Radical Dems aim to swell voter base with China’s aid

The importance of this information cannot be overemphasized.  We must be armed with facts in order to keep our country and reelect Pres. Trump

Arizona has made the news again. This time as part of a far leftist multi-state alliance, known as the State Power Caucus, led by pro-China communists. Its goal is the mobilization of 40 million new Democrat voters for the 2020 election. The radically left group’s About” page opens with these disturbingly deceptive words:

“We re-launched Organizing Upgrade in 2017 to serve as a space where left organizers can discuss strategy and share organizing models that respond to the profound dangers and the real opportunities of this political moment.

The Trump administration poses a series of grave threats. Most central is the dangerous ascent of white nationalism, which — after years of racist backlash and the strategic use of race by the Republican Party — now has sway at the very center of executive power in this country. This is, in turn, is [sic] energizing grassroots mobilization among white supremacist forces of many stripes.”

A recent post from the group is titled,Seed the Vote: A Project to Fight the Right and Build the Left in 2020 and Beyond.

Trevor Loudon, a well-respected columnist, has written this must read exposé:40 Million New Democrat Vote, Will the ‘State Power Caucus’ Destroy America? which appears in Epoch Times. He includes crucial pre-election information, and names the group’s leaders.

Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker who specializes in exposing Marxist influence on mainstream politics. Follow him on Twitter.

3 Responses to Radical Dems aim to swell voter base with China’s aid

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Obviously vigilance is always paramount when dealing with the leftist agenda. But in my lifetime, I don’t remember it being as vital as today. The dems have become the enemy of democracy.

  2. Anthem Al says:

    My democrat parents would never have been able to imagine that the communists their generation fought a war to destroy are back with a vengeance in our own country and are taking over the party they belonged to.

    • Braveheart says:

      Pres. Trump has been better for the United States than any president in my lifetime. My advice to you is to become a precinct committeeman and work to recruit others. We must re-elect Pres, Donald Trump. It’s an imperative. The Dem candidates are all pushing Socialism and America’s poorly educated youth are onboard. thinking we all need to be “equal,” regardless of the education levels we have attained or the effort we expended to achieve what we have. Try imaging left-wing bureaucrats in charge of redistributing our assets.