Dems embrace impeachment to their own detriment

The Thanksgiving weekend provides us a much needed respite from the political chaos as congress is on break and many of the rest of us are enjoying family time.

Today we provide our readers with a column by David Limbaugh, titled,Democrats Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” detailing how their radical agenda, focused on their obsession with removing President Donald Trump from office is backfiring on them.

Limbaugh correctly assesses the situation with these words, “For all their smugness about Trump’s imminent demise and the superiority of their “enlightened” policy positions, they have an uphill battle going into 2020, which is partly attributable to their arrogant dismissal of the rest of the nation and partly to Trump’s policy successes.”

You’ll be wiser for reading this excellent column.

H/T The Patriot Post

5 Responses to Dems embrace impeachment to their own detriment

  1. Patriot Mom says:

    David and Rush Limbaugh spring from an exceptional gene pool. Thanks for this column, SRAZ!

    • Sally Forth says:

      At our Thanksgiving table with family and invited guests of all persuasions, Grand Dad gave thanks, and ended by asking for the Lord’s “continued grace and blessings to shine upon our President Donald Trump.”

      I noticed one couple did not say “Amen,” but that was the beginning and end of it. They knew better than to take on Grand Dad. I was so proud of him.

      • Realist says:

        We had a similar blessing said at our Thanksgiving dinner. I suspect that was not unusual around the country where Republicans hosted.

        The President’s unannounced holiday visit to the troops in Afghanistan was spectacular!! He was greeted by cheers, even serving them their meals and dining with them. Our military understand that he has their backs, as evidenced by his announcement of a partial troop withdrawal. We need to train others to defend themselves and not send our treasure to be killed in wars the locals back away from since they know we will show up.

  2. Saguaro Sam says:

    The Dem(ons) ALL know that President Trump cannot be defeated in 2020.
    Therefore, the Capital Circus complete with Clowns.
    How many current and former members of Congress are CIA?
    How many in DOJ work for dual agencies.
    Make no mistake, it was not any government agent who discovered the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page—-it was his wife who turned them in.

    They are ALL dirty from various fraudulent activities to treasonous acts.

    Research it—-Pelosi’s son, Paul; Romney’s son; Kerry’s son, and Hunter Biden (his DNA just proved that he IS the baby Daddy of a child recently delivered by a stripper called “Dallas”)—-they have all made tens of millions of dollars from foreign entities, all companies having to do with “energy”. What quals to they have? None.

    President Trump faked them all out by pretending to be at Mar-a-Lago, when in fact he was making the 8000 miles trip to Afghanistan to have Thanksgiving dinner with our military.

    No person who walks this earth could have saved us (US).
    A few months ago, he lit the press corps on fire when he told them that he is “the chosen one”. And, last week Rick Perry referred to the President in the same manner—“the chosen one”

    Who was Cyrus?