Arizona’s abundance of political Mc’s: Only one has brains

With a proliferation of senators or wannabes with Mc attached to their surnames, it might be easy to mistake Arizona for a Gaelic clan. Unlike the close-knit clans, however, the breed that have taken up residence in the political realm of the saguaro laden state are far from buddies.

The dramatic and easily offended Mega McCain, daughter of the unreliable, hot-tempered and profane former senator with the same last name, is sounding a great deal like dear old dad who choreographed his own three funerals, including pointedly disinviting President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania.

Mega, whose specialty is crassness, is now taking on AZ Sen. Martha McSally, a former Air Force officer and combat fighter pilot, who has been in life or death battles while Mega was busy getting tattooed. Appearing on Friday’s broadcast of ‘The View,’ Mega ripped into Sen. McSally, a former two term member of congress saying, McSally “didn’t earn” her appointment to the seat formerly held by Sen. John McCain.

Mega McCain was commenting on Sen. McSally calling CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju a “liberal hack,” in response to his impertinent question about President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

In 2016, the McCain family let it be known that their votes would not be cast for Donald Trump, a political novice — who achieved what John McCain built his career on trying to attain, though he spectacularly failed. The take away? They voted for “rockstar” Hillary Clinton.

Mega went on to deride McSally, saying:

“And she does have an extremely tight race. Arizona could turn blue, which I mean — pigs may start flying around the studio if that ends up happening — I never thought I’d see the day. But she is fundraising off of this with Trump supporters. But unfortunately, there’s a lot of states like Utah, like Arizona, like Nevada, that I think people just assume are going to be full red forever, and it’s not. It’s very independent and fringy, and I think there’s a reason why it has such a long history, especially in Arizona, with people like Barry Goldwater in place.”

Political wizard Mega McCain added, “I actually think she’s playing her cards completely wrong. One hundred percent I don’t think this is the right way to do it, but do you know who’s playing it completely right?

My other senator, Kyrsten Sinema, with her fashion choices on the Congressional floor. I think we have it. Look at her, that’s my other senator. Look at that outfit. I love everything she’s doing. She’s very independent. She’s a Democrat, but she’s like very — she votes on the right as well, and I think she (McSally) should take more pages from Kyrsten Sinema.”

Mega is influenced by fashion rather than policy, dismissing Kyrsten Sinema’s forays into Communism and vulgar rants before reconfiguring herself as a Prada wearing Democrat. She obviously knows little about Barry Goldwater, who definitely wasn’t the conservative we’ve been led to believe.

In deriding Martha McSally, Mega McCain uses the same terminology used by the clearly not-ready-for-prime-time candidate, Daniel McCarthy. Watch this ‘Sunday Square Off’ interview on an empty stomach. McCarthy is intent on aiding Mark Kelly aka “Mr. Gabby Giffords” in turning over both of Arizona’s senate seats to the Dems. And if Kelly dresses up to her standards, that should be enough to make Mega happy.

This is Daniel McCarthy’s televised appearance on ‘Sunday Square Off.’


16 Responses to Arizona’s abundance of political Mc’s: Only one has brains

  1. D.B. Cooper says:

    Where to begin? Why doesn’t the Republican party do at least a preliminary vetting of candidates on this level? Daniel McCarthy is an embarrassment. It made my teeth itch just to watch his antics. He responds to every tough question by declaring it “Irrelevant.”

    Ms. McCain fits the name “Mega” much better than does “Meghan.” Her mouth as well as the rest of her is “super-sized.” The only place she lacks cells is in her cranial cavity.

    Martha McSally is now Arizona’s lone Republican Senator. Pres. Trump has given her his unequivocal support, which matters to me. She will not fall in with the impeachment brigade. If this sham was taking place after the upcoming election, there is a good possibility she’d be bounced and we’d have Soros supported Mark Kelly casting a vote to remove Pres. Trump from office.

    The fools who are falling for the novice “Demand Daniel” are being suckered. He is what is irrelevant, though every vote he takes away from the incumbent brings us closer to a catastrophic end.

    Martha McSally graduated with honors from the US Air Force Academy. Mega is only yapping on TV because her name has panache with the dense liberal women who watch Whoopie and crew. Mega was dumped from Fox’ Outnumbered because she had nothing to contribute.

    i’m so riled I’m going to eat a rare steak for dinner and stomp on some ants in the yard.

  2. Strom says:

    Good points SRAZ. McCarthy is not gonna cut it. I believe the Governor’s appointment of McSally was a major mistake but unless some of the Conservative House members come forward she is who we have and Kelly would just be Gabby in pants. As much as I dislike Sinema, she has played it very smart since being elected.

  3. Trevor says:

    Daniel McCarthy went after POTUS for not backing him. Not a smart move.

  4. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Although we appreciate you joining in this comment exchange, you cannot use an entire sentence in place of your name. Resubmit your question, use one handle and stick with it.

  5. Kent says:

    Someone should remind Sinema-worshiper Mega McCain that self identified atheist and bisexual, Kyrsten Sinema refused to take her oath of office with her hand on the Bible, using the Constitution instead. She joined the Muslims who chose the Koran.

  6. Observer says:

    I just watched both segments of the Daniel McCarthy interview. He was sliced and diced by his own foolish statements and deception about his business which he never brought back from China as promised. He wants to do away with Medicare. He accused the host of putting up a “good picture of her” (McSally) and a bad picture of him. Then he asked if they would have him back on the political program again. What a knucklehead.

    He’s so far out of his league that it’s pathetic. The only impact he will have is helping to siphon enough votes away from the incumbent to elect another dem. If he succeeds in doing that, Daniel McCarthy should be forever shunned. What a disgusting character, staring at himself in the studio monitors and inanely grinning like a Cheshire cat, obviously in love with his own image.

    • State Delegate says:

      Shockingly awful interview. If Daniel McCarthy is so successful, why doesn’t he hire a professional campaign team? He’s in dire need of help.

      Why would the incumbent US Senator debate this guy? I suspect no one is “Demanding Daniel” but Daniel.

  7. Clementine says:

    Ms. McCain has proven herself anything but a deep thinker. She likes the way “her” leftist senator Sinema dresses!!. She also thinks Sen. McSally “should take more pages from Kyrsten Sinema” Obviously Cindy and John did a bang up job raising this shallow woman.

  8. Braveheart says:

    Meghan McCain is living proof that if you are well connected and wealthy enough to afford their services, you can hire a talent agent to promote your vacuousness and lack of any real talent.

    Her beer empire heiress Mom Cindy uses the same “talent” agency.

  9. jake sez says:

    Observer- This is a primary election not a general election. The vote for any particular candidate in the primary election does not carry over to the general election.

    • Observer says:

      What are you smoking? Primary elections determine who will move forward to represent their parties in the General election. McCarthy is a bozo who will needlessly force Sen. McSally into an expensive primary, which he will certainly lose. There is no shame in being appointed to a vacant seat. It was definitely vacant when McCain was occupying it, and became open when Kyl left the post he held temporarily.

      Did you honestly think Daniel McCarthy conducted himself well on the Sunday Square Off program or can you admit to being embarrassed?

      • jake sez says:

        I don’t smoke. But the votes cast in the primary do not carry over to the General election.

        As far as the Sunday Square Off I see that you cared what McCarthy said and did but did not seem to notice that the supposedly neutral interviewer brought up the question of how much McCarty’s product cost and for how much it was sold. First what did that have to do with the senate race. Does he ask the same question to restaurant owner? When McCarty asked him where he got that information stated, the interviewer was stuck for an answer. He could not or would not answer the question. I have to assume it was a made up statistic or “Fake News”, brought up to see if he could get a rapid response much like when a democrat makes up a actuation and see if President Trump can explain it. Or maybe it was given to him by an opponent of McCarty, not necessarily a democrat.

  10. Observer says:

    You obviously see what you want to see, not what actually occurred in that interview. McCarthy is deeply over his head. He also is deceptive. refusing to answer pertinent questions by calling them “irrelevant.” Keeping his company in China after initially saying he was bringing the jobs back to the United States is one example. He can pay those workers a fraction of what he would have to pay Americans That’s why the cost of the product was relevant..

    It appears your animus toward McSally has clouded your judgement. Your bonding to this goofus will help elect Mark Kelly. Then how proud will you be?

  11. jake sez says:

    Still looking to blame others for your problems. If McSally looses it is her fault not someone else. But it easier to blame others.

    • Observer says:

      Causing an incumbent senator to needlessly spent money needed for the general on a primary, is pertinent and speaks to the ego of McCarthy.

      When I was a boy our family used to watch a TV variety show that sometimes featured a ventriloquist named Edgar Bergen who had a dummy named Charlie McCarthy. Now wooden-headed McCarthy is running for office.

      Were you impressed by his performance on Sunday Square Off? I’m not talking about the host…I’m referring to the idiotic actions and responses of McCarthy. He’s an ill prepared empty suit.