood is that it will ax its most under-performing newspapers.

The current Arizona Republic, fueled by Trump-hatred and a dedication to insulting its remaining readers, is a skeletal model of it’s former self, but its radically left content remains uncompromisingly robust.

This morning’s edition of the pre-Thanksgiving front page is dominated by an oversize photo and article hailing the teaching of a new version of what is termed “the myth of Thanksgiving.” Young children at “some” Arizona schools are not learning about the interaction between the Mayflower pilgrims of Plymouth Colony and the native American tribes, but are being taught about “native culture” and “indigenous identity.” In line with the Republic’s offensive notion that only ethnic minorities can cover their own cultures, the report is written by the newspaper’s “indigenous affairs reporter.”

This unprofitable albatross is writing its own obit.

7 Responses to AZ Republic’s circulation in deep decline

  1. Seen It All says:

    Could there be a more worthy candidate for the garbage heap than this rag?

    My parents subscribed to both the Arizona Republic and its afternoon edition, the Phoenix Gazette, since my dad wanted the most up to date news that the afternoon edition provided in the pre-Internet world.

    In those days the newspaper was conservative. It was owned by Eugene Pulliam and his wife, Nina.

    • Anthem Al says:

      That newspaper sounds too good to be true. I would so enjoy sitting with my morning coffee and having something to read that didn’t insult my intelligence. We cancelled the AZ Repugnant after the Hillary endorsement, but should have done so sooner. The slavish adulation of career Dem colluder McCain was gaggable.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    Imagine all the good work that they could do, if they just stuck to the who, what, when, etc.

    a 74 year old female “hiker” on Squaw Peak in JUNE, seems to be ungrateful that others risked their lives to rescue her from treacherous terrain and airspace.

    Maybe a sane judge will throw out this frivolous lawsuit.
    After all, she lived to tell about it.

    (FYI: Coast Guard helicopter rescues at sea often face this spinning “stretcher” (otherwise known as a “basket”), scenario, and all air-evac’d victims were damned grateful.)

    Watch Iran; Hong Kong.
    People everywhere just wanna be free. . .

    Keep praying and appealing to God in Heaven.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Looks like the time has come to replace both Greg Burton, the Executive Editor and Phil Boas, the Editorial Page Editor, with people who won’t drive subscribers away.

    Their far left slant is obviously not profitable.

    • Realist says:

      Your idea makes sense, though your list is too short. All of the Republic’s editorial board should be retrained or fired. The columnists need the same counselling. Having a ridiculous leftist bias permeating every fiber of each page is lunacy unless they have no desire to succeed.

      If that’s the case (which it appears to be) then the Republic should be shuttered. Why would any respectable business hang on to a failing venture?

      • Braveheart says:

        I’m not as charitable as you appear to be by your suggestions. It’s impossible to “retrain” hard left extremists. If survival is the goal, they need to be replaced.

  4. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    Good riddance to BAD rubbish!