Anti-Trump play to debut in Phoenix

In a move sure to arouse more than toe-tapping, the Phoenix Theatre Company (PTC) is veering from solid entertainment to celebrating illegal immigration. Season ticket holders are paying to be propagandized by political leftism masquerading as a musical.

‘Americano!’ is being heralded as the centerpiece of The Phoenix Theatre Company’s 100th Anniversary Season for 2020. It doesn’t come cheap to be insulted and have your belief in the rule of law demeaned. Decent Saturday night seats run close to $100 bucks apiece, not including additional “fees.”

This synopsis comes directly from the PTC: “This musical true story follows Tony, the child of immigrants who discovers his undocumented status when he tries to enlist in the Marines. With his lifelong dream of serving in the military vanishing quickly, Tony must confront his family, his heritage, and a deeply divided country. Featuring a sumptuous original score of new music, Americano! casts a profoundly human light on what it means to be a Dreamer.”

Notice the word manipulation:

“Child of immigrants”: Omits the word “illegal.” Actual immigrants come to the United States legally.

“Undocumented status”: They have plenty of documents. Our 2008 post titled, “Lingo,” provides the facts.  Read Number 3.

“Dreamer”: Read D.R.E.A.M. Act morphs into dreamy amnesty.

If this is the latest trend in live theater, rational Valley residents might want to reconsider their entertainment options.

5 Responses to Anti-Trump play to debut in Phoenix

  1. Patriot Mom says:

    This important report sets the record straight:
    The DACA Myth, What Americans Need to Know

  2. Enuff says:

    We were longtime season ticket holders, who gave up our prime seats due to the ongoing homosexual themes in the productions. It became a routine assault in an effort to normalize the abnormal.

    This production is definitely one will be glad to miss. Trying to wring emotional responses to the criminal invasion and beating up on President Trump, whom we support, are a couple of bridges too far.

    We wanted entertainment, not leftist brainwashing that we have to pay top dollar for. No more!

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    The Daily Caller recently posted this revealing background on this topic. What interest does another nation have in our internal policies? Mexico benefits greatly. This is important information to counter the left’s craziness.

    These are excerpts:
    “Mexico’s government has supported DACA beneficiaries and Mexican nationals living in the United States by holding clinics, providing funding and access to competent legal counsel in connection to the application process under DACA,” the brief reads. It goes on to note that Mexican consular officials have assisted approximately 30,000 DACA recipients with “obtaining the necessary documents and, in some cases, providing economic assistance to apply for DACA.”

    Approximately 80% of DACA’s 800,000 recipients are Mexican nationals.

    The government of Mexico recently filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to stop President Donald Trump’s attempt to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
    Mexican consular officials have helped many of its nationals obtain protected status under DACA, according to the brief.

  4. jake sez says:

    Note that whenever there is a discussion concerning the dreams of an illegal it is usually to join the military, go to school to become a doctor or some other great cause. How many do you think actually complete these goals. Most that try to join the military don’t complete boot camp.

    • Anthem Al says:

      Your observation mirrors my own! Illegals are all of the highest moral character and possess brain power that can only be be unleashed in the USA. They have no enthusiasm to enhance their own country of Mexico. Mexico won’t fund their every desire and lower tuition rates as the liberals in the USA are dedicated to advancing.