#REDSforEd: Educrats push socialist political agenda

Teachers outpacing Dem politicians as the latest tools to turn red states blue

Arizonans were exposed to the unseemly underbelly of the unionized striking teachers’ walkout which left approximately 840,000 students abandoned for nearly two weeks just prior to the end of the 2018 school year. SRAZ extensively covered the union thugs abominable actions and 20% wage hike demands  — which they then decided wasn’t high enough for their part-time jobs.

In unison, the striking teachers donned red t-shirts emblazoned with #RedforEd and marched on the state capitol. Here at Seeing Red AZ, we dubbed their slogan #REDSforEd, in acknowledgment of the fact that, lemming-like, they were willingly led by a then-24-year-old Noah Karvelis, an eager Socialist Labor Party pawn and 2016 AZ Bernie Sanders campaign coordinator who had only a “provisional” teaching certificate having failed to complete the required history and government courses for certification. Still the teachers followed him as obediently as rats following the Piped Piper of Hamelin.

His mantra,“Teaching is political and silence is complicity,” is enough to send chills down the backs of any responsible parents. Arizona students are doing even worse on tests than their previously low scores. More than half who took the 2019 AzMERIT tests failed — for the FIFTH year in a row! This is the educrats’ highly touted program that measures what should be proficiency in student ability to comprehend basic math and reading skills. To conceal the unfathomable failure rate, they simply changed the test name to AzM2.

Sunday’s edition of Breitbart News, features an outstanding report by Michael Patrick Leahy titled,#RedforEd Founder Promoting ‘Teacher Agency’ in Politics to Academia.” Be aware there is a major concerted effort within the education establishment to flip red or purple states into the leftist blue column. If you have children or grandchildren attending public schools, be sure to read it. Knowledge is power.

Teachers unions, (check out the “party split” graphic) funded to the tune of $millions by dues paying teachers are notoriously left-wing, almost exclusively supporting liberal candidates and causes.*

*Center for Responsive Politics

4 Responses to #REDSforEd: Educrats push socialist political agenda

  1. Frankly speaking says:

    Teachers no longer teach. They indoctrinate and propagandize. Why do you think the youth vote went for Socialist Bernie Sanders (who caucuses with the Democrats) in 2016? His promises of “free” university education and health care resonated with those who are still being supported by their parents who worked for what they have. Now they are taught in taxpayer funded public schools that capitalism is evil, while socialism equals equality. They need to visit Cuba or Venezuela to see life under Socialism. They’re not learning the truth in school.

  2. Casper says:

    I have several teachers (current and retired) in my family, including my mother, sister and brother-in-law. They are all fanatical Dems, even my own Hillary supporting mother, who regards me as a renegade because I‘m a registered Republican. She’s never asked me if I voted for Donald Trump. I suspect she knows but couldn’t bear to hear the truth.

  3. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.,
    Thank you for the spelling correction. Our extra “e” in the word “acknowledgment” was not picked up by the automatic spell check. Having a reliable human giving our posts the once-over is certainly preferable! You are not being “picky,” but very helpful.
    Best regards for the new year.

  4. Observer says:

    If sane, educated Americans who read and have learned from history are not vigilant, these dunces, products of the teaching establishment, depicted in the video will destroy our great nation.

    Following the teachers walkout/strike, four families we know removed their children from public schools. Two went the charter route and the other is homeschooling with a consortium of other parents. Our niece and her husband, who live in a Tucson suburb, put their son and daughter in a parochial school.

    Not many with options are willing to risk their children’s future by letting radical educrats corrode their brains.

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