AZ patriots portrayed as fringe element, killers by NYT

The newly compromised Drudge Report, reported to have been sold, has been veering off into the hinterlands with a bizarre anti-Trump bent, all the more obvious with this guaranteed to incite headline: “Nothing Less Than Civil War’: These Voters See Doom Without Trump.”

Using the familiar Drudge format of headline links, the disappointingly revised site links to a the unfamiliar DNYUZ which turns out to be the consistently left-wing New York Times. The last Republican presidential candidate the publication endorsed was Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. Today it runs an obnoxious report filled with deception, denigrating Trump supporters as dimwits and white nationalists. Apparently inconsequential is the fact that well-respected, U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ CD 4) serving his fifth term, addressed the patriotic crowd. Yet the NYT’s radical new hire Astead W. Herndon blatantly libels conservatives to ensure job security.

Two months late in reporting on the October gathering referred to as “Trumpstock,” in the small Mohave County, Arizona town of Golden Valley, Herndon must have longed to be among the naked doper crowd at Woodstock, whose 1969 headliners Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin both died of drug overdoses within a year of that event.

Though conceding “the president draws support from a broader political and ideological cross-section of Republicans than the Trumpstock crowd reflected, attracting some independents and Democrats as well,” the intent was to marginalize supporters as small minded bigots.

 “But if any group remains singularly loyal to Mr. Trump, it is the small but impassioned number of white voters on the far right, often in rural communities like Golden Valley, who extol him as a cultural champion reclaiming the country from undeserving outsiders.

These voters don’t passively tolerate Mr. Trump’s “build a wall” message or his ban on travel from predominantly Muslim countries — they’re what motivates them. They see themselves in his fear-based identity politics, bolstered by conspiratorial rhetoric about caravans of immigrants and Democratic “coups.”

 Get that?

Next comes our support of the Second Amendment, or as Barack Obama described conservatives “clinging to our guns and religion.”

We are irrationally portrayed as heat-packing armed vigilantes, who shoot first and ask questions later, hence the article’s absurd Civil War referenced headline.

6 Responses to AZ patriots portrayed as fringe element, killers by NYT

  1. Tucson GOP says:

    How would racially biased against whites reporter Astead Herndon cover Grafton Thomas, the machete wielding black man who charged into a New York Rabbi’s home/synagogue as a Chanukah menorah lighting celebration was taking place, slashing innocent victims? He tried to conceal his identity with a face covering but was arrested in Harlem 2 hours later.

    • Realist says:

      Bet clearly bigoted Herndon won’t be the one who covers this machete attack perpetrated by a black man on Jewish worshipers.

      The rise in these horrific crimes has been the result of the increasing anti-Semitic rants from the congressional radical Muslims Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and their obliging cohorts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-N.Y and Ayanna Pressley, (D-Mass.).
      These extremists are now setting the tone for Speaker Nancy Peolsi, who kowtows to the whims of these freshmen. No one reins them in and they have become ever ore emboldened.

    • Clementine says:

      Godlessness is on the rise. Now there’s a report of a Baptist church shooting in Fort Worth Texas, leaving two dead and another in critical condition.
      Thankfully, heroic, armed congregants shot and killed the murderer, saving other lives.

  2. Seen It All says:

    This is the dismal report the New York Times sent out to investors as management tried to put lipstick on its stinking pig of a newspaper:

    The Times admits it is still in the tank after losing subscribers following publishing the name of the impeachment whistleblower, with 4.9 Million total subscriptions (which includes digital). It reports it is “nearly half way to its goal of 10 Million by 2025. Goals are one thing. Reality is quite another.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Those “caravans of immigrants” Herndon mentions are actually illegal alien invaders. Legitimate immigrants respect the USA, obey our laws, apply for citizenship and gratefully become Americans. This is typical of left-wing reporting.

  4. MAGA Hat Man says:

    Hmm-m. I notice the column has been rewritten, loaded with photos and now bears the New York Times masthead instead of DNYUZ. Wonder what caused the alterations?? The content is even more egregious than it was earlier. Hatred of conservatives is evident and then some.

    Thanks, SRAZ, for not posting a direct link to this anti-Trump (and us!) garbage.