Media Americanizes, gives cover to illegal alien child rapists

Writing for Conservative Review, Daniel Horowitz exposes the deceptive language used to describe an illegal child sexual predator.

The local NBC affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina, reported on Friday, “A Charleston County man has been arrested and charged after he allegedly sexually assaulted a girl who was in fourth grade.” Except this is no Charleston man; this is an illegal alien from Mexico, according to the booking in the county jail.

The charging affidavit alleges that between February and June 2019, Carlos Bartolo Rios, 29, sexually assaulted the girl and forced her to watch sex videos. He was arrested Thursday night by the U.S. Marshals and is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor under 11 years old. He is being held at the Charleston County Jail, where there is an ICE hold on him because of his immigration status.

Ever wonder how many of these sexual assaults every year are committed by illegal aliens because we refuse to actually enforce the laws on the books?

South Carolina cooperates with ICE, but because the biggest illegal alien jurisdictions do not, we will never know the true number. However, ICE recently reported that just for fiscal year 2019, there were a total of 14,500 sex crime charges among those who were subject to ICE detainers.

Moreover, it’s likely that ICE is missing many of these people thanks to sanctuary jurisdictions releasing sex offenders, including child sex offenders. The number of apprehensions in sanctuary states has plummeted. For example, South Carolina is under the auspices of ICE’s Atlanta field office, which made 13,247 arrests last year. Contrast that to the Los Angeles field office, which made just 6,657 arrests. That is simply astounding given how many more illegal aliens live in California and tells us that, given that 90 percent of those targeted by ICE are criminal aliens, there are endless dangerous criminals like Rios who are not caught and removed if they commit their crimes in places like California….[or we might add, in Arizona, as this August 2019 SRAZ post, detailing local illegal alien child rapists attests.]

We urge you to read Horowitz’ report full of facts, figures, and exposing the child sexual abuse that is especially prevalent in Mexico and Central America and arrives in crisis proportions in the United States with the flood of illegals.

3 Responses to Media Americanizes, gives cover to illegal alien child rapists

  1. Patriot Farmer 1 says:

    Whoah, that’s the wrong kind of Americanization…

    Thank you for the story.


  2. MacBeth says:

    What Americans and other advanced societies consider deviancy and perversion is simply a way of life in other cultures. Child “brides” given to older more prominent men by their own fathers is commonplace around the globe. Muslims, here in the USA, have been reported to engage in “honor killings” of their own daughters who have acclimated to the westernized concept of dating rather than having their father pick their husband for them. There was a case here in Phoenix that drew international attention, as relatives and associates helped the father escape via Mexico to London, where he was sent back to the United States, tried, found guilty and sentenced to 34 years for purposely ramming his vehicle into his own daughter and her boyfriend’s mother. The daughter was killed and the other woman severely injured.