AZ Republic’s Diaz prefers sitting ducks to 2nd Amendment

Facts don’t deter relentless commitment to leftist lunacy of victim disarmament 

During the horrific church shooting that recently took place in Texas, armed congregants were able to take down the gunman who had stalked the house of worship, which previously fed him, but did not agree to his demands for money.

On Keith Kinnunen’s last visit to the church, he wore a disguise, sat down on a pew and then decided it was time to launch a killing spree. As he pulled his shotgun and killed two churchgoers and left another in critical condition, armed members of the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas returned fire, (video) with Jack Wilson killing him. The armed men were heroes, part of the church’s security force, saving lives among their nearly 250 fellow worshippers. At least half a dozen other parishioners drew their own weapons and began moving up the aisles.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed bills allowing law-abiding citizens to be armed in churches following the calamitous November 5, 2017, attack at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in which 26 people were killed and 20 others wounded.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick praised the reaction of armed parishioners during the church attack, referring to them as “immediate responders.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton visiting the church, said, “We can’t prevent mental illness from occurring, and we can’t prevent every crazy person from pulling a gun, but we can be prepared like this church was.”

President Trump quickly weighed in, acknowledging the reality.

The elected officials are all Republicans. 

But that logic doesn’t appeal to the seriously failing Arizona Republic reporter Elvia Diaz. She is troubled by other aspects of the prayerful service that rapidly transformed into a violent, bloody scene, sarcastically writing, “Jack Wilson is a hero alright. It took him only six seconds to kill a gunman at a Texas church.” Then Diaz laments, “Unfortunately, that kind of split-second heroism has turned into a PR tool by gun advocates.”

She’d obviously prefer sitting duck carnage rather than allow citizens their constitutional right to defend themselves and others. Fortunately, we have such rights protected, and this recent rampage proves the effectiveness of licensed concealed carry.

Radically leftist Diaz held back on railing against the name of the town. White Settlement, was the name given to the small community of settlers in 1840, by the nearby native tribes.

5 Responses to AZ Republic’s Diaz prefers sitting ducks to 2nd Amendment

  1. hoi polloi boy says:

    Diaz is a radical ignorant brainwashed left wing kook as her recent inane rant demonstrates.

    I’ve told her as much via email and I am proud to disclose that I have been blocked for quite some time now from violating her safe space via email at the AZ Repulsive.

    • Observer says:

      How interesting that our constitutionally protected freedom of speech established as part of our First Amendment, is now misinterpreted by the newspaper as allowing reporters to hide from their fellow Americans who disagree with the press?

      Newspaper cancellation is the only language the loser of a newspaper understands. The editorial page editor even admitted in print that its 2016 endorsement of Hillary Clinton led to a backlash of cancellations. The downturn was followed by layoffs, since it was unable to sustain itself. Now much of what is written is the work of ASU Cronkite Journalism School interns who willingly work for a byline.

      • Casper says:

        Good point! Cancel and put the Arizona Republic out of its (and our) misery. It’s a worthless left wing rag. We stopped our subscription a few years ago and have never regretted our decision. Updated news is available 24/7 from multiple sources. It’s a relic.

      • hoi polloi boy says:

        I paid $10 for a one year trial digital subscription. Two years after the subscription expired I still have the rag polluting my inbox. I forgot to mention I was also blocked by the childish idiot cartoonist Steve Benson who was fixated on Trump’s hair before he was fired in a downsizing move.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Although Elvia Diaz has her head up her posterior, we know guns save lives.
    The NRA stands alone in protecting our Second Amendment freedoms.

    There are some excellent membership offers now. It’s a great time to join.

    We gave some as holiday gifts to those we knew understand the need to protect our freedoms. The recipients were all surprised and grateful!