JD Hayworth makes radio industry news

TALKERS magazine, the go-to site representing Talk Radio/Media Industry News, carries an interview with former Arizona Congressman and radio host JD Hayworth, as this week’s guest on the award-winning PodcastOne series “The Michael Harrison Interview.”

Arizona fans, as well as those around the country where Hayworth frequently guest hosts, will want to check out this national coverage.

4 Responses to JD Hayworth makes radio industry news

  1. Patriot Mom says:

    So glad to read this coverage. JD always imparts wisdom to his audience. Whenever I know he is on the air, I make it a point to listen…even when he’s guest hosting in other states. Seeing Red AZ’s updates are certainly appreciated.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Thanks for this information. JD recently guest hosted on the local Seth Leibsohn show for several days on 960 AM (The Patriot) and it was a pleasure to hear him in the car! He kept me company all the way to a meeting in Flagstaff. I was energized when I arrived!

  3. Observer says:

    Just finished listening to the Michael Harrison podcast interview. It’s linked in the Talkers Magazine article. Enjoyed it very much!!

  4. Braveheart says:

    Entertaining interview! Appreciated the article and the podcast link.

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