Butterflies take precedence over border wall

Loony left: U.S. invasion by illegals should not be halted due to wall’s negative impact on butterflies

South Texas Judge Librado “Keno” Vasquez, recently issued a temporary restraining order against a group called We Build the Wall, Inc. The group of privately funded patriots has already raised $25 million through crowdfunding and other sources after promising to build a private barrier on parts of the border between the United States and Mexico, after funding obtained by President Trump was curtailed by congressional Democrats.

Vasquez set a December 17, 2019 hearing for We Build the Wall, Inc. and its founder, military veteran Brian Kolfage — a triple amputee who lost both legs and his right arm during his second deployment in Iraq in 2004. Kolfage is to appear in court in the southeastern Texas city of Edinburg, near McAllen in Hidalgo County. Judge Vasquez, expected to evaluate cases on their merits, without prejudice or preconception, has already stated the project risked causing “imminent and irreparable harm” to the area, responding to concerns of North American Butterfly Association (NABA), a butterfly protection organization.

Brian Kolfage brings more than determination to this worthy effort. He earned a degree from the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Arizona in 2014.

Worth noting is the fact that Democrat Librado “Keno” Vasquez was the only name on the ballot for the judgeship of the 398th District Court in Hidalgo County.

Residents of Hidalgo County have consistently voted Democrat in presidential elections, with rare exceptions, such as In 2004, when Republican former Texas Gov. George W. Bush carried the county.

The U.S. Census Bureau counted 861,661 people living in Hidalgo County in 2017. About 92.2% percent were Hispanic and 6.2% were “White Alone.” 1.01% are listed as “Asian Alone.”

Earthjustice, a leftist fringe group more concerned with butterflies than the safety and security of Americans, wrote this letter protesting construction of the wall to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Control of borders is an essential element of sovereignty, a fact that lacks relevance to either the butterfly enthusiasts or, apparently, to Judge Vasquez.

3 Responses to Butterflies take precedence over border wall

  1. Villanova says:

    The left is not only populated with crazies, but they elect them to congress and in the case of Librado “Keno” Vasquez, provide them with uncontested judgeships.

  2. Maggie says:

    I read that the butterfly aficionados were worried because they said the butterflies couldn’t fly over six feet above the ground and the wall would restrict their ability to travel freely.